Pacific Notes: Bagley, Hield, Kaminsky, Suns

Trading Marvin Bagley III might be a prudent move for the Kings, Richard Ivanowski of the Sacramento Bee contends in a piece that looks at a hypothetical trade for each player on the team. While he acknowledges that Sacramento is unlikely to consider such a move, Ivanowski pitches the idea of sending Bagley to the Wizards for their 2020 first-rounder (Washington is currently ninth in our Reverse Standings) and Thomas Bryant.

Bagley, who was the No. 2 overall pick in the 2018 draft, hasn’t been able to stay healthy since coming into the league. That, coupled with the presence of Richaun Holmes, could make Sacramento more comfortable with moving on from the 21-year-old, Ivanowski writes.

Here’s more from the Pacific Division:

  • Buddy Hield has been the subject of some trade speculation, and Ivanowski believes that dealing him to the Magic for Aaron Gordon would be a solid move for the Kings (same piece). Sacramento could pair the 24-year-old with Harrison Barnes as the team’s starting forwards.
  • Suns big man Frank Kaminsky isn’t too concerned with the logistics of the NBA’s return; he just hopes to be able to participate now that he’s healthy, as Gina Mizell of The Athletic passes along. “I’ll go to Saturn to play basketball at this point,” Kaminsky said. “I’ll go pretty much anywhere. You tell me where to be and I’ll be there, ready to play.”
  • The Suns hold a $5MM team option on Kaminsky for 2020/21 and the former No. 9 overall pick said the team hasn’t really discussed it with him, as Mizell adds in the same piece. “Obviously, I really like it here,” Kaminsky said. “I really like this staff. … I’d really like to be back, but that’s something that’s gonna have to be talked about once everything (with the rest of this season is) figured out.”
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25 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Bagley, Hield, Kaminsky, Suns

  1. Sillivan

    Bad trade for Kings

    Both Gordon and Barnes can’t shoot

    Next season 3 west worst teams
    13 Suns
    14 Kings
    15 Wolves, no defense

  2. Simmons>Russ

    Keep Heild and Bagley for now but trade Harrison Barnes for Al Horford, Zhaire Smith and a second round pick

    They liked him when he was on the Celtics and offered him good money but he signed with the Sixers. They biggest issue on the court is defence and Horford would plus the centre position they have struggled to fill since Cousins left. He’s a solid defender and because he can shoot well he wouldn’t clog the lane for Fox and would draw to many players in on Bagley.
    Bagley would learn a lot of having a veteran mentor like Horford who could help improve Bagleys defence and shooting.

    Plus trading Barnes opens up the 3 position for Bogdanovic who can come straight into the line up. From their they can explore trading Heild or Bagley if they want but I think Fox playmaking, Heild shooting, Bagley being athletic and dominating plus Horford being a good two way bet makes this team a lot better.

    It’s worth mentioning the Kings have 3 second round picks and with this deal they would have 4. They could use them to trade up and get another first or two, or simply keep them and add some young depth.
    Maybe trade 4 seconds to the Celtics for 2 of their 3 first round picks to add to their 1 first round pick. 3 first plus Smith plus Horford and losing Barnes would be a solid offseason

    • 4thlegacy

      4 second round picks will not get 2 first rounders from the celtics. that’s just silly. Or did you mean to say kings 4 2nd round picks for the celtics 2nd 1st round pick that might feasible if the celtics are hard up for bodies

    • I give no fox

      Why do the sixers make this trade? Barnes doesn’t fit that team. If they trade horford, which I doubt they will because his value is in the toilet, it would be to open space up for Tobi at the 4. Barnes would not be a good fit with tobi, not to mention Barnes is a league average player. It would be moronic for the sixers to trade for his contract since the only way they can improve is via trade. His contract is an albatross, 20 million for Barnes is crazy and that deal has 2-3 years left on it. Hard pass from the sixers

      • phillyballers

        You would play Barnes at the 3, Tobias at the 4. An overpaid 3 and D guy yes. But hed only be 28. Not like hes 34. That’s the logic.

        Trading just for Barnes does not make sense for the Sixers though. They have to swing a trade that puts them into immediate contention for coming out of the East.

        They would need to do a Horford, Richardson, Scott, Smith + (2) 1sts for Hield and Barnes. Gives them the shooters they need to go with Simmons and a 3&D. Embiid, Tobi, Barnes, Hield, Simmons is a good unit.

        If the Kings are committed to Walton, Hield is gone. Now they should be looking at building around Fox, MB3, and Bogdan. Selling high on Holmes. They would be able to use the additional picks as ammo to get ‘Walton’s guys ‘ via trades. A stretch-5 along MB3 would be idea, Kevin Love to usher along the young core. Once they pay Bogdan, Fox, and MB3 they are stuck with relying on the draft to improve so they have to make any significant move within the next 2 years or move 1 of the 3.

