Pacific Notes: Hield, Wiggins, Harrell, Vassell

The Kings will likely give Buddy Hield the opportunity to bounce back next season rather than explore trades, James Ham of NBC Sports Bay Area. Hield’s four-year, $106MM extension kicks in next season and even though he lost his starting job this season, his shooting ability is not easily replaced. Sacramento has invested heavily in Hield’s development, though economic issues created by the pandemic could change the team’s approach.

We have more from around the Pacific Division:

  • The Warriors didn’t acquire Andrew Wiggins from the Timberwolves with the intention of flipping him for another star player, according to Anthony Slater of The Athletic. While they will aggressively pursue trades for Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bradley Beal and other All-Stars, they anticipate Wiggins being their starting small forward next season, Slater adds.
  • The Clippers would be better off trying to re-sign Marcus Morris and Reggie Jackson rather than giving big money to unrestricted free agent Montrezl Harrell, Jovan Buha of The Athletic opines. Harrell’s role won’t expand in the future the way the current roster is constructed. The lack of other two-way wings in the 2020 free agent class makes Morris more valuable, while Jackson could get more playing time in Los Angeles going forward after an impressive stretch before the stoppage of play.
  • Wing Devin Vassell of Florida State would be an ideal building block for the Kings as a late lottery selection, Richard Ivanowski of the Sacramento Bee argues. Vassell is the best team defender in the draft class, an above-average perimeter shooter and has a high motor, Ivanowski adds. Vassell is currently ranked No. 16 overall by ESPN.
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31 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Hield, Wiggins, Harrell, Vassell

  1. Simmons>Russ

    Not a lot of teams have much cap space and not a lot of contending teams need a 4/5 that predominantly plays in the paint.
    However I do like Harrell to the Heat, I think culture wise and locker room wise he fits in perfectly and would be a great piece.
    On the court he would fit nicely with Bam becoming more of a playmaker and shooter Harrell would have space to work down low.

    I think because of the weak market the Heat could get him for a bargain price too.
    Something like 3 years 45mil (15mil a year), if you release Myers Leonard you basically have enough cap space. Plus you don’t lose any shooting having Kelly Olynyk still as your stretch 4/5.

    1. Nunn. Dragic
    2. Butler. Herro
    3. Robinson. Iggy
    4. Harrell. Crowder
    5. Adebayo. Olynyk

    • phillyballers

      I didn’t realize they did an extend & trade with Iggy. That’s such a waste of 15M. They have Bam, no need for Harrell. The bigs they’ll chase will be shooters – Gallinari, Millsap, Morris, Bertans. If they were to bring in a more traditional big, I could see Gasol on a 1 year deal.

      • formerlyz

        If the Heat could somehow get Millsap and Gasol, that would be an incredible fit, but I would seriously doubt the possibility of that. I also think the Clippers will end up with Gasol, but that’s just something I’ve thought since last year

        • phillyballers

          I thought they were in cap hell, but they only have ~77M guaranteed without holds. They have the money to pay a little more than the Clippers, depending on where the cap falls. Clippers probably will only have the exceptions to use.

      • Simmons>Russ

        No way they get Bertans he will be to expensive, I could seem them going for Gallo they liked him and tried to trade for him. I can’t see Gasol coming as he is a 5 and Bam plays the 5.

        Millsap I think would be good on a 1 year deal as he can defend and shoot. But I think Harrell does have a chance, he suits that culture and team so well.

        I think Gallo is the main target but after him it should be Millsap on a 1 year deal or Harrell.

        • formerlyz

          I dont think theyd be able to get Gasol for multiple reasons, but I liked the potential fit of a Joakim Noah before he signed with the Clippers right before the pandemic.

    • Luckylefty2

      You’re suggesting the heat have bam and trez play together? What is this 2002 ?

      • Simmons>Russ

        Have you ever seen Bam play? He shoots 3’s plays at the top of the key, he often runs the plays like a point guard. Harrell is a paint beast and they would be solid together

        • Luckylefty2

          I live in florida buddy. First of all bam was 7.7% front he 3pt line this season so just cause he shoots them doesnt mean he can make them. The heat surround bam with shooting Where will the spacing be if they add harrell?

    • The Human Rain Delay

      I really wish they didnt take on IGGY

      Love Harrell with that team…but kinda love him on any team- Think he will draw more like a 4/68 though – I think many players will suffer on the market but Harrell will get his

      • Simmons>Russ

        But what contending team has the cap space and what team needs a undersized night that doesn’t shoot.
        GSW Lakers Clippers Nuggets Jazz Rockets all won’t be interested. Raptors Sixers Bucks Pacers all not interested.
        Nets Celtics Mavs Blazers all with no cap space.

