Warriors Notes: Curry, Wiggins, Green, Looney

Stephen Curry returned to the Warriors‘ lineup on Thursday night after missing more than four months due to a broken left hand. And while they couldn’t pick up a home win vs. the Raptors, the Dubs gave the defending champions all they could handle and looked like they were having more fun with their superstar back on the court.

Andrew Wiggins, who was acquired by Golden State a month ago in a deadline trade with Minnesota, was on the court whenever Curry was on Thursday, with head coach Steve Kerr aiming to establish some chemistry between the new teammates. As Nick Friedell of ESPN.com relays, Wiggins expressed enthusiasm after the game about playing alongside Curry for the first time.

“He makes everyone great,” Wiggins said of the two-time MVP. “He makes everyone play better. He finds open men. He’s like the most unselfish superstar. That’s a good way to put it. He attracts so much attention that he’s going to find the open man, and he makes the right play, so it was fun.”

The Warriors are still an NBA-worst 14-49, but Kerr believes Curry’s return represents a turning point for the team. The veteran head coach, who said that Curry felt good after playing 27 minutes and will get his minutes ramped up going forward (Twitter link via Anthony Slater of The Athletic), added that he expects to feel a “sense of energy and enthusiasm” in Golden State for the rest of the season.

“To me, this is sort of the beginning of next season in a lot of ways; and I think we’re all starting to get some clarity as far as what our team’s gonna look like,” Kerr said, per Friedell. “And having Steph back is, obviously, a huge, huge part of that now. The next step will be getting Klay (Thompson) back, but that won’t be till next season. But I think these last 20 games are really going to be a springboard into next year, so I think that energy will be high and remain high.”

Here’s more on the Warriors:

  • Draymond Green missed his fourth consecutive game with knee soreness on Thursday, but an MRI showed no structural damage, writes Joe Vardon of The Athletic. “I know he would’ve loved to have played tonight, but the training staff just doesn’t feel comfortable putting him out there yet,” Kerr said. “We’re hoping that in the next couple of days it’s something that clears up.”
  • While it sounds like Green should be back soon, that may not be the case for another injured big man, Kevon Looney. He has missed three straight games with hip soreness, an injury Kerr referred to as “a concern,” per Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area. The Warriors expect to have a more concrete update on Looney later today.
  • After a month with the Warriors, Wiggins said on Thursday that he feels “right at home” with his new team, according to Ryan Wolstat of The Toronto Sun. “It’s all been positive here. Just learning how they do things and what it’s like to be a part of a winning culture,” Wiggins said. “I feel like it was time for a change and this is the best fit that could have happened for me, so I’m happy.”
  • Wiggins hasn’t confirmed one way or the other whether he intends to suit up for Team Canada during the 2020 Olympic qualifying tournament this June. However, Raptors head coach Nick Nurse – who is coaching Canada’s national team – is optimistic that the Warriors forward will participate, as Michael Grange of Sportsnet.ca relays (via Twitter).
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95 thoughts on “Warriors Notes: Curry, Wiggins, Green, Looney

  1. 3Tavgreg

    I hope Kerr is only saying what he thinks he should. They have a built in tank job already this year, all they have to do is finish it off, and hope the lottery gods are kind. There are at least 2 very good players coming out next year. With everyone else healthy, if they get one of those two guys, they could contend again next year.

    • Which two guys are you talking about? Plus tanking never works. Yes there’s often two or three guys that are stars coming out in the draft but usually it doesn’t matter if you pick 8 or 18. You got to Scout and analyze and have the skills to know who’s the player and who isn’t. Charlotte Hornets in Sacramento Kings haven’t had that figured out the last 15 years lol.

      • phillyballers

        Tanking does work. Not every time. And not if you’re the Suns or Wolves for the most part. 1 franchise player out of all those tanks.

