Hawks GM Talks Draft Prep, Finishing The Season

The NBA handed out revised guidelines for teams during the pre-draft process last month, as they are unable to meet with prospects in person. Clubs are allowed to meet with potential draftees for up to two hours in any meeting and a maximum of four hours per week with any one player. GM Travis Schlenk explains to Chris Kirschner of The Athletic how the Hawks have navigated those waters.

“I feel like we’ve talked to every player in college basketball,” Schlenk said. “Our (meetings) usually last between 30 to 45 minutes. We haven’t interviewed any player twice up until this point. We have set up as many interviews as we can. We probably do 12 a week or so. Usually, we do four days a week. So about 16 guys, but we probably average around 12 or 13.”

Atlanta has averaged 18 executives on each of the Zoom calls, according to Schlenk. While it may seem like a lot of people for a video conference, it allows the Hawks to get various opinions on each prospect as they determine rankings.

Schlenk also touched on the NBA returning this year. He said the Hawks are preparing as if the 2019/20 season will resume at some point — and as if they’ll be part of it.

“My message has been that it feels like we’re gaining positive momentum,” Schlenk said. “So it’s time to start changing our mental mindset from hiatus status to we’re coming back and to also start ramping up our workouts because we don’t want to be in a situation where we come back and we have a bunch of soft-tissue injuries because guys are out of shape.

“… We would play our guys,” Schlenk added when asked how the Hawks would handle a return. “The more time we can play our guys together, the better it is for us. To be able to see guys we made trades for play with our guys — those would be valuable minutes for us.”

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20 thoughts on “Hawks GM Talks Draft Prep, Finishing The Season

  1. Sillivan

    I’d take 2 bad contracts with 2 valuable picks


    Al Horford and 3 Firsts from 76ers

  2. x%sure

    Talk about executive hours spent. They must be scouts, promoted by title propogation.

  3. Simmons>Russ

    Very unlikely situation but what about this …

    Trade 2020 pick (4th), Kevin Hueter and Dwayne Dedmon to GSW for the first overall pick using GSW’s 18mil trade exception.

    Then from their trade the first overall pick plus Cam Reddish for Brandon Ingram in a sign and trade, Josh Hart and the 13th overall pick in the draft.

    So overall your trading Dedmon, Heuter, Reddish and the 4th overall pick for Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and the 13th overall pick (draft Josh Green).

    Which leaves you with a line up of
    1. Trae Young. Jeff Teague
    2. Josh Hart/Josh Green
    3. Brandon Ingram. DeAndre Hunter
    4. John Collins.
    5. Clint Capela.

    Ingram gives you a 3 which can guard the opposing teams best player and can be your second choice on offence. Josh Hart and Josh Green are both really solid SGs for this team. Both are young with high potential, both are nice defenders which is what you want next to Trae Young and both can also play make or hit shots for you.

    For GSW they get to get some more assets and move down the draft. Where they still will get a really talented player (Okungwu/Toppin/Avdija/Ball/Wiseman). Dedmon is a centre that hits threes and blocks shots and Hueter could be a great back up SG.

    Pelicans get the first overall pick which means they could take LaMelo Ball to pair with Lonzo as a tall and long future backcourt partnership of brothers that can play make and hit shots. They could take Anthony Edwards a solid SG who is good at everything. They could take Wiseman and have Ball Zion and Wiseman be a very strong young big 3. They also get Cam Reddish who went to college with Zion and has big potential and a 3 and D wing.

    Hawks become a future dynasty, Pelicans become a future dynasty and GSW get more pieces to have a run at a title again

    • Sillivan

      Has to dump Wiggins salary to Knicks
      Hawks get Warriors pick, poole。2022 first,4 second round picks
      Warriors get John Collins and Randle
      Knicks get Hawks pick, Wiggins

      • Simmons>Russ

        That’s not happening. Firstly the Hawks like Collins they aren’t going to trade him. Secondly GSW like Wiggins and they don’t need to dump his contract. Yes he is overpaid but he know they and will deal with it. Thirdly why do GSW what 3 PFs (Green, Collins and Randle) and would have no SF.

        You deal makes no sense and mine although is unlikely makes good sense

          • Simmons>Russ

            Draymond is a PF, he plays small ball centre occasionally but wouldn’t for long periods.
            Randle is far to weak to be a C and isn’t a good enough shooter or quick enough to guard wings to play SF.
            Like I said stupid trade

        • UGA_Steve

          I have never seen any indication that the Hawks like Collins enough to not trade him. In fact, one could say otherwise with their late-season acquisitions. Labisserie, Capela, Dedmon, along with Fernando in the draft. Quite frankly I think the Hawks are seriously considering moving Collins.

