Knicks May Target Elton Brand As GM

7:33pm: The Sixers are happy with Brand’s performance as GM and have no plans to let him go, a team source tells Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer (Twitter link). The source points to Brand’s strong relationships with players, agents and other executives.

6:19pm: Sixers general manager Elton Brand may be a candidate for the same position with the Knicks, a league source tells Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News.

New president of basketball operations Leon Rose is reportedly very interested in Brand, who remains under contract with Philadelphia. Rose wants to see if Brand would be fired if the Sixers have a disappointing performance in the playoffs, per Bondy.

Rose, who is from the Philadelphia area, formerly served as the agent for Joel Embiid and had a close working relationship with Brand in that capacity.

Scott Perry is the Knicks’ current GM, but his future with the organization is shaky. Perry and the team both have opt-outs for his contract after the season.

Sources tell Bondy that Rose also has interest in hiring Cavaliers capologist Brock Aller for a spot in the front office. Rose reportedly received permission from the Cavs to interview Aller before league went on hiatus.

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33 thoughts on “Knicks May Target Elton Brand As GM

  1. dynamite drop in monty

    Great, as if I couldn’t feel older than I did an hour ago.

  2. richard dangler

    The success formula for the nba is easier then any other sport. 1) Clear as much cap space as possible to land a big fish, 2) if you fail to land big fish then take on bad contracts from other teams and accumulate as many Firsts as possible.

    You can’t win a championship without a generational talent. So if you can’t land one via Free Agency then you need as many spins of the draft wheel as possible.

    Knicks I’m available.

    • x_burner_X

      You can be pick in the lottery for 10-15 years in a row and end up with KAT or Booker and a bunch of crap pretty easily. Theres more to it than you think

    • Simmons>Russ

      I actually think he’s done a pretty good job.

      Elton Brand traded for Jimmy Butler only giving up Covington, Saric and a second round pick.
      He traded for Tobias Harris, get got in Burks and Robinson right before the deadline also.
      He was GM when we drafted in Shamet, Milton, Thybulle and Shayok. In Free agency he found Norvel Pelle.

      Jimmy left because of Brett Brown but he still managed to get us back Josh Richardson as apart of that deal.

      He done everything in his power to give the Sixers a chance at winning a championship. He can’t be responsible for everything

      • phillyvseverybody

        You forgot to mention the contracts he gave to Tobias and Horford…

          • Simmons>Russ

            Technically he didn’t but he would’ve had a big say.
            The draft was late June, Brain Colangelo had resigned as GM and Brand was the current Vice President of basketball operations. Brett Brown was in charge on the interim basis but Brand would’ve had a big say on who they took as Vice President.

        • Simmons>Russ

          Yeah Horford was a huge overpay, as for Harris it’s an overpay but if he didn’t give it to him there would’ve been about 4 other teams that would.

      • natsfan3437

        He overplayed harris twice, once in a trade then once in free agency.

        Forgot to sign an actual pg since Simmons has been useless in the postseason.

        Signed a center to play PF to again make Simmons more useless.

        Pissed off Jimmy and made him leave after giving up assets to get him. After he was the best player for the team in the postseason.

        • natsfan3437

          Let JJ Redick walk and didn’t replace his shooting.

          Decided he doesn’t need to address the bench at all.

          Drafted Thybulle which is a good player but didn’t realize he can’t shoot. Which next to Ben is another no-no.

        • Simmons>Russ

          Brett Brown pissed Jimmy Butler off, didn’t overpay for Harris in the trade.
          He gave up Wilson Chandler (a dud), Mike Muscala (a dud), Shamet, two first and 2 seconds but he also got back Bobi and Mike Scott.
          So really it was Shamet, a rookie, and two first for Tobias Harris and Bobi.

          He didn’t forget to sign a PG, Simmons is a great Point.

          He signed Al Horford for a huge overpay thinking he would help stretch the floor, help play solid defence and help be a by for the team but it hasn’t worked out.

          He actually resigned JJ Rediick the first offseason then had to let him leave the second in order to get Josh Richardson’s deal which they got in the trade with Jimmy Butler.