        Cavs > LeBron, Kyrie, Love (for Wiggins)
        Knicks > Ewing
        Spurs > Duncan
        Sea/OKC> Durant, Westbrook
        Rockets> Sampson, Hakeem
        Sixers > Iverson, Embiid, Simmons (Didn’t work with E.T. b/c they were scared of Boogie and Fultz b/c he is a punk)

        • Tanking doesn’t work. It all matters how you draft. You can have the number one pick and blow it or you could have the number 16 pick and get an All-Star.

          Those teams you mention, they didn’t tank, they sucked. OKC was young and was not good until the three guys played together a couple years. They drafted High because they were young and terrible. The Knicks we’re crappie the year before Ewing. Spurs got Duncan because they waited a year on David Robinson’s military commitment. The Sixers and embiid Simmons were terrible because both those guys sat out their very first year or more injured. They didn’t tank, they sucked.

        • x%sure

          Being bad is not tanking. The Cavs’ picks used were their own picks.

          In 2003, Lebron’s year, they made no trades to get more #1 picks. This was so maddening, since things were going to start over anyway and he needed contemporaries to grow with. (That never really happened). There were accusations of tanking tbh since it projected as being obvious for the local kid.

    • claude raymond

      They’re 5 games behind the Hawks who currently have the 3rd worst record. The bottom will each have the same odds of getting the number one pick. 14%. They don’t have to worst but they do have to be bottom 3.

  2. One thing I hated about last night’s game was the TNT announcer talking about raptors injuries like they were even close to the warriors. It wasn’t even close but of course somebody was kissing up to their GM live on air.

    • turner9

      Actually it is quite similar.

      All the Raptors man games lost are starters. Not fringe bench guys. And its about 230 games lost

      Warriors are at about 260 games lost and also to their starters.

      Toronto just has the advantage of having 8 or 9 starting caliber players where the warriors have 4

      • Losing your top 3 players is much more than losing some rotation players. If raptors lost their 2 best players for almost the whole year they would not be even close to where they are.

        • turner9

          You obviously dont pay attention to the Raptors lol

          They have, every single starting 5 player has been lost for a minimum of 15 games , some over 30

          In reality the only real players you lost were Steph and Clay.

          The majority of your “man games lost” are from players the Raptors wouldn’t even roster

          The Raptors have a TEAM that can withstand multiple injuries to KEY contributors

          The warriors, not so much

          After steph and clay the drop off is immense

          • Same thing with GSW all 5 starting has been injured and without Curry coming back all 5 were injured the last 2 weeks. Starting 5 has lost over 180 games out of a possible 300. That doesn’t even count the bench players. So the raptors had a lot iof injuries but no where close to GSW injuries.

          • turner9

            I just looked up the stats

            Kyle has missed 12 –
            FVV has missed 15
            Og has only missed 1
            Gasol has missed 28
            Pascal has missed 11

            Those are the regular 5 starters when healthy

            Ibaka has missed 15 – Starting caliber
            Norm has missed 20 – Starting Caliber
            McCaw has missed 27 – Rotation piece
            Matt Thomas has missed 21 – rotation piece

            The only guy to play every game this year is Rookie Terrance Davis and he could start for the warriors this year and probably start for 2/3 of the league

            Boucher hasn’t been hurt but is DNP-CD in half the games

            Even our deep bench of Stanley Johnson 18 games , RHJ 6 games and Hernandez 38 games have taken a beating

            Every game we’ve had minimum 3 guys missing.

            Theres no excuse for underperforming when you have such a deep team as the Raptors

            • harden-westbrook-mvps

              Both teams have dealt with a lot of injuries, but the difference has been the Raptors have far better depth than the Warriors which allows them to remain competitive. Instead of spending $130M each year on just 4 players.

              • The Raptors are still young and the payday is coming soon enough for a couple of those guys. I can tell you the Raptors are not the Warriors. They won’t be willing to pay and they will let those guys walk before giving them huge salaries. If they decide to keep those players the Raptors bench will suffer as well. The Warriors and the other hand keep there core together and will pay them to do so.

                • Not long ago GSW were in the same position as the Raptors in low payroll for star players. It will catch up to the Raptos just like it did to GSW. lakers will feel it next year too.

