Western Notes: Mitchell, Kerr, Anthony, Suns

Donovan Mitchell is “extremely frustrated” with Jazz teammate Rudy Gobert after testing positive for the coronavirus, league sources told Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix. Gobert has apologized for his careless actions earlier in the week, prior to being the first NBA player to test positive. The team has a solid young core but how Mitchell responds when play resumes could make or break their relationship, Mannix continues. The Jazz were rising up the Western Conference standings but if this leads to locker room issues, it could have a major impact on the franchise’s playoff expectations, Mannix adds.

We have more from the Western Conference:

  • Warriors coach Steve Kerr is upset at himself for not taking the coronavirus more seriously earlier this week and believes social distancing is now paramount, Anthony Slater of The Athletic reports. “I was coaching in a basketball game with 15,000 fans like four nights ago. So I feel like a fool,” Kerr said. “But this goes back to our human condition of denial and vulnerability. But we’ve crossed that threshold now and it’s important that everybody understands what they can do.”
  • Trail Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony said on teammate CJ McCollum‘s podcast that he was “embarrassed” that he was a free agent for so long until Portland signed him, according to Casey Holdahl of the team’s website. “I started questioning myself why. Why? What happened? What did I do? Did I do something wrong? Was it me? Am I good? Can I still play? It was like all of these thoughts started to come in and that stuck with me for about four, five months.”
  • The Suns could have all their injured players back in action if and when the season resumes, Duane Rankin of the Arizona Republic relays. That group includes forward Kelly Oubre Jr., who underwent knee surgery earlier this month, and Frank Kaminsky III, who missed the last 32 games due to a knee injury. “You try to make a positive out of a negative,” GM James Jones said. “It could end up being a really good thing for us and if that’s the case, I know our guys will be excited. I know our coaches, myself, I’ll be excited to have our team full strength or close to it, contending and playing in some meaningful games.”
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25 thoughts on “Western Notes: Mitchell, Kerr, Anthony, Suns

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Is Mitchell frustrated or furious with Gobert? I can’t believe that he would even consider playing alongside the guy who practically infected him on purpose.


      Maybe Mitchell Gave it to Gobert.. nobody knows but Mitchell’s dad is being tested for it.. he works in mets from office

    • hiflew

      I would think frustrated would be the correct word. The guy was a doofus, but I don’t think he was malicious in his intent. Furious should be held out for someone that did what Gobert did AFTER he knew he was positive.

      • x%sure

        This could make Mitchell even more angry even if it was Gobert signing. Well written for an early report.

    • ZacharyH

      Did Mitchell even touch the mics after Gobert? They had freakin practice together, did they not? Some of the comments in this thread are just silly (Not this one). Take it easy, The average baby boomer isn’t generally any more intelligent/well behaved than Gobert.

      • B-Minus21

        Some reports have mentioned that goebert was careless in the locker room, going around purposefully touching teammates are their stuff.

      • x%sure

        Is ZacM saying Mitchell has no right to be mad?– hard to tell. Well that’s only empathetic in one direction. Whether or not Gobert is “at fault”, he tried to be. Mitchell just breathes air like anyone else.

        I doubt any group rebels against all this virus-fear with such careless displays. Maybe just a shrug or eye-roll or complaints about toiletpaper shelves. (Plenty of kleenex around.)

        • JD Candello

          If you want to check out the culture on this watch the late night shows the week Rudy did what he did- They literally had skits along the same lines as what Rudy was doing

          This was just a terrible coincidence, Up to you I guess to have the heart to forgive, Im sure he feels much pain w/out all you adding on

          • x%sure

            I did not see any such cootie culture on display on late-night shows, or anywhere. The worst is just some people saying it was/is just another common cold no biggie. If you know people having fun with sabotage tell them to stop. Everyone is allowed to breathe & move about. Try to hold it together.

            Gobert WAS forgiven– he got no punishment.

  2. x%sure

    Derrick Favors will be UFA.
    link to basketball-reference.com
    They’re about the same age, and the difference in PER is not very much. Gobert has had more durability and is better, which means more mileage.

    But mostly, Utah’s defense is based around funneling opponents to Gobert. His 2/$52MM is not that much considering not many centers could handle that; Favors is more of a stalker than a wall.

    Mitchell is only 23 with a 2/$9 left and team control is for 3 years at least.
    They will have to come back, comeback and get along. It doesn’t look like there will be any punishment which probably will not work. Things won’t be the same but at least be an excuse for 2020 results for next year.

  3. Afk711

    While his actions certainly look bad there is a chance Gobert didn’t get the virus from touching the mics and the hate may be for nothing.

