Jeremiah Robinson-Earl Alters Draft Decision Because Of Coronavirus Concerns

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl will not enter the 2020 draft after all. Head coach Jay Wright had previously said the Villanova forward would test the draft waters, but Robinson-Earl provided Wright with his final decision earlier this week, as the University’s website relays.

“A few days ago Jeremiah called me and told me he wanted to just continue working out and concentrate on getting better,” Wright said. “He said ‘ I don’t want to bother with the NBA stuff, so I just want to say I’m coming back. He didn’t want to make a big deal out of this.”

Wright added that JRE had gotten some feedback on his game from the NBA early entry committee and it was likely that he would have been drafted.

Robinson-Earl, who is No. 64 on ESPN’s big board, said the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus and how the NBA will respond to it played a role in his decision.

“The uncertainty of what the NBA is going to do did a play a part in this,” the forward said. “I just feel like I don’t want to worry a lot about that with the times we’re all going through right now. I just want to focus on getting better, going back to Villanova and getting my mindset on that.

“I did get some feedback [from the NBA] and it was good feedback. I just felt like I wanted to focus on being a better overall player. The feedback was that I would have gotten drafted but I feel like I can put myself in a better position just by coming back.”

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6 thoughts on “Jeremiah Robinson-Earl Alters Draft Decision Because Of Coronavirus Concerns

  1. jordanrulestheworld

    Nova is going to be good next year. Also doesn’t hurt to spend another year with the best coach in the nation.

  2. king beas

    If he adds more range to his jumper should be a late 1st next year in my opinion. Good rebounder and defender with the ability to guard the 2-5 possibly due to his size and length

    • I dont think he fast enough to guard the 2 but i believe he can guard 3-5.his ft%is good.his jumper not bad but still need to improve.he really need to improve his block.i like his offensive rebbound.nova is good place to learn more.

  3. hiflew

    Very good decision. I just don’t understand why anyone outside the top 50 or so would even consider coming out early. There are only 60 people that will be drafted. No more. Undrafted guys are heading to the G League at best. The G League will still be after they get a degree. If they are good enough, they can make it then. If they are not, they will at least have a fall back position of a free college degree. And the potential is always there of improving your draft stock by improving your game in college.

    • El Don

      Don’t forget he can realistically get a career ending injury, or flop & miss being drafted, oh by the way don’t forget a degree means nothing out there, I know many people with degrees working as road sweepers, mailman…

      • xtraflamy

        Sure, you can get a job without a degree, and people with degrees aren’t being guaranteed work or amazing jobs
        …but hard fact: a great many jobs require a bachelors, so not having a degree will automatically exclude you from a lot of job searches where the resume is pre-checked by a system. You can take a chance and lie, but there’s a high chance you’ll get caught.

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