Southwest Notes: Covington, Bell, Duncan

Rockets GM Daryl Morey said on Tuesday that Robert Covington has been better than the team anticipated when it acquired him at the trade deadline.

“The biggest reason for the trade was to get Covington and he’s actually been even better than we thought,” Morey said (via Salman Ali of Clutch Points on Twitter). “…Not only how good he is, but how much he helps everyone on the team, but in particular Russell Westbrook. The driving lanes for him are super important.”

Morey added that the trade for Covington, which sent out Clint Capela, gave the Rockets more flexibility to make another move in the future.

Here’s more from the Southeast Division:

  • Jordan Bell, who was waived by the Grizzlies earlier this week, will not be eligible to play in the playoffs should he sign with a playoff team, as ESPN’s Bobby Marks relays (Twitter link). Memphis had to wait until Monday to release Bell to ensure that Anthony Tolliver cleared waivers.
  • Rudy Gay, who re-signed with the Spurs last offseason, has had a disappointing campaign and the veteran forward knows that he can do better. “It’s no secret I haven’t been playing well,” Gay said via Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News. “You just need a good one to get out of it.”
  • Tim Duncan is serving as the head coach of the Spurs tonight, as Gregg Popovich misses the contest because of personal issues, Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today tweets.
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16 thoughts on “Southwest Notes: Covington, Bell, Duncan

  1. PapiElf

    Why does Robert Covington look so old in his BBallRef page? He looks at least 46 instead of 29.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Looks pretty good for a 46-year old averaging 2.5 blocks per game since he joined the Rockets last month. I bow to Lord Covington!

    • bravesfan88

      It is a pretty small sample size, but even with that being said, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see him still put up some big block numbers.

      With as small as the Rockets are playing, Covington is going to get countless opportunities while being attacked repeatedly down low. Teams are going to look to take advantage of the Rockets lack of size, and with their style of defense, Covington will likely continue to put up some relatively surprising numbers.

      Regardless of the circumstances though, you still have to actually get the job done and make those blocks. I love it for Covington too, because he is LOOONG overdue for some recognition!!

      Covington has always been an extremely solid and underrated two-way player, and he has always been a tough, versatile defender that can also go get you 15 a night..

      I just feel bad for him, because he is ultimately going to be let down when Harden chokes in the playoffs yet again…Who knows though, maybe Westbrook, Tucker, Gordon, Rivers, and Covington will be enough to make up for Harden’s playoff shortcomings..

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        The offense goes through Westbrook now, so even if Harden has an off night it doesn’t matter nearly as much as it used to. Adding Covington gives them two really good defenders now (along with Tucker) so the question of who is going to guard LeBron, Kawhi, or whoever is no longer an issue. But I truly think that Russ is taking the reins away from Harden.

        • HoopsR

          I think Harden recognized that the team would be better set to win with WB handling the ball more like a point center and with Harden playing more off ball. I see trust. I don’t think WB is talking the reins but Harden is a competent enough leader not to let his ego hold the team back from its maximum potential. He’s sacrificing a bit for the team and it’s working dividends with WB and the hyper small ball.

          • x%sure

            Harden’s not going to play off the ball and RW is favoring his closing instincts not PG role. RW will make the team less reliant on Harden or the perimeter though, taking some reins as was said, clashing with Harden less than Paul did. Interesting team but I wonder about Tucker now instead of the non-Harden-guard.

      • HoopsR

        “chokes in the playoffs yet again…”
        How is being the best player in almost every playoff game and series you’ve played in choking? It’s not.
        I don’t suppose you say the same about Damian Lillard, who has much less playoff success. Literally makes no sense.

  2. Thuggababyy

    Come on Morey you’re supposed to say it was all a part of your master plan

  3. Skip, Tampa

    It’s clear Tim Duncan is going to be Pop’s replacement as coach next season. Becky Hammon is gone for sure. Can see Rose bringing her in as the Knicks new coach.

    • Boys181

      Ok listen .. Mitch Johnson came up with the game plan .. Becky and will called the plays .. Timmy was just a head figure .. which u could tell he wasn’t very comfortable being … HE IS NOT .. HEAD COACH MATERIAL.. and I love Timmy and the spurs .. but people need to stop thinking .. he’s the next head coach of the spurs ..

  4. Skip, Tampa

    To bad, because she came right out and she’d Love the job when Fitz got fired. Can easily see it happening.
    Knicks don’t need another retread coach.
    Besides, the PR would be off the charts in the Big Apple.

    • jump shot

      What makes her more deserving than other assistants who have been on benches much longer than her? I have no problem with her being a head coach whatsoever, just don’t hire her she’s a female – hire her because she was the best candidate.

  5. The Rockets current look (vs their prior one) certainly helps Westbrook. But it may hurt Harden, who at least appears less comfortable with 5 defenders at the 3 pt line and not having a dive man option after he clears his initial defender. Covington was a terrific add regardless. With or without Capela, the team needed some length on the perimeter, and he brings that element.

    • x%sure

      True, Harden can use traffic to help him confuse a defender and the 5-out reduces traffic. I think Harden does not squint and so sees all, though it is hard to tell on TV.

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