Bulls’ Jim Boylen Confident He’ll Be Retained?

4:00pm: Despite his concern about his job security, Boylen remains confident that he’ll get to start next season as the Bulls’ head coach, a source close to the situation tells Cowley.

9:42am: As the Bulls prepare to officially hire Arturas Karnisovas and revamp their front office, head coach Jim Boylen is concerned that he won’t be given the opportunity to return to the team in 2020/21, a source told Joe Cowley of The Chicago Sun-Times on Thursday morning.

According to Cowley, Boylen is hoping he’ll get the chance to “sit down with his new bosses” and discuss the season-and-a-half he has spent as Chicago’s head coach.

Longtime Bulls executive VP of basketball operations John Paxson, COO Michael Reinsdorf, and team owner Jerry Reinsdorf have remained supporters of Boylen throughout his tenure with the team, despite the fact that the on-court results were lacking. Boylen has led the Bulls to a 39-84 record (.317) since taking over for Fred Hoiberg early in the 2018/19 season.

With Paxson expected to shift into a background role, Cowley suggests that the Reinsdorfs “won’t be throwing a life preserver” to Boylen if Karnisovas decides he wants to make a change.

Although the Bulls moved forward with their front office search during the NBA’s coronavirus-related hiatus, it’s not clear if the same level of urgency will be applied to a head coaching search, especially with the possible resumption of the 2019/20 season still up in the air.

Teams like the Nets and Knicks, who were expected to be in the market for a permanent head coach this spring, aren’t actively conducting their searches right now and may wait until the actual offseason to do so — if Chicago follows suit, that would give Karnisovas plenty of time to evaluate Boylen before making any final decisions.

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15 thoughts on “Bulls’ Jim Boylen Confident He’ll Be Retained?

  1. bully6789

    Well he should be worried his offense has no structure abd the only players who appear to have the green light is Lavine and White. Poor Markannan seems to be at lost as to what his role is. A new coach with a system that benefits all the players

  2. bradculen

    What has Boylen done or accomplished during his tenure that makes him think he has earned the opportunity to coach this team next season? .317 winning percentage, key players like Lauri have regressed, feuding with the team’s best players, and ridiculous game management and time out usage highlight his tenure. If you truly want to change the culture and perception of this organization he needs to go next.

  3. Ironmonger835

    Concerned he won’t be retained? I figured he would be already cleaning out his office and listing his house on Zillow by now…

  4. Buckman

    Too many college to pro coaches don’t change their approach when they are confronted with a team of millionaires. The players certainly don’t consider themselves “amateurs” anymore. Guts like Boylen and Beinlein get hired to develop young teams but they flop because they don’t understand the mentality of young pros (and veterans).

    • tomjoadsghost

      Look up Boylens tenure at Utah college. Same idiot. Kids rebelled and school fired Boylen. He comes from a family of con artists.

    • stevep-4

      Boylen was an assistant for the Bulls for several years before being given the head coach role, likely because he was under a cheap contract and the Reinsdorfs knew he wouldn’t give them any guff.

      So, not a college-to-pros transition, he has a lot of NBA experience before the Bulls as well, apparently worked under Pops – amazing to wonder how he learned so little from one of the best coaches in history.

  5. dynamite drop in monty

    Well there’s always work as a Lawerence Tierney impersonator.

    • stevep-4

      oh man that IS funny…TCM ran “The Hoodlum” the other night and ya gotta admit he was good at pretty much one thing, and worked it his whole career.

  6. x%sure

    Boylan has good reason to worry. Calling a timeout will not change that, if it matters.

  7. leprechaun

    Not sure he could get hired as a high school coach in either the Chicago Catholic league or Chicago Public Schools

  8. stevep-4

    Catholic League has higher standards than that…come to think of it, so does the CPS, Simeon, Farragut, and Westinghouse were NBA cradles.

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