Knicks Notes: Ewing, Hayes, Facility, Nwora

Knicks legend Patrick Ewing would likely be a candidate in the search for a new head coach if Steve Mills hadn’t been fired as team president, writes Marc Berman of The New York Post. A source tells Berman that Mills contacted Ewing two years ago before hiring David Fizdale. Ewing had just finished his first season at Georgetown and wasn’t ready to consider leaving. He was not among the 11 candidates that Mills interviewed.

Berman suggests Ewing could be in play for a top assistant’s role under Tom Thibodeau, who is rumored to be the favorite to replace Mike Miller. Thibodeau spent four years as a Knicks assistant while Ewing was still playing.

The former NBA star doesn’t have the advantage of a prior relationship with new president of basketball operations Leon Rose like Thibodeau, Kenny Atkinson and John Calipari all do. Ewing was represented by David Falk during his playing days. Still, he is believed to prefer the NBA over college basketball and Berman believes there’s a good chance he will eventually make his way to the Knicks.

There’s more this morning from New York:

  • French point guard Killian Hayes may be too similar to Frank Ntilikina for the Knicks to be interested, Berman adds in the same piece. Berman states that scouts are concerned about Hayes’ speed and he may be too much of a project to interest New York at No. 6, assuming the team stays there. He suggests Rose might be more willing to gamble on a scoring point guard like North Carolina’s Cole Anthony.
  • In a separate piece, Berman examines the benefits of the Knicks reopening their training facility, even though they won’t be part of the group resuming the season in Orlando. It will give their players a location where they can work out safely with minimal risk of being exposed to the coronavirus. Most of the team’s players left the New York area during the shutdown, but Taj Gibson and Maurice Harkless remained and Mitchell Robinson has returned. A source tells Berman it’s “a long shot” that the Knicks’ season will continue.
  • Louisville forward Jordan Nwora, an early entrant in this year’s draft, tells Adam Zagoria of Forbes that he has participated in Zoom calls with about 20 teams, including the Knicks (Twitter link). Nwora is projected to be taken in the second round, and New York has two second-round picks.
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19 thoughts on “Knicks Notes: Ewing, Hayes, Facility, Nwora

  1. acarneglia

    I’d love to see Ewing get the HC job with the Knicks. I really wanted him as our HC here in Charlotte, although the Borrego hire has been a good fit so far.

    • @nbabrothers

      I would rather we hire him as an assistant. I don’t think he’s ready to be hc for the toughest coaching job in the NBA. There are too many variables. As an assistant he would be able to learn from a Tom Thibedou or whomever we hire.
      What format or style of coaching does Ewing have? Focus on offense or on defense, trapping defense, etc. it’s important we know what type of coach we hire and what to expect.

  2. Sillivan

    If Warriors get top 3 picks, Warriors will trade the pick. They are not interested in any avail young players from Knicks

    What should Knicks trade up for top 3 and get Ball?

    6th pick and 2021 top 3 protected?

    • I give no fox

      Not sure about the protections. I imagine it would mimic the Dallas/Atlanta deal from a few years ago that involved luka and young. That was a 3/5 swap

  3. Sillivan

    In February Knicks offered 2021 protected pick for DLo, but Warriors believe Knicks can win more games than Wolves next year ……

    • @nbabrothers

      I don’t understand your reply. You wrote Warriors believe Knicks can win more?

      • Sillivan

        Win more games = chance to top picks gets less

        Let’s say Knicks Win 38 games and make the playoffs,Wolves win 18 games, are the worst team in the west, worse than Suns and Kings

        • El Don

          Man the T’wolves are gonna the playoffs next year, you heard it here first! Mark it in your book & you’ll see it happening!

  4. metsie1

    Things haven’t exactly gone great for Ewing at Georgetown. The Knicks should be looking for a development coach. They are going to have a lot of young unproven players for the foreseeable future. Maybe in a couple of years and Ewing is interested and has proven himself as a Coach maybe they revisit. He’s got a job so no need right now.

  5. mlbnyyfan

    Why would Ewing leave a head coaching job to be an assistant. I know the NBA is better obviously than college but could it be considered only a lateral move college head coach to assistant NBA.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Failure of Knicks management. Could of signed DR as FA. Instead signed Portis, Ellington, Bullock, Taj. Then offered the future in trade in Feb. If that doesn’t explain ineptitude. I don’t know what does. So K Hayes is a nice talent. But he is yrs away from playing. And as we’ve seen how development is done here. It’s probably not a wise choice. Hayes IMO will be better than Frank, Cole, Ball. He has size and savvy. Will be more if scorer than Halliburton. But it will take 3-4 yrs. And that’s in the right situation. Halliburton helps us now. He probably can work his way into starting. Half way thru season. Frank or Payton would be solid backups. We don’t need both. Build their value and DSJ. And we can get value in trade for both.
    Ball is overrated. You need to get off that. He may become a descent player. But it will be at SG and probably as sixth man. I rather have Lonzo. Lonzo could be First all D team. And top 3 in assists. But you don’t want either in a big market. Cause the frame of the family. Stay away …..
    Love Patrick, my favorite Knick with Clyde. He’s better off staying in college. Can do more and keep his sanity. This is a tough situation for him to come into. I would never go against Patrick. If Patrick is 100% he wants this. Then I would support him. This a rebuild and needs development of young talent. Needs someone who knows the good and bad on NY. Can deal with Dolan and media. I would hate to see Patrick end like Phil. I would stay away. If he wants this. I got his back.

          • andremets

            Took be a moment to figure out who DR was too. Too hard to write DLo I guess.

            I’m sure if the Knicks could have gotten DLo in free agency, they would of. In case you forgotten, you have to convince free agent to want to sign. DLo wanted to play within the Warriors system. I seem to recall the Wolves offered him $10m more than the Warriors but I might have it backwards. The Knicks only pivoted to all the power forwards after all the major free agents like Kemba and Tobias said no.

  7. mlbnyyfan

    Maybe Derrick Rose. I didn’t want him back. I would of signed Doc Rivers as coach

    • x%sure

      You would HAVE signed Dumb Retread

      Why a big deal over Ewing anyway? NY (or generally, any NBA team) deserves proven talent for HC.

  8. Simmons>Russ

    I think Jordan Nowra will be a really solid 3 and D player and could be a late first.
    Him and Isiah Stewart would be good late picks for the Celtics

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