Bulls Notes: Karnisovas, GM Search, Boylen, Battier

Arturas Karnisovas, the Bulls‘ new executive VP of basketball operations, promised “an extensive and diverse” search for a general manager during an interview with K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago. Karnisovas was officially hired Monday, but is working out of Denver because of restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic. He has already added J.J. Polk and Pat Connelly in the first steps toward assembling a new front office.

“I’ve been in this profession a long time,” Karnisovas said. “Most of the guys on the list I know personally and I’ve known them for a long time, from scouting games and going to dinners and interaction. It’s going to be easier for me. I know exactly the criteria I’m looking for. It’s going to be complementary to me and my skill set. I don’t want clones. I want somebody who is going to bring something different to our organization. Those are things I pay attention to.”

Also in the interview, Karnisovas talked about his preference for an up-tempo offense with plenty of ball movement and the need for player development, citing the progress the Nuggets were able to make with a young team.

“Players want to play and players want to win,” he said. “I’m going to try to facilitate that. I’m going to try to improve every year. Constant improvement is what we’ve done in Denver. I’d like to incorporate that here.”

There’s more from Chicago:

  • Karnisovas should be willing to trade any player on the roster, even leading scorer Zach LaVine or Lauri Markkanen, contends Mark Schanowski of NBC Sports Chicago. He cites the Sixers, Nets and Spurs as teams that might look to shake up their rosters in the offseason.
  • The uncertainty of the NBA calendar may help coach Jim Boylen keep his job, Johnson writes in a mailbag column. If the league is able to squeeze in a few regular season games before the playoffs, Johnson believes it makes sense to keep Boylen around for those. Karnisovas said he will get to know Boylen, who has two years left on his contract, before making a final decision. Johnson notes that Karnisovas has a prior relationship with assistant coach Chris Fleming, whom he helped to hire in Denver.
  • Chicago hasn’t sought permission to interview Shane Battier, the Heat’s VP of basketball development and analytics, according to Ira Winderman of The Sun-Sentinel. A report earlier this week indicated the Bulls weren’t planning to pursue Battier because they don’t believe Miami would let him go.
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11 thoughts on “Bulls Notes: Karnisovas, GM Search, Boylen, Battier

  1. Trade lavine,hutchison,thad,sato,several 1 st round pick (exclude 2020 pick) for embiid if sixer want to trade him.i think sixer better build around simmons.i believe simmons will be a very very great player.trade lauri and opj to nola for jrue.draft okoro or avdija

      • With good coach,this roosters will be 1st rounder exit at their best.lauri and zach to soft in this soft league.opj injuried prone.sato is bench player.thad is good but i love wcj at 4.i know wcj got injuried but i believe he can healthy with a better doctor team.

        • JBHoops

          LOL no. WCJ is not a 4. He doesn’t have the speed or shooting touch for that. Be real.

  2. Simmons>Russ

    Bulls with all the coaching and management changes shouldn’t be afraid to look at changes but shouldn’t blow up the whole team.
    If I had to make just 1 change it would be
    Myles Turner for Thad Young, Wendell Carter Jr and a second round pick.

    Bulls add a centre who is a solid rim protector, he’s young, he can shoot the 3 ball and I think he is ready to be a bigger part of an offence.
    Pacers get back Thad Young who is a former pacer, and former coach favourite of Nate McMillans. Young knows the Pacers system and would be a great pick up, allowing Sabonis to play centre full time. Carter Jr would be a solid young bench player to develop as a PF/C.

    Bulls should draft a PG (Anthony or Haliburton)
    1. Anthony/Halliburton
    2. LaVine
    3. Porter
    4. Markeneen
    5. Turner
    Great 3 point shooting, decent defence, good ball handlers, young team, all the signs would be looking and having a positive young locker room and then looking to be successful

    • Only add 1 good but not great center and 1 rookie wont make bulls be a good team.7th is their best.great center like embiid will good for bulls.or maybe rudy gobert.both are my favorite center.i like opj.3 and d wing but he got to much injurried.lauri and zach are to soft.they are hurt team defense.trade at least one of them.if karnisovas dont want to blown out this team then he should trade for gobert and jrue.trade wcj,thad,sato for gobert.trade lavine and 2021 1st round for jrue. Bulls starter should be jrue,coby,opj,lauri,gobert.draft okoro or obi toppin.i like haliburton too but no for anthoni edwards.

      • Simmons>Russ

        That’s the thing tho the Bulls don’t have the pieces to compete hahah and no way the Sixers give up Embiid for those pieces. If he leaves it’s going to be for a superstar/all star level player and picks.

        Bulls might be able to get Gobert but he’s 28 and ready to win now the bulls aren’t in win now mode they are in rebuild and win in 3 years ish.

  3. chicity708

    Run It Back With This Roster See EXACTLY what You Have But Go find that Up Tempo Play Developmental Coach And See if there’s Any Growth With The Players But BOYLEN gotta Go while you’re At It Find Paxson And Get Him Out The Dope too

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