Knicks Targeting Thibodeau As Head Coach

The Knicks will soon begin the process of hiring a new head coach and Tom Thibodeau tops their wish list, The Athletic’s Shams Charania and Mike Vorkunov report. Former Nets coach Kenny Atkinson is also likely to be interviewed, according to the report.

The front office is hoping to make a decision in the next few weeks.

Interim coach Mike Miller is still in the running for the job, The Athletic duo adds. Miller has left a strong impression on new president of basketball operations Leon Rose and is expected to receive an interview. Miller would coach out the remainder of a resumed season, if the Knicks are part of it, and would likely be given the chance to remain with the franchise in some coaching capacity even if he doesn’t get the full-time gig.

Thibodeau, the former Bulls and Timberwolves coach, has been considered a prime candidate for the job for months and the latest report confirms that notion. Thibodeau compiled a 352-246 record in seven-plus seasons with his previous two teams.

The Nets surprisingly parted ways with Atkinson in early March with the injury-riddled team at 28-34 and holding a playoff spot. He had an overall record of 118-190 (.383) in nearly four full seasons.

The timetable for the coaching search and final choice for the opening could be impacted by the NBA’s decision on which teams return to play and when the season would restart.

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44 thoughts on “Knicks Targeting Thibodeau As Head Coach

  1. chiefivey

    would be good for RJ barret. i just hopethe knicks hire an offensive assistant coach

  2. kingcong95

    As we say at House Bulls, if you’re not mortally wounded, you can still play 48 minutes.

  3. Redmobb7

    Good luck .. now he’s going to sign Kirk Heinrich, luol deng, Noah & boozer

    • stevep-4

      Don’t forget to phone Nate Armstrong. He could also play for the Jets when the Knicks are off.

  4. wagner13

    Why not give Miller a shot? He seemed to be handling the team well despite the constant state of chaos in the front office and general lack of roster talent

  5. Skip, Tampa

    Big Tom may have a complete rehap of his previous hard core ways and could work.
    Just think it would be very difficult to pass on getting Atkinson if he’s even willing to interview in NY.
    Miller might be a good choice for the #1 Assistant.
    Dark Horse, Rockets coach.

  6. Appalachian_Outlaw

    Why on Earth would they want Thibs? He burns his teams out. That’s going to end poorly.

  7. Sillivan

    After signing Harrell and Van Vleet
    Use 40 million MLE to sign 8th man

    Back court
    Ball, Van Vleet,Barrett

    Front court
    Harrell,Robinson, Randle

    Use future pick to trade for a 7th man

  8. Sillivan

    Deducting from Wolves career,Tom is a great coach

    Miller to become Rockets coach,good cost saving for Rockets

  9. nentwigs

    Thibodeau is overrated.
    He had talent with the Bulls, couldn’t take it all the way.
    He bombed in Minny.
    Giant misstep for the Knicks.
    Starters will burn out.
    Bench will become frustrated, complain, and leave.

  10. imindless

    When will people realize he isn’t a good coach? Literally wears down players till they are mulch (deng,Rose,Noah, Gibson, etc.) terrible winning percent outside of a few seasons with prime mvp rose.

    • stevep-4

      Yeh, that terrible .560 career winning percentage, including the average being brought down by the T Wolves, who got their only playoff appearance since KG with Thibodeau. He is a good tactician, and his teams have a strong personality. That is about all you can ask from a coach, other than winning, which he has done consistently.

  11. mlbnyyfan

    Why is it time and time again Mark Jackson never considered. Thibs a big mistake on a rebuilding team. The Nets should consider him

    • tomjoadsghost

      I’d love Jackson in Brooklyn. The entertainment value of those combustible personalities together would be great.

    • x%sure

      GSW hiring Jackson preceded their dynastic status out of nowhere. He can be considered to have transferable “luck” in that there are likely to be reasons for him advancing a rise… or he could be called a good-luck charm, as irrational as that sounds.

      At any rate, once hired, a reasonably successful HC should get a second chance somewhere. Not necessarily a third chance because being called a retread is worse than being called a good luck charm!

      • Agreed I would think Mark Jackson would deserve a second chance, but on his way out he really did not handle that well.

        Hey I’m a Christian and I’m a bold outspoken one at that. But not everybody is on board with the things I believe in and you can’t cram it down people’s throat, nor alienate co-workers that are anti God and anti Jesus and don’t want to hear it.

        The Christian thing to do is say, “hey fair enough. I love you and so be it. I’m here if you need me but let’s work together and whatever you need I’ll do it for you. You before me.” Not be abrasive and ban people from practice or let pride get in your way. But life is a learning process and we all make mistakes. But that’s the reason Mark Jackson is not coaching.

        • x%sure

          Surely his next contract would address this… or his agent, or his minister, or he who sayeth to light a single candle.

    • Decius

      Please no Mark Jackson. The Knicks need guidance, not a sermon. Stay in the booth, Mark.

      • Well let’s remember the warriors were his first coaching job. I’d like to think he’s learned from that experience. There’s plenty of examples of guys who didn’t do so well first go-around.

        I think he’s knowledgeable, and he sure brought the Warriors from awful to the playoffs. I give him that is an incredible accomplishment. Respectability to the franchise.

  12. KnickerbockerAl

    Jackson, Atkinson, Thibs in that order. All three have something to prove. All three understand the Beast is NY. All are proven. Considering we are rebuilding. I stick with my order of choice. Keep Miller on bench. Be nice to have new coach for draft.

  13. richard dangler

    This is a great x & o coach. It would serve him well to be an assistant with the Spurs for one year to learn how to manage people.

    • Michael Chaney

      This is a fair point. I personally think Thibs is incredibly overrated, but his skills managing players and people are definitely what he’s worst at so improving that could help. If he was in the NFL, he’d be a really good coordinator but a terrible head coach.

      • stevep-4

        He was the guard whisperer with the Bulls, kept bringing in failed guys on min contracts and turning their careers around, and usually they fell back to earth after getting paid somewhere else. He is an astute analyst of player’s strengths and weaknesses, and runs solid, if short, rotations that get the results he intends. With the guys the Knicks have right now, he could improve their record by 20 to 25 games, and if they get him some real talent, who knows? He deserves to get back in the league, he is certainly better than George Karl, who is trying to get back in now and has ruined as many careers as Thibs has revived.

        • El Don

          Meh, George Karl is a legend, make no mistake about it! Thibs… not so much, probably he is only good in his own head, right?

  14. mlbnyyfan

    Sillivan I keep preaching for Knicks to get Beal, Booker, or Lillard. All 3 considered or close to being a top 10 player.

  15. Sillivan

    Dear Knicks,please sign Both Harrell and. VanVleet,then make trade later

  16. KnickerbockerAl

    Harrell and VanVleet aren’t doing anything for Knicks. Chemistry is the biggest thing for any team. We don’t even know who is staying or going yet. Stay fo focused on the rebuild. We have young talent here. We have young talent we need to develop and trade. Raise their value. We have young talent coming from draft. Portis, Taj, Ellington. Harkless all are probably going. Seems Knicks want to move Randle. So we still need to see this rebuild thru. This yr should clear up a lot. If we trade for star. It has to be a young one, under 30. Or if we build the young talent. Gave vets that can help push along the rebuild. Not just spend the money, like last yr. Only to see what we got here. Is to play them. Stay the course on Rebuild.

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