Western Notes: Johnson, LeBron, Aldridge, DeRozan

Cameron Johnson, who was the No. 11 overall pick in the 2019 draft, should see an increased role next season in Phoenix, Duane Rankin of the Arizona Republic contends. The Suns rookie had made 91 three-pointers in 49 games and his progression may allow the franchise to focus on other position as it looks to upgrade the roster this summer.

Here’s more from the Western Conference:

  • Lakers star LeBron James is being sued by a photographer for posting content on his social media pages without permission, as I detailed on Heavy.com. The photojournalist captured a picture of James dunking on Meyers Leonard earlier in the season.
  • Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News examines LaMarcus Aldridge‘s season and wonders if the 34-year-old big man has a lengthy future with the Spurs. Aldridge has one year and $24MM left on his deal after this season.
  • DeMar DeRozan‘s future with the Spurs isn’t certain either, as McDonald writes in a separate piece. The shooting guard is expected to decline his player option for next season and seek a long-term contract—either with San Antonio or another club.
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17 thoughts on “Western Notes: Johnson, LeBron, Aldridge, DeRozan

    • braveshomer

      it is if the photographer took the photo which he can then sell….but Lebron posted it first (meaning the photographer sent it to him or his team in some fashion) and now he won’t pay up for it…

    • x%sure

      Photo credits are overrated. Often showing them takes away from the impact of the photo. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but when words are in pictures, thay take an exagerated importance.

      This Lebron image was cropped from a picture already out there, and he was not using it to make money. But he did use it and IDK what the law says about that.

      • stevep-4

        Getting paid for your work is not underrated. So, just askin’, when Picasso signed his paintings did that make them have ‘exaggerated importance’, or just let you know who did the work?

        • bowserhound

          Taking a photo of LBJ dunking is worth nothing as there’s a million others out there.

          • yogineely

            Picasso also didn’t go to people’s place of business and paint them then get upset they used the picture. So the comparison to Picasso is really horrible. Not to mention the skill set that goes into painting over taking a digital photo now days

          • jump shot

            If it weren’t for Sayers we wouldn’t even know Picasso.
            Oh wait… nevermind.

        • x%sure

          One likely hopes for identification of some kind on a painting, esp a Picasso.

          I presume picture re-use laws are messy in this cut&paste age. A code graphic instead of a “photo by (name)” would be nice and probably fruitful.

          • stevep-4

            On the contrary copyright laws are fairly explicit on the use and distribution of digital work, this was all settled in the Napster era. People have the right to control their work and its use, regardless of what ‘value’ you or anyone else place on it.

            I am not comparing the photograpg to Picasso, just noting that putting a name on the photo (as was common in the era of newspapers) does not give it “exaggerated importance”, it just gives credit where it is due.

            @bowserhound if it was worth nothing why did LeBron choose it over the ‘millions’ of others? Certainly there was a reason.

            @yogineely Picasso was literally a living legend during several art movements of the 20th century. He was famous and live enough to do this interview with French television which a cursory YouTube search found: link to youtu.be

            • x%sure

              I will skip making points for the other side of the case. I’m still on wondering why this category gets royalty fees when other people’s products do not… Once your thing is sold, it’s gone, unless it’s a photo?

              Also some things are physically too small for the legal yada yada printing. Printing should not cover the photo; should be below the pic as traditional. Opinions

      • floridagators

        You sound like you don’t hold a job for more than a week. “Yea boss, I didn’t do anything.”

    • El Don

      Mitchell ain’t played for the Suns, the article mentions “no Suns rookie has ever made more 3-pointers than Cameron Johnson”

    • natsfan11

      Just looked it up Devin Booker had 99 3’s as a rookie, but assuming the season continues then Cameron Johnson can pass that

      • Luke Adams

        Rankin’s wording on that was a little confusing — “He made the most 3s by a Suns rookie ever through 49 games (91-of-229).”

        Presumably he’s just comparing Johnson’s first 49 games to other Suns’ rookies first 49 games, which is an odd measuring stick. In any case, I’ve changed our wording.

  1. mlbnyyfan

    Aldridge will probably goto Miami. DeRozan looks like a good fit in Dallas next to Doncic and KP

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