        Heat makes sense, have the money but not a lot and he suits that teams culture perfectly

        • The Human Rain Delay

          I think Harrell fits on every team in the current NBA tbh

          Cap can always be cleared via trade but yea theres no much out there right now-

          Heres the thing with MIA…I really think they want to keep 2022 open for a max so I dont see them signing Harrell unless its on a big 1 year deal and I dont see that- Cant argue the fit though just a tad skepitcal,,,,no doubt they have 2022 at the forefront

    • formerlyz

      I still hate the trade, despite having always been a big fan of Iguodala and Crowder…I think Milsap would be a perfect fit, if they could get him

  2. ThePeople'sElbow

    Slater is a hack. Surprised he hasn’t moved to NJ yet. Thought he’d pull a Windhorst and make a career out of following KD around.

    How would the Dubs obtain Beal or Giannis without inlcuding Wiggings for salary purposes. Steph and Klay ain’t going anywhere and I don’t think the league appreciates Draymond Green’s value and his contract like the dubs do either. So???

    • It’s just all talk. You never come out and say, “hey Wiggins we’re going to trade you because we’re looking at improving our roster.”That never happens.

      “You’re the guy we’re going to build on, we need you” Etc because if they don’t make a deal they WILL need him !!

  3. afsooner02

    Buddy has his struggles at times but he is still the best SG on the kings. I dunno if he is worth 4/106 but the kings lack of success is more from their bigs lack of production than the guards. Fox and Hield are worth building around. Bagley and Barnes and Len leave a lot to be desired.

  4. phillyballers

    If the Kings do end up shopping Buddy. Sixers should be doing all they can to get him. They have limited options available to them in the trade market.

    Hield & Sexton would be my top targets.

    Kings don’t know what they’re doing anyway so it’s doable.

    • The Human Rain Delay

      Barnes +Heild+ 2 1st for Embiid + 2 2nds

      Philly plays small w/ Ben at point forward and gets the 2 picks- Barnes, while overpayed a bit still fits that team well

      Would be a real athletic 8 or 9 and thats without counting any 1st rders-

      Simmons Horford as fixtures and a bunch of combos rotating in fresh and off running

      Philly would probably have to add a money contract back/nobody too significant

      Feel something big has to be done there, cashing Joel right now might be the play considering Horford is almost unmovable- Free agency isnt an option for a while so all those firsts (w/Phillys own as well) can hopefully supplement an already young athletic core

      • Simmons>Russ

        You ever heard of the salary cap?
        Cause Barnes and Heild cost 46mil next year..

        • The Human Rain Delay

          Para 5 I didnt exclude that (Tricky part)…. Yes they have to get aaround another 9 mill off to make it work…. Scott makes sense but hes a good value

          • Simmons>Russ

            Scott is also only 5 mil, Zhaire Smith is only 3.5mil so it would have to be JRich which is way to valueable

      • phillyballers

        They arent trading Embiid. Any trade they do this offseason involves Horford, Scott, Zhaire and/or draft picks. Horford isn’t unmovable. His contract isn’t that high, it’s less than rookie max level, and the last year is only 14.5M guaranteed.

        • The Human Rain Delay

          Just dont see them getting value for Horford- Hell they might have to take on a bad contract just to get him away

          Personall I think Embiid is overated and id try and move him for FULL value

  5. The Human Rain Delay

    The Warriors didn’t acquire Andrew Wiggins from the Timberwolves with the intention of flipping him for another star player….

    I think we heard the same exact words with D Angelo

    Anybody trusting a word lil Stevie says anymore is a fool

      • Wiggins fits GSW better than D’lo. D’lo plays no defense at least Wiggins can play a little defense. GSW do not need the scoring that D’lo brings they needed more size and rebounding that wiggins can bring on the wing. Meyers found out quickly waht a mistake D’lo was for the team.

    • bdpecore

      Considering Wiggins contract makes his value a squarely in the red, I don’t see how he can be the centerpiece of any trade for a star player unless they included a king’s ransom of future firsts and pick swaps like the Clippers did for PG13 which I cannot see since a team like Milwaukee isn’t looking to go into full rebuild mode.

    • hiflew

      The difference is that Russell played the same position as Klay. The Warriors were never going to keep 3 starting guards. Wiggins is a SF though. If they traded him, they would still need a SF. Now it is conceivable that he would be paired with their 1st in order to acquire a SF and a big man.

      I think there best bet would be to use their first rounder (and their Iggy exception) to trade for Myles Turner of the Pacers. If they win the lotto, trade the #1 for Turner and the Pacers #1 and a future #1 as well. If they fall in the lotto to between 2-5, just trade it for Turner and the Pacers #1. It would help the Pacers by getting a solid prospect as opposed to the usual mid 1st bench fodder. Plus, Turner has been passed by Sabonis.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Warriors are in a great position. Wiggins should fit better than Russell. Will Warriors bring out the best in him? We’ll see. Depends what they do with draft. If they keep Wiggins. I think he will play at least first half.

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