              • Here’s the thing about the salary cap management of the Warriors. You’ll notice when Kevin Durant walked the Warriors made sure another Max guy came back. That is so that slot will always be part of the roster.

                The Rockets hands are tied, they cannot add a Max guy to their current team. There’s no salary cap room. But the Warriors have the Russell/ Wiggins slot and they can trade Wiggins now for another super stud at a high salary. Rockets cannot.

                That’s why they have the miniature roster they have today. Their starting center is 6-5 and their backup center is on a 10-day contract and is 6/8.

            • There is a difference between all star players and bench players. owry missed 12 games to Thompson 63. FVV missed 15 games to curry’s 43. Og missed 1 game to Looney’s 16. Gasol missed 26 to green’s 20. Pascal missed 11 to D’lo 8. If you don’t see a big difference there you will never see it.

              • turner9

                The only difference is the Key players that went down on the Raptors were replaced by fully capable players , whereas the Key players for GS who went down had to be replaced by G leaguers

                If you’re trying to make this into a “our top 3 are better than your top 3” argument then were not having the same conversation

                • turner9

                  And if you do want to make that argument, I’ll make it easy for you

                  Steph > Lowry
                  Clay > FVV
                  Green>>>>>>>> Warriors 4-15

                  So there you have it, your top 2 are better than ours

                  The rest of the Raptors squad is light years ahead of the rest of the warriors

                    • turner9

                      And it did it again

                      Green worse than Siakam

                      Raptors 4-15 better than warriors 4-15

                      Cant use the < symbol or it messes up the message

                      • claude raymond

                        In fairness, tho siakam is better than green, green plays a different game than siakam has a different value.

                        But man would i love having siakam before green

                • No the point is the injuries to GSW are mush worse than to the raptors. take out Siakam and Lowry all year I know the Raptors would not be over .500 or even close to it.

                  • turner9

                    And you’re wrong. But that’s ok, youre entitled to your opinion

                    If lowry and Siakam are out all year

                    PG FVV who can score 30, 40% from 3pt and easily has 8-10 apg with the ball always in his hands and plays great D

                    SG is Powell who can score 30 and plays great Defense while facilitating for others

                    Sf is OG who is a DPOY candidate and turning on his offensive can also score 30 plus rebound

                    PF is Ibaka who’s a walking double double and great rim defender with above average D

                    C is Gasol who may be old and not putting up great #s but he IS THE HEART of the teams offense and Defense. Holding Giannis to human levels and Embiid to 0 points

                    6th man is another 30 point threat in Terence Davis who also boasts above average D and is an undrafted rookie

                    7th is McCaw who’s 3 for 3 in rings and has great D and amazing court sense even if his scoring touch hasn’t come to fruition

                    8th man up would be MR 99% Matt Thomas who literally hit 99% of his open 3s (and will be the reason we beat the bucks when we unleash him come the ECF – powell breaks bucks hearts year after year too)

                    9th man in the rotation would either be RHJ or Boucher. Neither an all star but certainly serviceable as 9th and 10th men.

                    That’s still a 4 seed at minimum and with Nick Nurse still probably 3rd in the east

                    Game set match

                    • macdaddy96

                      Ok let’s be real here homer. If the raptors were without Siakam and Lowry for as long as the Warriors didn’t have Steph and Klay, they’d definitely be a below .500 team. They probably could still grab a 7 or 8 seed considering the East is weak.

                      • turner9

                        Mac daddy, I respectfully disagree. You have 5 players (without KL and PS) who can score 30 when given the opportunity. All the rotation guys are above average D

                        Would we win a chip? No. Would we get home court. Yes

                        That lineup is still better than Miami and philly. I would concede to Boston tho

                        And you’re forgetting Nick Nurse. He would be the main reason they would take the 3rd seed minus Lowry and Siakam.

                        OG and Norm dont get nearly enough credit for what they are capable of.

