Atlantic Notes: Calipari, Knicks, Brown, Nets

Kentucky’s John Calipari doesn’t seem like a realistic option to be the next coach of the Knicks because of the money it would take to land him, Ian Begley of writes. Calipari has a strong relationship with team president Leon Rose, so nothing can be ruled out. However, many other names, such as coach Tom Thibodeau and Kenny Atkinson, appear to be more realistic fits.

Here’s more from the Atlantic Division:

  • Bob Ford of the Philadelphia Inquirer believes the Sixers should give Brett Brown at least one more year. Ford argues that Brown has held this team together and is not the problem in Philadelphia.
  • Chris Chiozza, who is on a two-way contract, joined the Nets earlier in the season and the franchise is impressed with the point guard. Yet, if he is going to join the team for a playoff run, Brooklyn will need to waive somebody — Theo Pinson could be the odd man out, as Brian Lewis of the New York Post explains.
  • The Nets haven’t fully realized Taurean Prince‘s potential, Lewis contends in a separate piece. Brooklyn acquired and extended Prince last offseason and he has spent most of his time playing the four, which is not his natural position.
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14 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Calipari, Knicks, Brown, Nets

  1. Freddie Morales

    Prince is a prime trade candidate for next off-season. He’s going to be combined with Allen in a trade

  2. Yep it is

    Really who would want that disaster of a job. Look who they have ran off the last 40 years.

  3. mwrherm0

    I would like Brett Brown to the Bulls if Philly lets him go. Rolling the dice of a change of scenery like Budenholzer from Atlanta to Milwaukee.

  4. Simmons>Russ

    Brown is the problem in Philly and he shouldn’t get credit for “keeping his team together”.
    This is the same team that at home has a record of 29-2, and on the road has a record of 10-24.
    To put that into perspective the Bucks at home are 28-3 but on the road are 25-9 and that’s why they have the best record in the league with 53-12.

    Not that I expect the Sixers to be leading the league but they have that potential and on paper they should be really close. Instead they are 6th in the East without home court advantage.

    Their win percentage this year is 60%, last year it was 62.2% and before that it was 63.4%. Meaning in the last three years the team has gotten worse. Their two best players Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, both since they have entered the league haven’t been helped by their coach to improve.
    Embiid as a rookie was 20/8/2/2.5/1 and in 4 years has improved to 23/12/3/1.3/1 while playing 5 more minutes per game.
    Simmons as a rookie was 16/8/8/1/2 and in 3 years has improved to 17/8/8/0.5/2 while playing 2 more minutes per game.
    Compare that to how Siakim, Antetokounmpo, Ingram, Jaylen Brown, Sabonis, LeVert, Brogdan and Adebayo have all improved. Obvious it comes down to the players also but look at all the facts.

    The team has gotten worse over the past three years, the players aren’t improving, they are significantly under achieving with that roster and particularly struggle on the road.
    You can’t say the problem is Simmons cause he can’t shoot because look at everything he does positively, he leads the league in steals, 3rd in rebounds for his position, 5th in league for assists and since entering the league has a positive plus/minus. If you help him get a jumper he’s a top 10 player.
    You can’t say it’s Elton Brands fault. When he joined the year before they finished with 28 wins and he joins they go to 54 wins. He’s brought in star players like Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris and brought in role players like Burks, Robinson, Thybulle and so on. He’s played his part in bring in players and making the Sixers a threat. On paper they have a top 5/10 team.

    move now while quality coaches are available such as Kenny Atkinson, Tibs, SVG, Mark Jackson, Dantoni’s deal expires, Fizdale, Lue and so on are all available.

    • El Don

      I do totally agree with the article of Bob Ford.
      All the players that you mentioned have improved because their rookie seasons were so bad that they could only go up, Embiid & Simmons had some of the best ever rookie seasons, which makes it a lot harder to improve, BTW last season Embiid played way better than this year with a huge improvement, but now is way too many good players to keep big numbers up, PHI needs to get rid of stars/good players to compete better.
      I agree with you Simmons shooting hasn’t got anything to do in all of this, but the team is badly build & not balanced, which isn’t Brown’s fault.
      All the HC’s you mentioned are absolute dross, scrubs, wouldn’t want any of them to get near a team with aspirations to a championship.
      Realistically I don’t see a better option for PHI, but as the article mentioned Brown would be in great demand, that is if he doesn’t decide to just enjoy life, at his age I definitely wouldn’t wanna be coaching anymore. Enjoy life coach Brown it’s way overdue!

      • Simmons>Russ

        Yes both players had great rookie years but look at Luka and Trae they had great rookie years and have gone up a level again.
        Ever since Simmons enetered the league everyone said all he needs to do is add a jump shot and he’s the next Magic. Embiid ever since he entered the league everyone said his guy could be the next shaq.
        Although those are high ceilings to reach both players haven’t really improved at all and yet everyone else around them continues to get better and better.
        You said Embiid was ‘way better’ last then than this year and while that is true statistically. You also said it was cause now there’s to many good players around him so he doesn’t put up the same numbers. Which isn’t true last year he had Jimmy Butler and this year they gained Horford and Richardson. The reason he was slightly better statistically last year than his other 4 years is cause he played 4 minutes per game more and took 3 shoots more per game than every other year.
        The difference from last year to this year is 4 points, 1.5 rebounds and 0.5 less blocks. Meaning he’s still playing at basically the same level he always plays at.
        Then you said we need to get rid of stars and good players to compete? Wait a minute and think …. that makes zero sense.
        I do kinda see what you mean tho about balance and I think that’s what you mean. Simmons JRich Harris Embiid all these guys need the ball in their hands to play at their best which doesn’t suit each other’s game. They need better role players and guys that don’t need touches guys that will just stand in the corner and defend well…
        As for those coaches realistically I’d only be interest in Kenny Atkinson, Mike D’Antoni (contract expiring), Dwayne Casey (with the Pistons) or Stan Van Gundy.
        With whoever they got from this bunch Id like it if they brought back Maurice Cheeks as assistant. He was a former Sixers player and former Sixers coach. He would be handy as an assistant.

        That aside glad someone agrees about Simmons shooting. Yes he awful from outside but that’s why he doesn’t shoot it and he does so much good stuff outside of it being able to shoot it

        • El Don

          Simmons not shooting is way overrated, there is so much more to basketball than shoot the ball from long distance, herd mentality, someone says it is vital to shoot & everybody follows.

  5. hoosierhysteria

    BB must go. No offense. Couldn’t utilize jimmy butler…sure as hell not winning without him. He is embiid lapdog. “What time would you like to practice big fella???”

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Sixers need a scoring PG IMO. Who can handle playmaking. And let Ben run team at times. Ben should play SF. He can still run team from there. Ben can lock down opposing team SF. An athletically beat him on offense. Bird and DJ/Ainge had that kind of relation. And Ben is better play maker.
    I want no part of Calipari. Keep him in college. Total failure with Nets. Please no no no. Now Thibs is interesting. Definitely a gd coach. But he has run players to the ground. Considering this teams age and mental toughness. I think I could live with Thibs. Great defensive coach. Probably bring out the best in Mitch. But I like Mark Jackson. Think he’s ready for redemption. And being home. It would bring out best in him. But those are my top two.

  7. x%sure

    If nobody can unlock Prince’s potential, then maybe there was an evaluation mistake.
    It’s going to be about the mix with Durant & Irving next year anyway. Claxton, Chiozza or Kurocs may be more crucial. Hope they draft Nwoba’s brother.

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