Knicks To Retain GM Scott Perry For 2020/21

The Knicks have opted to retain Scott Perry as their general manager for at least another year, reports Steve Popper of Newsday. The team confirmed the decision in a statement to Newsday.

“Scott is a well-respected basketball executive who I have known for more than 20 years, and I look forward to continuing to work closely with him as we look to build a winning team in New York,” president of basketball operations Leon Rose said in that statement.

Perry had been New York’s GM under former team president Steve Mills, and there was speculation that replacing Perry would be among the changes made by the newly-hired Rose as he reshapes the club’s front office. However, given the unusual circumstances created by the coronavirus pandemic, the Knicks had been expected to keep Perry on board at least to run their draft — now, they’ve decided to extend their relationship a little beyond that.

As Popper writes, the Knicks and Perry had a May 1 deadline on their mutual option for the 2020/21 season, necessitating a decision on his future this week. A source tells Popper that the two sides have agreed to a one-year contract, which will allow Rose and Perry to work together without the team having to make a long-term commitment to the GM.

The Knicks’ decision on Perry doesn’t necessarily mean the rest of the front office holdovers are safe for next season. The contracts for those executives don’t require an immediate decision like Perry’s did, according to Popper, who hears from a source that Rose will continue to do due diligence on the rest of the staff.

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8 thoughts on “Knicks To Retain GM Scott Perry For 2020/21

  1. 4Quarters

    Interested to see how this works without Mills having a hand in the overall vision

  2. Disappointing. I hoped Rose would have a more definitive FO restructuring plan by now. A new contract (even for a year) for the #2 guy in a prior failed regime suggests no such plan exists or is forthcoming any time soon.

  3. GabeOfThrones

    This is seriously baffling. No track record of success, no blueprint for future success. Questionable draft picks, horrific free agents signings, and one of the worst trades in modern NBA history. Clean house Leon!

    • Have you never heard of how the Knicks do business? This is it. No blueprint for future success is their annual objective. Mission accomplished.

  4. I had never seen pictures of Perry or Mills until now (seen mills whenever he was let go a while back). How do you walk into a room with those two goons and think “ahhhh yes the mecca of basketball thought and intellect, a true meeting of the minds, you must be men of culture as well.”

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