Heat Notes: Bosh, Simon, Leonard, Front Office

Chris Bosh will not be inducted into the Basketball Hall 0f Fame in 2020, but Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel believes Bosh will be elected in 2021. This year’s crop includes Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, and Tim Duncan, so it’s not as if there aren’t deserving candidates ahead of Bosh. Still, the former No. 4 overall pick, who won two titles with the Heat, had the résumé to be a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer.

Here’s more from Miami:

  • In a separate piece, Winderman wonders if any Heat executive besides VP of basketball operations Adam Simon will be coveted by Chicago as the Bulls make front office changes. As Winderman notes, Miami has given Simon promotions every time an opposing franchise attempted to pry him away from South Beach, so it’s unlikely that the organization won’t at least attempt to keep the executive in town.
  • Heat big man Meyers Leonard, who was nursing a severe ankle sprain heading into the NBA’s hiatus, said he would have likely been ready to return by the postseason if it had proceeded as scheduled, Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald relays. Leonard is rehabbing in his home with the assistance of the Heat’s medical team.
  • Erik Spoelstra can’t envision himself coaching anywhere but with the Heat, as Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald relays. “Micky and Pat created this culture,” Spoelstra said of owner Micky Arison and president Pat Riley. “Some people might think they need to venture out on their own to create their own image. I do not have any of those kind of feelings. I feel a sense of purpose by carrying this culture on and this legacy to future teams. It’s what I enjoy. It’s what fills my cup up. I want to keep this going as long as I can. It doesn’t feel like a job.”
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21 thoughts on “Heat Notes: Bosh, Simon, Leonard, Front Office

    • king beas

      Couldn’t agree more just cause you make the all star game doesn’t mean you’re a HOFer. What else stands out about bosh? John Collins has produced better numbers than him so far is he on the HOF path I don’t think anyone thinks so

      • seattlesuperfan

        Yup. Had decent numbers in Toronto but didn’t do anything compared to wade did before then or Lebron in Cleveland. He wouldn’t have won a ring without them and his numbers are semi inflated cause of the lack of bench production from all the teams he played on so he was always a top 3 scorer on a team he played on. With that many touches or shots it’s hard not to be

  1. bigeasye

    In today’s day and age you can be a hall of famer for hitting a game winning shot in the pre-season.

  2. king beas

    Why exactly would bosh be considered a first ballot HOF? Cause he played on a team that won as a third option? Doesn’t have a career avg of 20pts or 10 rebounds and just barely averages 1 block a game. Don’t see what exactly jumps off the page with him especially since the players inducted this year are studs who made all nba teams and played defense

  3. x%sure

    Bosh wanted the easy life in Florida and he got that. He will make the Heat HOF but the debate about whather he is a first-ballot HOFer, ugh.

  4. hiflew

    People get way too wrapped up in first ballot Hall of Famers. Being on the first ballot doesn’t get your plaque dusted more often than someone that gets in on the 5th try or the 12th try. A HOFer is a HOFer period. Anything else is just nitpicky stuff not worth arguing about.

    Whether Bosh gets in in 2021, 2025, or 2076, he will still be a HOFer. I think he deserves it. Was he the best forward ever? No, but he was great in Toronto and Miami and would have accumulated more stats were it not for his health. There are far worse examples of people in the Hall than Bosh.

  5. El Don

    Does it really matter so very much about the HoF? Do you think C-Bosh loses his sleep about getting in? Perhaps, but I doubt it, can’t see the point!

    • jump shot

      I would imagine players care about making the HOF if they had a career that should out them in the conversation, but I’d doubt they “lose any sleep” over it. Like, I doubt Barkley, Miller, or Ewing sleep any worse for not winning a championship. Sure, they’d love those titles being attached to their names but ask them if they’d trade it for 3 weeks of corona. I would think not, personally.

  6. formerlyz

    Bosh is one of the greatest pick and roll defenders of all time, and was capable of guarding all 5 positions at an elite level. He could put the ball on the floor, he was a playmaker off the dribble, out of the high post, could post up, could shoot the 3 and the mid range, etc. If he hadnt had the clot issues and was allowed to continue his career, he would have been even more effective as the perfect 5 in today’s game. He would have played another 10 years. If not for him, the Heat dont win that 1st championship in the big 3 era b/c he came back from injury early, and was huge in that Celtics series, hitting a couple of huge shots. Then he played incredible defense the next year that allowed them to beat the Spurs. And not only does he have those 2 championships, he is also a multiple time gold medal winner. It’s insane this is even a conversation

  7. Skip, Tampa

    Yes Bosh is a HOF player.
    If the Bulls are really targeting a Heat FO person, it’s likely Battier. Given that owner still wants to keep Paxton in charge.
    Simon would want no part of that pony show.
    He’s heir to Riley’s spot as of now. Give that up for the Bulls, not even close.

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