          He did decide to address the bench hence why he traded 3 second round picks for Glen Robinson and Alec Burks.

          He already knew Thybulle couldn’t shoot, coming out of college everyone knew he was an elite defender that needed to improve his shot.

          Do some research before you just speak

          • natsfan3437

            Elton Brand was the one who pissed Jimmy off because of his “can you control him comments” it was a rectifiable situation until that point.

            What you just wrote is the definition of an overpay, also have to remember at that point in time the Miami draft pick which he included was a great asset at that pint in time since Jimmy wasn’t on that team and Bam was still a prospect.

            Ben is a great regular season pony guard but he is useless in the playoffs, that’s the whole reason they ran the offense through Jimmy, and now with the signing of Horford they made him even less useful.

            I am talking about how he let JJ walk to the pelicans and told him he was not interested in resigning him before they traded for Richardson so that excuse is again invalid.

            Congrats he decided to address the bench issues during the season by overpaying in a trade yet again for the Warriors trash.

            Congrats again on stating my point that his shot is trash. Yet another player with a flaw who can’t play with Simmons.

            Your the one who needs to do some research not me.

            • Simmons>Russ

              If you saw the Jimmy Butler podcast he did with JJ Reddick, Jimmy clearly says after the first video session he knew Brett Brown was a terrible coach. He continues to say that things were never going to work out between them, they never saw eye to eye. Jimmy has idea on how to make the team better and Brett just saw Jimmy as a pest and distraction on the team. The game playoff and Jimmy was shocked to be handed the ball handling duties, he said that was tough on Ben who had done the job all year and done a great job and it’s what he had been telling Brett Brown to do all year and then he switches up last minute.
              It was very clear Jimmy wanted to leave because of the coach.

              Tobias Harris the trade wasn’t an over pay the contract they gave him was league value and it’s what he would’ve gotten elsewhere so it’s not an overpay. But looking back now he hasn’t lived up to expectations for many reasons and I’d say now he is getting over paid.
              Horford that deal was always an over pay but it was made with the right intentions to make the team better and unfortunately it hasn’t made the team better.
              With the JJ part, the Sixers couldn’t afford to Max Jimmy, Max Tobias and pay JJ. It felt Jimmy for JRich and then with the left over cap space decided to resign Tobias over paying JJ to stay.

              If he had decided to pay JJ, Tobias would have also left along with Jimmy.

              The bench issue again it wasn’t an overpay. They gave up 3 second round picks for 2 proven bench players.
              Burks is averaging 15/4.5/3 and Robinson is averaging 12/4/1.5.
              Plus we have a bunch of second round picks anyways, we still have 4 seconds in 2020, 3 next year and 2 after that.
              For a team trying to win now, there’s no point keeping another 3 seconds cause that takes up roster spots and it takes time to develop talent.

              Thybulle was a solid pick by Brand who else would you take over him at 20th.
              Brandon Clarke and Kevin Porter where the only other good player selected after him and I’d rather have Thybulle

  3. chiefivey

    they could hire me as GM for like 100k annually and ill run the team better than perry

  4. Simmons>Russ

    The problem with the Sixers is the coach, Brett Brown. Firstly he pushed Jimmy Butler away and secondly he doesn’t actually help the players get better. Joel Embid hasn’t improved basically since he entered the league.

    As a rookie he averaged 20/8/2, 2.5 blocks and 1 steal in 25 minutes. This year, his fourth in the league he averaged 23/12/3, 1.3 blocks and 1 steal in 30 minutes. The difference is 5 minutes and 2 extra shots per game.
    Same can be said about Ben Simmons, as a rookie 16/8/8 with 1 block, 1.7 steals in 34 minutes. Now 17/8/8 with 0.5 blocks, 2 steals in 36 minutes.

    Since entering the league everyone said Embiid is the next Shaq, Simmons just needs to add a jump shot and he’s the next Magic Johnson. But with Brett Brown as coach every excuse has been made on why it hasn’t happened. Embiid is injured, Embiid is lazy, he doesn’t diet. Simmons is to busy being a celebrity, he needs to work on his 3 pointer, blah blah blah. The issue is the coach.