          Simply put, he is going to want a big contract after 2021 and his game is primarily as a pick and roll player with below average defense. He can stretch a defense with his shooting, but since he cannot create his own shot on the perimeter it really isn’t in a teams best interest to have him standing out there. He is likely going to want a max deal and the Hawks have to determine if he is worth that in their scheme. In today’s NBA, max contracts for guys who cannot create their own shots or aren’t lock down defenders in addition to secondary scorers are just a bad idea. So, if you think someone else will outbid you, you better get something for him.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Exactly imagine the Ball brothers both tall long and athletic together. Zo finally found his shot and can help Melo work on his. Both players are amazing passers of the ball and with the size Zo can help Melo improve on defence. Those two giving the spacing and throwing lobs fo Zion who runs the team would be insane and very exciting. A very quick up tempo run and gun style of play and good defensively.
        If the front office aren’t high on Melo Ball then they could still look at either Wiseman or Edwards and create something with those two future all stars

        Kevin Heuter begins Klay would also be great.
        Both running off and behind screens and catching and shooting off passes from Curry/Green/Wiggins who are all good passers. Kevin would learn so much off Klay and Curry and would improve so much. Plus Dedmon is a great centre for them. Can hit the threes and give them spacing while being a good shot blocker and rebounder on defence. Plus they still get a good pick in the draft, from what I’ve heard they are high on Wiseman or Okungwu, they don’t care about Ball and with Klay and Kevin they wouldn’t need Edwards. Apparently they like Toppin and Avdija both of 1 of them would be available at 4th or maybe they trade down again who knows but this deal would suit them perfectly.

        • Sillivan

          Suns get Warriors pick and Wiggins
          Warriors get Kelly Oubre and Bridges. Suns pick

          Use Suns pick and TE for Myles Turner

          • Simmons>Russ

            Can you please not reply to my comments please. Again I really disagree with this trade idea.
            Suns are really happy with Oubre and Bridges plus they don’t need a centre with Ayton. So that makes zero sense.
            Warriors like Wiggins and I don’t think they see Oubre and Bridges as big enough upgrades to move off the first overall pick.
            Again stupid trade idea

    • DunkData

      Great mock trade. Although I agree it’s a win for ATL, I’m less confident that Golden State and New Orleans would make their deals…

      There’s no doubt Huerter adds long-term value for the Dubs and I suppose Dedmon could be their McGee-type big, but it’s the No. 4 pick that may cause GS to reject the trade:

      While there’s (always) talent to be found throughout the 1st round, I feel strongly that this year’s draft is as top-heavy as it’s been in recent years. That’s Wiseman, Edwards and Ball (not necessarily in that order). Now GS’s draft asset has considerably dropped in value, making it harder to find a suitor in a new deal.

      As far as NO goes, Ingram’s a star and I don’t see how they deal him anytime soon. Yes, they’re going to have to pay him… a lot. But they recognize just how hard it is to have a player like that (26 PPG, 6 RPG, 4 APG at 22) with his best ball still ahead of him. And of course there’s Zion who’s on his rookie deal.

      I suppose you believe anybody the Pels pick at No. 1 (in your case, Melo) can outperform BI. And yes, he’ll earn much less than BI’s next contract. But does that justify dumping a player of Ingram’s skill-set and potential? Also, how does Ball fit with Lonzo and Jrue? Is Jrue out? Do one of the Ball bros play 6th man? Are you using No. 1 pick to be a backup?

      Again, great trade proposal. This undoubtedly propels Atlanta from the NBA’s basement, but I feel it’s a less valuable trade for GS and NO.

      • x%sure

        Reddish/Ingram are a wild card. All three teams look better, but the Pels might win this… Reddish got squared away late, and Ingram is in a contract year and is too skinny for durability. Let’s say I have doubts about him, and it would be smart to target Reddish if the Hawks have doubts about him!

        In general though, teams do not like trading their young players so that big of a trade has a big obstacle.

  4. Skip, Tampa

    Hawks should trade Huerter, Reddish, 2020 1st swap for Buddy Heild, plus Kings best
    2020 2nd round pick.
    Great deal for both teams.
    Smoking Hot backcourt with Young, Heild and Collins, Capella, Hunter to anchor the front court.
    Playoff City.

  5. Skip, Tampa

    Of course, it’s a Kings thing to self adjust.
    Maybe it’s something in the Sacramento water.
    Report for testing to EPA.

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