Pacific Notes: Lakers, Warriors, Wiggins, Johnson

Two Lakers tested positive for the coronavirus last month, but head coach Frank Vogel said on a conference call on Thursday that he wasn’t tested at that time and he doesn’t think his assistants were either. As Dave McMenamin of ESPN outlines, Lakers players underwent tests even if they weren’t experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, but the coaching staff wasn’t given the same directions.

“It’s just, we were not told to be tested,” Vogel said. “And obviously everybody recognized the shortage of tests and we were only going to do what the local health department told us to do. So, we weren’t asked to be tested at that point.”

Interestingly, according to Vogel, it’s not just the general public that doesn’t know the identities of the Lakers players who were affected by the coronavirus. The veteran coach told ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan that he’s also in the dark about which two players who tested positive.

“I don’t even know who are they,” Vogel said, “and I’m totally fine with that.”

Here’s more from around the Pacific:

  • On Thursday’s call with reporters, Vogel also said it would be a “huge disappointment” if the Lakers don’t get a chance to compete for a title this summer, but said he and his team understand the situation. “We get it, and this is bigger than basketball,” he said, per Bill Oram of The Athletic. “And us getting back on the court is not the most important thing for the world right now. Hopefully we have that chance, and if we’re not able to, it would be a big disappointment.”
  • The Warriors‘ ability to spend on free agents during the 2020 offseason will be limited, but Anthony Slater of The Athletic suggests there are dozens of players who could be fits, ranging from long-shots like Paul Millsap to lower-cost options like D.J. Augustin or Meyers Leonard. In Slater’s view, veteran wing Jae Crowder would be the best fit for Golden State among the realistic mid-level-type targets.
  • Can Andrew Wiggins, who has a .372 winning percentage in 454 career NBA games, be a reliable contributor on a contender? That will be one of the key questions facing the Warriors during the 2020 offseason as they decide whether to stick with Wiggins or flip him in a trade, according to Mark Schanowski of NBC Sports Chicago.
  • With the help of Gina Mizell of The Athletic, Suns rookie Cameron Johnson details his recovery from mononucleosis and how that experience gave him something of a “head start on the whole quarantine thing.”
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5 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Lakers, Warriors, Wiggins, Johnson

  1. El Don

    Totally agree with Vogel, Lakers are a lock to the NBA finals, only Denver could had competed with them, so they had a great shot to winning it all this year, season must end, otherwise this will be such a shame for the fans, players & teams not knowing what might have happened, might be Giannis only ever shot at the ring, might be AD’s only… or the first of many, might be LBJ’s last shot… so many questions that need to be answered yet this season!

    • a Lock? No team in the west is a lock for post season. In the playoffs its all about match ups. Lakers have had their struggles against good teams. Health is the other factor just one injury to AD or Lebron and they lose.

      • Strike Four

        The guy said with a straight face “my fave team is a lock in the playoffs against the team with Kawhi Leonard on it” – LOL

        Lebron fans are all brain damaged, I’m convinced. He’s overrated, he’s 3-6, and won’t make any more finals ever.

        • hinglemccringleberry

          Bro he made 9 straight trips to the finals. It kills me that people still find a reason to complain. Smh

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