                        If Tatum and Brown played for Toronto every one would over look them too.

                        • Strike Four

                          @turner9 you are a massive, massive homer. The Raptors are a .500 team without Siakam and Lowry no matter how many utter falsehoods you feel like writing out.

                          • turner9

                            Please share which ones they are. You talk a big game but you dont actually provide anything of substance

          • Howie415

            You need to look a little closer at the Warriors. They lost more than just Steph and Klay. Durant played for them last year. Although they came off the bench, Igdoula and Livingston played significant minutes.

  3. norcal73

    Bottom three teams all have the same chance of getting the top pick. Only difference is last place team can fall no further than fourth I believe. Even if Warriors go on a little run I don’t see them passing more than two teams and even if they finish with the fourth worse record their chance for getting top pick only drops 2%. I also believe as of right now Wiseman is the best fit for Warriors and the teams who might be drafting ahead of them don’t need a center.

    • I’m of the belief that you don’t use a high asset on your Center. I’d rather stack wings and guards and have a grunt at Center. Or maybe your 5th best starter is your Center. How do we know Weisman won’t turn out to be like DeAndre ayton with the Suns? I know Joel embiid is a generational Talent but he gets hurt a little too much, he’s kind of a headache, and it’s tough to play with a ball dominant Center. Horford and Simmons are having trouble with that in fact. Flipside is I’m sure the Warriors will figure out how to use Weissman in the best way possible. But I guess I must have bad memories of Chris Washburn, Beloit Benjamin, Stanley Roberts, Dwayne schintzius. All highly skilled big men who could shoot score pass dribble defend and block shots.

      • x%sure

        True enough, but in what is not really a compliment, Wiseman is probably not that skilled! He should be good for a lonnnng reach and very mobile putbacks.

        The Warrior system does not need 3s from the 5 but they do need toughness (like Bogut). Also unknown, but I think he does get mad (not a guaranteed response from a big man).

        Also Wiseman might be Cleveland’s best play (at present) if they don’t reach for Toppin.

      • sleepyfloyd

        I’m with you on the center – u just bay end up with Bagley or Ayton.

        Only thing i absolutely do not agree with is your take the Dubs would figure what to do with Wiseman. They have no real record redrafting and working with a big man. Best in this warriors era are vets like Bogut and ZaZa.

        This warriors core can’t wait for a 19-20 yr old to develop.

    • claude raymond

      NorCal, if they end up last they can do no worse than 5th pick, not 4th. I’m pretty sure I read that right on a site called tankathon.

      And I agree regarding how a little run would still not keep them out of bottom 3.

    • Strike Four

      Also there are at least 10 picks who could all go #1. This years draft has no clear Zion-level talent, but this is the closest draft we have seen in years where all 10 top 10 picks could end up NBA regulars.

  4. tiredolddude

    I just Wiggins gives them one helluva piece to the puzzle when Curry, Thompson and Green are healthy. No, they don’t have KD anymore but it’s not Fantasy Island to see these guys making another run, especially if they add a good pick or FA

  5. norcal73

    I want to see how Wiseman looks at the combine but he feels safer than the other choices right now for me. He’s got a 7’6” wingspan, weighs 250 and can run the floor good for a big. I think he’d match up good against A. D. who’s going to be a problem for years to come. Don’t give up on Ayton yet. Phoenix has shown they don’t know how to use bigs, how do you cut a guy like Marquis Chriss. I believe he’d also fit good with Draymond and beef up the defense which Warriors need, if he develops an outside shot great but I’m drafting him for defense and rebounding . I also wouldn’t want a top three pick who’s not gonna start for a long time. Curry, Klay, Wiggins, Dray are all starters for awhile. I get the Warriors haven’t had luck drafting a center, but I got more faith in Meyers then the past GM’s. All this being said , my dream scenario is packaging the pick for the Greek Freak.

    • claude raymond

      I think NEXT years first round pick (from twolves) with Wiggins might get giannis. OR both first round picks (this year and next year). Gary? What do you think? They do have another first rounder next year (2 total).

