Poll: 2020 All-Rookie First Team

The NBA’s usual award season is in flux in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Under normal circumstances, the regular season would be over by this point and voting would have taken place on the league’s major awards. This year, however, it’s unclear if or when the season will resume after being suspended in March, creating uncertainty about whether players will get any more regular season games to make their cases for award consideration, and about when voting will take place.

Resolving end-of-season awards is hardly the most pressing concern facing the NBA, but while we wait for further updates on the fate of the ’19/20 season, we might as well pass the time with some award-related speculation.

Last month, we asked you to vote on the 15 players who deserved spots on the 2020 All-NBA teams. Now, we’re shifting our focus to the league’s two All-Rookie squads.

While an All-Rookie berth is a less prestigious honor than a spot on an All-NBA team, All-Rookie debates among fans can get heated. After all, clubs like the Knicks, Hornets, or Cavaliers have no chance of getting a player on this year’s All-NBA teams, so fans can focus on making their cases for the likes of RJ Barrett, P.J. Washington, Darius Garland, or Kevin Porter as All-Rookie players.

Additionally, unlike All-NBA voting, All-Rookie teams don’t adhere to positional limits, which means voters – and fans – are free to pick the top 10 players, regardless of whether they’re guards, forwards, or centers. Not having to worry about those restrictions means we’re able to drill down on the question of which 10 rookies were the most valuable.

Do players like Barrett or Garland, who had major roles on lottery teams, deserve spots over guys like Terence Davis or Matisse Thybulle, who played smaller rotation roles and posted more modest numbers on playoff clubs? How about Zion Williamson? Is he a lock for the All-Rookie First Team despite only appearing in 19 games for the Pelicans this season?

You can make your picks below for the five players you believe are worthy of spots on the All-Rookie First Team. We’ve started with a field of 20 players, but if you feel like I’ve omitted anyone who deserves consideration, please mention them in the comments and I’ll add them to our list when we conduct our Second Team vote later this week.

Vote for your All-Rookie First Team below (choose five players), then take to the comment section to explain your choices!

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9 thoughts on “Poll: 2020 All-Rookie First Team

  1. x%sure

    There are about 10 rookies who deserve a spot, but not RJBarrett, who is 4th right now! This list is for results, not potential. They have already been listed by potential in the draft.
    Brandon Clark apparently does not get enough exposure at Memphis, or gets overshadowed by Morant when the Griz are viewed.

  2. Tyler Herro is looking like the real deal. I had my doubts but he’s tough and can shoot. Nice pick Pat Riley.

  3. dust44

    Morant, Herro, Hachimura, Paschall, Williamson

    White, Porter Jr, Clark, Washington, Thybulle

    Don’t agree and never will with guys like Nunn and Michael Porter Jr being on rookie teams when there draft classes were the year before and they were hurt or in the G League there actual rookie years. They got the paycheck hurt/g league or whatever. Not a rookie.

    The Clark and Paschall debate in my head could of went either way. But I Paschall no real reason honestly. They r so close in my mind. Watching them both play and not going by stats. Different players style wise. But both solid role players.

  4. No way Barrett should be on the first team. Just getting the Knicks fans’ votes. Brandon Clarke needs to be on there with Ja, Zion, and Nunn. All are no-doubt first-teamers, IMO.

  5. Simmons>Russ

    Without positions makes this interesting

    1. Ja Morant
    2. Zion Williamson
    3. Kendrick Nunn
    4. Tyler Herro
    These guys are locks in this order
    5. Brandon Clarke
    6. Rui Hachimura
    7. RJ Barrett
    8. Eric Paschall
    9. Micheal Porter Jr
    10. Mattise Thybulle

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Zion didn’t play enough gms. He don’t deserve it. Morant, RJ, Nunn, Rui. Are only solid picks. There are 4 who could be fifth one. Can’t choose. Herro was hurt too. But I might lean to him. He played way more than Zion. Zion only played 19 gms. Sorry no way I can give it to him

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