    Look at Ginnias, look at Siakim, look at Brandon Ingram, look at Brogdan all these guys have developed their games and improved but not these two. Heck even look at Markelle Fultz, in college he averaged 23/6/6 and shot over 40% from 3. At the Sixers he went backwards so badly he almost left the league. Now at the magic they have redeveloped him to the point he actually decent

    Brand needs to stay with the Sixers fire Brett Brown and jump at the chance to get Kenny Atkinson

    • El Don

      Everybody talks like getting rid of Butler is such a disaster, I for once thing it was good. This year he has been the worst clutch player in the league & he ain’t getting young. Also he hasn’t been even the best player in South Beach. Getting back J-Rich for him I am more than happy to see the back of him, he wanted to be the man, but in Philly he was at the most #3, good riddance Jimmy!

      • Simmons>Russ

        Personally I’m a huge Butler and Sixers fan and though it was going to b great. He did great in that post season we had him. Looking at it now, it be a huge deal for an older guy but I’d rather we kept him. I’d rather we didn’t have Horford, moved Harris to PF and kept Butler as a SG/SF.
        The problem like I said was the coach. Embiid and Simmons although they think so, both don’t have that alpha personality like Jimmy does. Jimmy loves the clutch moments, loves a 1v1 and plays hard both ends of the floor every possession. Embiid you could see loves that about him and followed him, Simmons probably didn’t like being second but wouldn’t have minded if we won.
        The problem was the coach who didn’t help improve Simmons or Embiid and he never coached Jimmy well

    • SuperSinker

      Brett Brown can’t make Simmons shoot lol what’s he supposed, he wants him to learn how to shoot. The player has to be accountable for his own development as well.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Simmons plays his game, why would be settle for a 3 knowing there’s only about a 20% chance it falls.
        He plays his style which is getting inside and passing. His FG% is almost 60%, and at the rim it’s probably more. So he knows driving inside there’s a good chance he gets 2 points or his teammates get something. If he stands outside and shoots it’s just going to be ugly and they will fall behind.

        You can see entering his season he was starting to feel more confident and starting to like his shot but obviously his coach hasn’t helped him. Same with Embiid he hasn’t developed much either since entering the league to can’t always blame the players or blame something else if the common factor with everything in the coach

    • tomjoadsghost

      The GM is the coaches boss. If he’s that good of a GM he’d fire Brown by now, unless ownership is meddling.

      • Simmons>Russ

        This is where it comes to rumours and opinions. I totally agree why hasn’t he been fired..
        no body can be for certain unless your inside the team as to why he’s still got a job.
        I think Brett Brown who was the interim boss when Brand was named GM and Brown who was the coach when Brand originally joined the Sixers back room was have been a big fan of Brand and in return Brand is thanking him by giving him these extra chances.
        But I don’t think it’s going to be long until the Brett Brown is gone, this offseason was going to be the decider really

  5. x%sure

    The ability to deal with Dolan is the priority and Brand probably fits that need. Dolan wants a big name and Brand did make a name for himself as a player, less as an exec, but that may be enough.
    Brand’s record is up & down but at least he has a percentage of ups.

    Now, Jarrod Collins as HC to join a smartypants as POBO (Rose) & a big dark devil-horned stat-sheet-stuffer as GM (Brand), and Dolan can turn his focus & meddling elsewhere. Rose & Brand are strongly East-coast, while Collins can bring innovation with the Kerr system.

    • Big names mean nothing to Dolan. Charles Oakley was booted out of the arena and Spike Lee was told to use a different entrance.

    • Plus Dolan tried a big name already with Phil Jackson and that was a terrible idea. They need to get a GM that knows what they’re doing. I think hiring rose was a great idea to run things. Hopefully they’ll find their way out of this mess.

      • x%sure

        I’m going by reports that Dolan wanted a highly-respected & known hire, don’t recall the wording. But– he basically has three slots to fill, so they don’t all have to be famous.

  6. hiflew

    Man, the Knicks even have to stockpile power forwards in the front office now.

  7. hoosierhysteria

    Brand needs to fire the coach. He has Simmons …can’t shoot & Embiid….can’t stay healthy. 6ers not contenders.

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