      • Giannis is considered by many as the best player in the NBA. You’re not going to pry him away from the bucks without a Paul George like haul.. and then some !!

        The Warriors do have their own pick this year, and they have two first-rounders next year…, their own plus Minnesota.

        I don’t think they have the young stud in the wings to give Milwaukee to add to all those pics plus Wiggins to pry him away. Not confident Giannas to Warriors is going to happen.

        I guess the question is when Giannis decides not to sign an extension, do the Bucks get nervous and deal him? Question for the ages. Also look at what Anthony Davis brought back to New Orleans. Three young guys and multiple pics.

        • claude raymond

          Thx. I had always thought that him not signing an extension was the way to get him. Would that be after next year? If so, steph and klay would be 2 years older.

    • Chriss was drafted on pure athleticism. Is he maybe a solid rotation big, sure. But let’s not act like the Suns cut a surefire stud (or even a guy who was a starter-level player). Chriss is putting up numbers on a bad team who need bodies to do something. MCW is the perfect example of a young player putting up big numbers because the rest of the team is bad/devastated by injuries. Let’s see what he does when everyone is fully healthy; not as many shots/rebounds/assists to go around.

      • Howie415

        Bad teams, by definition, put up bad numbers. So, how can you say Chriss is benefiting from being on bad team? There isn’t a limit to to scoring, rebounds, or assists.

  6. claude raymond

    Gary and norcal, watching Chriss last night got me thinking they have their center. He was very good. 30 minutes and only 1 turnover. 17 pts, 12 boards, 4 assists, 2 blocks. Again 30 minutes. I don’t think a rookie center will do that. Yes it’s just one game but he’s been steady for a good sample size.

    Gary, let’s say they trade Wiggins, what does the wing spot look like for this draft? Of course they may lose that pick with a Wiggins trade.

    I don’t follow college enough.

    • Claude the NBA draft is such a crap shoot. You never know what you’re going to get. Could be the first pick could be the 20th pick you don’t know who’s going to turn out. Well, Jerry West does LOL. I think that’s why Curry is playing these last 20 games, to see if he and Wiggins can create Magic together. If Wiggins is not their man then who is?

    • This is the right time to start watching college basketball. You can see a lot in the next 25 to 30 days.

      • claude raymond

        Again Gary, what wings do you like coming out of college. And I’ll watch what I can of the guys you like

        • I haven’t seen enough this year to have guys that separate themselves from the pack and would like the Warriors to Target. Even the guy in Georgia the 6-5 shooter, I liked him at first but not So Much Anymore I think he takes poorly selected shots..his selection is not wise Etc.. he’s talented and I guess you could mold him, so I really don’t know. I don’t have a name at this point or names. I’ll be watching just as close as anyone 4 guys to follow in the draft.

        • sleepyfloyd

          It doesn’t matter since any guy the dubs draft will be 19-20 yrs old and realistically do the dubs core all about 30+ have the time to have a young guy develop? They will most likely trade the 1 for a player

          • Sleepy I think thats what the Warriors will take a hard look at. But since the core is getting older maybe you need a young guy or two in the wings and developing to take over in three years.?

          • Strike Four

            @sleepyfloyd the -only- guy I could see GSW draft and keep is Avdija. The rest are most likely getting packaged in a trade for a superstar.

    • Howie415

      I read a scouting report about Chriss written before he was drafted. The scout didn’t want to pass judgment on Chriss because he started late in organized basketball. He felt he had skills, but lacked the playing time to really mature as a player.

      • claude raymond

        He’s been multidimensional to me. That’s what’s so impressive. And for many games.

  7. claude raymond

    10 games since Wiggins trade. 15 pts per, 9 rebounds per, 4 dbl dbls.

  8. claude raymond

    In response to the post that a player literally hit 99% of their open 3’s? I believe it was turner9? You had some really good, factual posts. But you missed on that one.