    • JD Candello

      Give Gobert a break people lets not act like we all Know Now what we did when he had the Mic incident-

      My Goodness Lebron came out 2 days earlier talking he wouldnt play for no fans and look how dumb that turned out to be- Im a big LBJ fan as well

      People make mistakes, this is unprecedented, have a heart, plenty of people have changed their perspectives in the last week, put the pitchforks away and lets Unite for this challenge instead of looking to burn someone at the sake-

      Some of you guys are better than this give the man a break his heart is bleeding

  4. El Don

    If Mitchell isn’t mature enough to handle the situation he is the one Utah should get rid off, firstly for lack of maturity, secondly because he is just a volume shooter that you can find a dime a dozen in the league, meanwhile Gobert, even him not been an elite center, still is a good center, which always carries much more importance, & much harder to replace, than a guard, even if an elite volume shooter, that isn’t much effective & doesn’t do much more than shoot.

    • tomjoadsghost

      I don’t get this. Mitchell is the victim here. Gobert acted like a jerk. Let’s not act like this is new threat, virus has been going on since January. Nobody wants to build around a rube who cries about not making AS team, but thinks it’s funny to clown around about pandemic.

    • garykeithron

      What are you talking about?! Gobert is the idiot who has now further PURPOSELY caused the spread of this virus.

  5. A Center carries much more importance than a high volume scoring two way guard in today’s NBA?!? What games have you been watching.

    I do agree with you though that Spida needs to be more mature in this situation. There was no malice by Rudy, he was just trying to keep it light while everyone else is freaking out about the virus. What he did ultimately proved to be stupid, but as his teammate, one who saw how genuinely apologetic he was, moved on and doesn’t get extremely frustrated with him.

    • El Don

      Without Embiid Philly would never have been considered contenders in the summer.
      Vucevic is the man in Orlando.
      Bam is the best player & leader of the raising Heat.
      Sabonis is leading all alone Indy to almost home court advantage.
      Jokic makes Denver title contenders.
      Gobert is more important than Mitchell in Utah’s play.
      AD has made the Lakers the favorites for the title.
      Maybe I am wrong but it seems centers are very important & that is not counting other very important ones like Horford, Gasol, DJ, WCJ, Drummond, Capela, Whiteside, Adams, KAT, Ayton… & so on.
      The league & fans might be obsessed with guards & small ball but hoops is a game of giants & centers do dominate.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Think your so wrong.
        Philly without Embiid, Simons led the team and everyone was saying look how great that offence is and how fast it is without him.
        Vuce leads Orlando yes but they lose more than they win just make the playoffs and get kicked in the first round easily. They almost need a rebuild.
        Bam might be the most inform player and most valueable on the heat but no doubt Jimmy Butler is their overall best player and is the leader. Look at where they were last year and where they are now because of Jimmy. Look at how the players talk about that team they always mention Jimmy first.
        Sabonis might be leading Indy statistically but on the court it has been a mix between Malcom Brogdan and Sabonis in leading them.
        Gobert is better than Mitchell but he’s not more important. Gobert without Mitchell is just at 13:13 centre with good defence on a team that might just make the 8th seed. Mitchell ever since he got drafted as been the leader of this team and has made everyone else better.
        AD since his move has made them favourites but it’s because LeBron is their leader and is having an MVP like year.
        Centres are important ofcourse but look at the Celtics, Rockets, Clippers are and Mavs. They all play without much of a centre and are all great teams.

  6. Bottom line here, tempers are running high right now. There’s a lot of uncertainty all around, and Mitchell is probably just blowing off some steam during a difficult time for everyone. I’m guessing this blows over.

  7. Simmons>Russ

    If Utah were to consider moves to get better which they probably aren’t I’d be looking at
    – Chris Paul for Mike Conley, Ed Davis and 2 seconds.
    – or, Julius Randle and Mo Harkless for Mike Conley and 2 seconds.

    Firstly CP3 Mitchell Ingles Bogi and Gobert that sounds like a very solid team. CP3 could lead this team, Mitchell could play the secondary role similarly to what SGA has been doing. Gobert would score a lot more catching lobs from Paul.
    Defensively Paul would be an upgrade over Conley, shooting wise he’s an upgrade and playmaking wise he’s an upgrade.

    The other idea would gives you two valuable players in return for Conley. Harkless would be a welcome addition because of his defence. Randle would be nice for his scoring and age. Maybe he could get better defensively playing with Gobert and his scoring would help Utah. Plus the idea of getting 2 for 1 gives the Jazz more depth and a better rotation for the playoffs. This move would result in getting pieces that are more movable in other trades than keeping Conley.

  8. JD Candello

    If you want to check out the culture on this watch the late night shows the week Rudy did what he did- They literally had skits along the same lines as what Rudy was doing

    This was just a terrible coincidence, Up to you I guess to have the heart to forgive, Im sure he feels much pain w/out all you adding on

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