John Wall Declares Himself “110” Percent Healthy

Wizards guard John Wall hasn’t played in a game since December of 2018, but the former No. 1 overall pick has declared himself “110 percent” healthy, as he told local media, including Hoops Rumors, via a Zoom conference call today.

“I’m itching to get back out there,” said Wall (as I relayed on Twitter). The 29-year-old added that he’s still taking his time with rehab and getting himself into the “best possible shape.”

Wall, who launched a rent-assistance foundation which will help those impacted by COVID-19 in Southeast D.C., won’t return to the court this year regardless of how the league returns from hiatus. It’s not certain that he would even travel with the Wizards to Orlando if the team is invited to join a campus-like bubble at Walt Disney World. The five-time All-Star believes that the league will return in a safe-manner and if that can’t be assured, they will “stop the season and prepare for next year.”

Wall underwent surgery on his heel back in the 2018/19 season. He was expected to come back at some point during that campaign. However, he slipped and fell in February of 2019 while recovering and he ruptured his Achilles, which forced him to go under the knife yet again.

Things will be different from an on-court perspective once the nine-year veteran returns next season. The Wizards have gotten younger and running mate Bradley Beal has turned into a more complete star after being given the opportunity to run the show.

“I’m just focused on getting back out there and watching how Brad has developed, how our team has developed,” Wall said. “We have made changes in the organization to prepare ourselves for next season and see what we can do.”

Wall has three years left on his contract after this season, including a $47.37MM player option for the 2022/23 campaign. Beal’s deal runs concurrently with Wall’s and includes a player option for that same season. Washington remains committed to the Wall-Beal combo as the future of the franchise.

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12 thoughts on “John Wall Declares Himself “110” Percent Healthy

  1. Simmons>Russ

    47mil player option wow! That’s just crazy money

    There is no way even if John Wall is 110% ready and fit and returns back to be an all star player that he lives up to that contract.

    I’d definitely be looking at trading him for next to anything.

    Hos about a 3 team deal
    John Wall + Malik Monk > Knicks
    Zeller+Rozier+Harkless> Wizards
    Julius Randle+DSJ+Ntilikina+Bryant > Hornets

    Wizards get a decent starting 5 especially defensively and clear Walls ugly contract
    Rozier Beal Harkless Hachimura Zeller

    Knicks get a star and a PG plus they get to give Monk a chance while getting rid of a bunch of dead weight. Yes it does mean they don’t get the cap space but they don’t give up a pick to get a all star level player and John Wall is younger than CP3. Wall Barrett Knox Toppin Robinson that’s a decent young team

    Hornets get rid of Roziers deal and Monk and get to give DSJ and Ntilikina another chance. They get Bryant who has potential and is younger and cheaper than Zeller plus they get Randle.
    Graham Bridges Washington Randle Bryant
    With DSJ Ntilikina Martin Martin and McDaniels

    • king beas

      Better toss in every 1st rounder Washington owns to get rid of the wall contract. Hasn’t played since 2018 and is making over 40 mil each of the next 3 years

  2. Appalachian_Outlaw

    This just in: John Wall is returning with a bionic foot, hence the extra 10%! Just try guarding a man who can leap a mile off of one foot!

  3. Averagebro

    I can’t wait for Wall to get back on the court and watch all you assclowns who’ve made cornball jokes suddenly act like you were rooting for him all along.

    He earned the contract. He played through bone spurs until he no longer could. He’s a first class human being. He has won playoff series with this team, while never once playing alongside another All Star.

    He’ll be back and he’ll be fine.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Wall does seem to be a good dude. No argument there. Solid player, too.

      You said he’s never played alongside another all-star, though. Are you unfamiliar with Bradley Beal?

      • Averagebro

        Beal hasn’t been an All Star alongside a healthy Wall. Check the calendar, buddy.

        • x%sure

          It could be argued that Wall could keep a teammate from being an allstar. Even if so, things are different now, and old profiles may not fit. I think he’s been going to college, for whatever that experience is worth.

          Well Beal is wondering too!

          • Averagebro

            You could also (legitimately) argue that John has made life a lot easier for Beal by spoonfeeding him wide open 3’s. Look at Beal’s 3pt% the past two seasons when John hasn’t played.

            The list of guys John has spoon fed easy looks that resulted in them getting huge new contracts is too long to state here.

            Beal is unquestionably the better player at this time. How they coexist and play winning basketball is a legitimate concern but these two are basically brothers. They’ll figure it out.

            • x%sure

              What you said regarding Beal is also how Beal got the reputation he has, which I think kept him off one or two voted-upon honor-teams. Gortat may be in a similar boat, reputation-wise. That’s what I meant, but, given the players, maybe that would happen anyway.
              Well a new situation to figure out as you say.

    • El Don

      Sooo very true Averagebro!!! Sooo very true!!! Optimus dime is one of the best PG ever!

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