    The only way something can be LITERALLY 99% is there has to have been literally 99 made out out of 100. I could see 9 out of 10 open 3’s (90%) or even 19 out of 20 (95% but I doubt that happened).

    So now I’m left to wonder if your other stats are legit.

    • turner9

      That’s the first thing that pops up on Google when you Google him

      When the news spread that he signed with the Raptors to a three-year, $4.2-million contract, a tweet surfaced that piqued public curiosity: Matt Thomas was arguably the top jump shooter outside of the NBA last season posting an eFG% of 82% on catch and shoot jump shots including 99% when left unguarded.Oct 1, 2019

      Team: Toronto Raptors, Iowa State

      Position: Shooting guard

        • claude raymond

          I do trust your other stuff. Was just being a smart*** I guess. Or dumb***. Anyway, apologies.

        • turner9

          What does it matter if it was in college in Europe in the nba or in a garage

          When hes open, he hits the shot.

          The rim is the same size and height, the floor is still wood, the ball is still round

          That skill cant be taught, it’s a natural talent he possesses

          It doesnt say hes Steph Curry and hits over 40% with hands in his face

          Why are you trying to twist it?

          • claude raymond

            Dude, I didn’t say it mattered. I just asked for info. Twist it? You serious? You read the tweet not me so you would know the answer so I just simply asked. Jesus, sorry I apologized now

            • turner9

              It’s such a big deal to you, you needed to CAPITALIZE the word OUTSIDE the nba.

              As if I was trying to say he shot 99% from deep with hands in his face while being guarded by nba caliber players.

              I simply corrected you, highlighted a simple Google search after you tried calling me out on “facts”

              I didn’t believe it either when I first saw it months ago, but then I looked it up.

              And the “tweet” wasnt where I saw the info originally, It just happened to be the very first thing in a Google search I performed after your comment

              The kid is lights out if you dont guard him. And above average even if you do.

              The bucks weakness is giving up unguarded outside 3s. It’s the only reason I pointed that fact out

              • claude raymond

                Jesus, I capitalized outside because I didn’t know if it was maybe overseas or GBL or college. It was only a big deal in your overly sensitive eyes. F***!!

                To say you are over reacting is an understatement. Wow!

                Speaking of understatements, the Raptors won the title only because Durant and Klay got hurt. Now that’s an understatement.

                Now you can be pissed

                • claude raymond

                  And if you think someone can actually shoot 99% you are mathematically challenged and extremely gullible. That stat,if rounded, requires around 67 attempts. 66 out of 67 for a 98.5% rounded to 99.

                  So if someone questions something put on you big boy pants

                  • turner9

                    Wow, you really got me there. 98.5 instead of 99%.

                    My goodness, however will I go on.

                    Fyi theres no need to be pissed, I cheer for a team that is constantly winning, that has a championship and chances at many more in future years due to being a well run franchise with an entire country as a fan base

                    I think you need to take a look in the mirror, your flood pants are a lil short and your butt seems a lil hurt

                    Have an amazing weekend tho

                    • claude raymond

                      66 for 67 is impossible. So 99% is impossible and that’s the point. Your original post was absurd and that’s the point.and the fact you fell for it is another point. You the clown that still doesn’t realize that my original posts were seeking information in response to your posts.

                      You got defensive. You falsely read into my posts stuff that I NEVER meant like your overreaction to me using OUTSIDE in caps. I spent several posts responding to your accusations of what you FELT I said. Felt is in caps because it’s a form of the word feelings, which obviously were hurt…for no reason.

                      I’m 99% percent sure that had Durant and klay not gotten hurt last year you wouldn’t be so lippy

                      • turner9

                        So then why do you feel the need to continue defending yourself lol

                        Go to drunk you’re bed now

  9. Strike Four

    Raptors-Warriors averaged 1.86 million viewers, comfortably ahead of Clippers-Rockets on TNT earlier in the night, Zion-Luka on ESPN Wednesday and the Lakers on TNT Tuesday.

    Steph Curry runs the league. Period.