        • I give no fox

          How does that make the sixers better? Barnes is not a great defender, he is average at best. He started out as a solid defender but hasn’t been one in 3 years, according to the numbers. It’s a stretch to call him a 3-D player. Hield needs shots to be successful, he won’t get many of those in philly as the 3rd-4th option. The sixers need a sniper from the outside for sure, but I don’t think hield will be happy in that role. Adding two firsts to that offer is insanity. This would deplete the little depth the sixers have, and it may not even move the needle. Hield is better than jrich but horford is better than Barnes and adding the little depth they have plus 2 1st round picks makes building a title contender very difficult

        • Simmons>Russ

          I think Barnes would definitely be a better fit as he can play the 3 and Tobi moves into the 4 spot.
          Barnes is a better 3 point shooter than Horford and would be the teams best 3 point shooter out of its starting 5. He would also be a solid wing defender.
          Horford was slow guarding the 4 spot and Harris was also abit big time guard the 3 spot now they have Barnes who can guard the wing easily and Harris takes the 4 spot which suits him well.

          Between Ben Harrison and Joel your going to be good against guards wings and bigs.
          Plus like you said Barnes is an overpaid 3 and D wing but he’s cheaper than Horford and like 7 years younger. Plus his contract reduces by 2 mil every season which is great.

          I also agree if you could somehow strike a deal with Horford and JRich plus picks and stuff for Barnes and Heild then that’s amazing. Heild would be a much better fit than JRich and adds even more shooting but I think that’s unlikely to happen cause I think the kings would rather send Heild somewhere else for more.

          Either way getting rid of Horford would be a great move and getting in Barnes I think would surprise people by being exactly what the Sixers need to unlock Ben and improve our record by a few more wins

          • El Don

            Hard to say when all the statistics show Horford was this year the much, very much better player, & for the last year Horford is only 14MM team option, I’d rather keep him, J-Rich is one of the best 2G defenders & a good shooter, Hield is one of the best shooters, no defence at all, so I think they are extremely different but of similar value, can’t see anything but Philly loosing with this trade.

            • Simmons>Russ

              Horford vs Barnes, Horford wasnt much better.
              Horford was 12-7-4 shooting 44-34-75.
              Barnes was 15/5/2.5 shooting 46-38-80.
              They also both took 11 shots.

              So Barnes put up more points on the same amount of shots and was quite a bit better from 3 and the line.
              Yes Horford gives you more rebounds and assists but those are really unnecessary in the Sixers system considering they have a while team of good rebounders and his extra assists just show he had more touches that could’ve gone to other players.
              Barnes doesn’t demand the ball and can easily play a catch and shoot role which is what the Sixers need they don’t need Horford slowing things down and getting touches.

              Lastly as for JRich vs Heild, I think JRich is good cause his contract and his role as a playmaker and good defender but Heild would be a better fit because of his shooting. Yes you wouldn’t be as good defensively but Ben Barnes and Joel are all very solid defenders and he would be joining a much better defensive team. On the Kings who do they have that’s good defensively (no one really, aside from Barnes). So him being in a better system he would look better because he’s playing with better but either way it doesn’t mind me JRich or Heild. JRich is solid and cheap

              • El Don

                I mean if you check all advanced stats PER, VORP, BPM, on/off, DPM… every single one of them Horford comes out much better than Barnes, so it is unquestionable that right now Horford is the better player, although I agree that sadly his pairing with Embiid hasn’t work as well as I thought it would, so I think a trade could be good for both parts… but Philly can do better than swapping a star player for a Mr average Joe, right? For example, RoCo, Mikal Bridges, Taurean Prince-Waller, OPJ, Willie Burton…. fit better & are much better players without needing a huge role, anyway my thoughts.

                • I give no fox

                  Finally, someone not on Harrison Barnes’ or the kings’ payroll. Harrison Barnes is literally league average, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

    • The Celtics need 4 raw second round rookies like they need a hole head.

      You must have one yourself, if you think they would do that trade.

  3. x%sure

    Too early to trade Bagley, and Bagley is like Rui who also needs to get a game. And the Magic will get better offers for Gordon as they already have Fournier & Ross.
    Besides that, lovely… SAC & ORL will get offers since they kind of have to move someone, and a returning Wall may disapprove of Bryant.

  4. Wouldn’t give up 9 for Bagley, can’t stay healthy and takes minutes from Rui.

    Aaron Gordon’s fine, but I still struggle to see what the hype is about him, other than he can dunk fancy.

  5. Sillivan

    76ers need to dump al Horford salary and not take back any salary
    It’s called vision
    It’s about future

    Nobody is going to take Barned

    • x%sure

      Nobody wants Horford’s contract either, or Eric Gordon’s, unless… bad is traded for bad. Bad does not draw good. Seeing things from only side means not getting that. The key is not giving huge contracts to players past their peak.

  6. Sillivan

    Suns and Kings have assets to trade for all stars and make playoffs next year

    Option 1
    Trade for all star

    Option 2
    Take Horford bad contract

  7. Sillivan

    A few reporters proposed Horford for Eric Gordon trade

    As long as you are able to help Rockets cut costs, it’s a good trade

    Rockets goal is to cut costs , hopefully 10 million each year

    • El Don

      You do realize that to compete you need to spend more not cut costs, right? GSW, HOU, PHI… all of them are championship teams now, they must spend more, lux tax is for winning teams!

  8. El Don

    Kaminsky is the man, he would do anything & go anywhere to play ball… maybe Dame could learn a bit of humility from him, right?

  9. bitterpadresfan

    Barnes isn’t that bad. Overpaid for sure but he is a great defender and plays smart offense. What would he get as a free agent in a normal year? 15 or 16 maybe?

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