Thunder-Jazz Game Postponed

The ThunderJazz game that was set to play tonight has been postponed. According to Maddie Lee of the Oklahoman (Twitter link), the game was moved “due to unforeseen circumstances.”

According to ESPN’s Royce Young (video link), the teams were seconds away from tipping off when the Thunder’s head medical staffer sprinted on the floor to talk to referees. Players and staff were subsequently sent back to their respective locker rooms.

Rudy Gobert and Emmanuel Mudiay had both been ruled out of tonight’s game with illnesses. According to the Thunder’s broadcast, because there were illnesses among players prior to the game, the teams were waiting on NBA approval to proceed with the contest (Twitter link via Nate Duncan).

Stadium personnel were seen wiping down both the Jazz’ and Thunder’s bench areas following the postponement, according to Andy Larsen of The Salt Lake Tribune (Twitter links).

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18 thoughts on “Thunder-Jazz Game Postponed

  1. acarneglia

    This comes after Gobert touched multiple reporters microphones in protest to the new restrictions on media access to players

    • SheaGoodbye

      He’s gotten be at least fined for that imo.

      I get the over-the-top paranoia regarding the virus, but that’s just a dumb move. He was just asking for trouble doing something so silly, and for what?

      The NBA can’t be too happy about any of this.

      • JD Candello

        Im not in the boat “he has to be” fined for willingly touching some microphones nor do I ever hope I will be

        • SheaGoodbye

          He disobeyed the league’s mandate. It’s not about whether you or I agree with it, but the fact that he went out of his way to ignore it, and now this has happened.

          • JD Candello

            He disobeyed no league mandate-

            Interviews were done in the ZBBC room after shoot a round following Utah Jazzs new Covid policy-

            Unless touching a microphone is league mandate he did no such thing –

            We have no clue what “this ” is…..None ……..yet

            • SheaGoodbye

              Still not a smart decision on his part, but fair enough.

              And I just heard that he and Mudiay and being transported to a local hospital to be tested for it, for what it’s worth.

              • JD Candello

                Well in new sad light your correct, we just shouldnt jump to anything here

                • x%sure

                  He was protesting a mandate, so you say there’s no mandate?– Then what was he protesting?–
                  Gobert had full awareness and was acting on it in a horrible and dangerous way.
                  Keep him away, good bye. He’s already made millions.

      • phillyballers

        Doesn’t look good. Suspension for conduct detrimental to the league should be the punishment not a ticky tack fine. Keep him out a few games, team suffers for his dumb actions. I would say the same thing is Embiid did or does it. He would have been the guy most likely to do something like that too.

  2. SheaGoodbye

    So does he have it or not?

    If yes, then the steps taken are understandable. If not, bad look for the league and justifiably so.

    • x%sure

      What difference does it make if it was only a protest or attempt or a different type of virus got contracted?

      A few games lost?– how about deportation.

  3. DynamiteAdams

    Watch he just has a stomach bug and this whole thing is more hysteria.

    • phillyballers

      They have the players still sequestered in the locker rooms not letting anyone in no one out. So who knows. Going to watch World War Z again so I can get a leg up on how to survive the rest of the NBA season.

  4. El Don

    Ridiculous. Absolutely mad with the paranoia, it ain’t no matter that he has the virus, he will recover like almost everybody recovers from the flu.

    • x%sure

      Of course. The problem is spreading it. The danger might be even worse than I thought.

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