  10. norcal73

    Marquis Chriss is a very nice rotational piece with a lot of upside but is going to struggle against large centers. I realize Phoenix isn’t the only team to give up on him, but how do you give up on a young lottery pick whose big and very athletic so soon. Unless he was bad in the locker room, which I haven’t read. I think Wiseman and Chriss would be a nice rotation. Chriss could also play PF. Wiseman offensive game might take a while to develop but defensively he should be pretty good out of the gate.

    • claude raymond

      I heard conner leternaux (sp?) on knbr say that he heard from a couple gsw sources that they’re not all that high on wiseman. Is it true that there are many players available in the top 10 that are just as long good as the other as strike four posted?

  11. norcal73

    I don’t know what the odds of Milwaukee trading Giannis is but I put it at less than fifty percent but I’d put the Warriors toward the top of the list if he does get traded. Maybe this years pick, probably top three, and next years Minnesota pick (lots of value for a high lottery pick next year), another future number one and either Wiggins/ Draymond and Looney?? Only way it happens is if Giannis wants out. I’m also interested in what the Warriors do with their 17mil trade exemption for Iguodala. Wonder if they could get Harrell from Clippers ?

    • claude raymond

      We’ll see what happens in July. That’s when Giannis can either get an extension or just finish out his contract thru next season. That’s the way I understand it but I might be wrong. Gary seemed to know the contract scenario

  12. norcal73

    Yes he is signed through next season and I could see Milwaukee waiting until next seasons trade deadline if Giannis doesn’t sign extension.

    • claude raymond

      Tonight. Chriss 13, 10, 8. Mostly first half. Key blocked shot late.

      If he plays this well with mostly backups, What can he do with regulars?

  13. norcal73

    Looked good but it was going up against Horford. I would of liked to seen how he would of done against Embiid. I have a feeling he would of got eaten up a bit. Definitely looks like he can play against most centers in this league.

    • x%sure

      Chriss does look more comfortable & confident.

      If the 2020 draft is so bad then maybe it’s too late for Meyers to get anything in a trade for the r1. But if he wants to trade for a center, Wiseman could pay off as bait.

      Okonwu looked good at USC. Very modern in how he seems to look for running starts to jump up rather than sticking his shoulders in there & fighting. Could work in a wide-open setup.

      • claude raymond

        Do you think he’s tall enough (6’ 9”)? I googled him. I just don’t watch enough college but man he’s been a stud as a freshman from what I’ve read. Played with the Ball brothers in HS. Is he coming out for the draft?

  14. norcal73

    Ya I definitely see Chriss building confidence and getting comfortable with his teammates. Okonwu seems a little like Chriss, really athletic but a bit undersized. I’m guessing the bad talk about Wiseman is coming from GM’s who hope he falls in the draft so they can draft him. He was ranked number one coming out of high school for a reason and with a weak college class this year it would be hard to pass on him. Bigs with his size, strength, and athleticism don’t come along very often. He only has to jump 8 inches to touch the rim. Immediate difference maker on defense and could be very good at settling screens on offense. It’s a little scary because he doesn’t have a lot of tape out there to watch, but what’s out there is impressive. I think seeing him go up against other bigs at combine will answer a lot of questions.

    • claude raymond

      We knew what you meant. I agree with the comment about downplaying by gms happening in the past but it would seem the gsw wouldn’t need to so it could be their hesitation might not be a strategy

      • claude raymond

        Not sure if that post made sense the way I wrote it. I meant to say that if word is that gsw are not that high on wiseman it might not be a strategical stance. It wouldn’t seem to be necessary

  15. norcal73

    I see new management as the type to leak nothing unless it’s for a purpose. No reason to let anyone no you don’t like someone. So if I hear Warriors aren’t impressed with someone I’m going to think the opposite. But that’s just my opinion.

    • claude raymond

      I’m not saying it was a leak. I didn’t use that word. I just believe it was in a conversation.

      I hear what you’re saying but I just don’t see the advantage of deception when you’re likely to draft higher than everyone

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