Bulls Notes: Karnisovas, Boylen, Markkanen, LaVine

Even though rumors are heating up about possible replacements for Bulls coach Jim Boylen, new executive vice president of basketball operations Arturas Karnisovas indicated that the decision won’t be a quick one, writes K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago. As we relayed this morning, one report this week indicated that Sixers assistant Ime Udoka is the front-runner to replace Boylen, but Karnisovas said today on a conference call with reporters that many elements will play into the decision.

“Coaching in the league is very difficult. To make a decision about coaching is really hard. It’s probably the hardest thing for executives,” he said. “So I look at a lot of aspects. I’ve had numerous conversations. That said, I’d like to be in a building, to be in practices, to be around the coaching staff in meetings. We’re looking forward to getting in the video room together, analyze the games, to watch games together. Talking to players and coaches, obviously everyone is disappointed with the results last year. They (the Bulls) definitely underperformed. Watching games, I’m excited to watch because there’s a lot of talent on this team. In order for me to keep players and coaches accountable, I have to have personal relationships with them. That’s what I need to cultivate. That’s my objective this offseason.”

There’s more from Chicago:

  • Karnisovas said no more front office changes are planned, which means associate general manager Brian Hagen, assistant general manager Steve Weinman and director of pro personnel Jim Paxson will all be retained, Johnson adds in the same piece.
  • Karnisovas had frequent discussions with Lauri Markkanen during the hiatus and believes the third-year forward can turn things around after a disappointing season, Johnson notes in a separate story. Although Karnisovas didn’t address the topic in the conference call, Markkanen will be eligible for an extension when the offseason begins. “He’s eager to get back to the gym and improve,” Karnisovas said. “He was disappointed by the overall result (last season). Every player wants to win. He’s about winning, as well. Our objective is to get the best version of Lauri next year.”
  • Zach LaVine is disappointed that the Bulls weren’t able to qualify for the resumption of the season in Orlando, writes Eric Woodyward of ESPN. Chicago posted a 22-43 record before the shutdown — 11th in the East and eight games out of a playoff spot — which LaVine sees as an indication that bold steps must be taken to improve. “We weren’t even good enough to get to the play-in game,” he said, “so it’s upsetting and it just shows that we’ve got to do a lot of things differently to get ourselves that recognition to get to that spot.”
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19 thoughts on “Bulls Notes: Karnisovas, Boylen, Markkanen, LaVine

  1. Sillivan

    Knicks are in the better position than Bulls.

    Have to tank the next two seasons for top picks first.

    • windycitykid89

      The Knicks shouldn’t have a hard time tanking for top picks. They’ve been doing it for quite a while. Just need someone competent to actually build the team lol

  2. Afk711

    Coaching may be hard decisions, but in the Bulls case its an easy one. Boylen is clearly not the answer.

    • windycitykid89

      Yeah. It’s pretty much a done deal that Boylen is gone. Just waiting for the official news so we can all jump for joy here in Chicago

  3. Bull’s should be approaching Lauri with an extension and see if they can capitalize off crap season with low end deal. 3-5 years 30-55mil something along those lines. Why just play the “earn your worth” card so you can pay him later. A guy like Lauri prob wouldn’t want to lock in a deal now anyways, but I’d hope a discussion would be had

  4. Simmons>Russ

    I’ve liked the off the court moves they have made making a better staff but that doesn’t change the fact on the court they need work to get better.

    Other than Zach LaVine they don’t have much going for them. Anthony Davis someone who always talks about coming home and wanting to play in Chicago may they should plan to build a big 3 of LaVine Davis and make a trade in the mean time.

    I’d be thinking of 2 trades, firstly Thad Young and Coby White for Terry Rozier and a second round pick. The second, Wendell Carter Jr and 2 seconds for Jarrett Allen.

    Then next season you’d have Rozier LaVine Porter Markeneen Allen and the season after you try bring in AD using Porters expiring deal.
    That’s first group might be close to a playoff team if your lucky…
    Rozier is a kinda dog like PG than can shoot and score and be good defensively. Allen for Carter Jr is a kinda sideways move but it makes sense for AD. Carter Jr said he wants to try move from C to PF and AD has said he wants to be a PF not a C. Allen is a solid centre and would mean AD doesn’t need to play much minutes at C.

    Having Rozier LaVine … AD Allen with Markeneen a stretch big off the bench would be a solid team in the east

    • itsgreene

      Absolutely no reason to trade Coby white. He has a much higher ceiling then Rozier. Bulls are better off keeping Lavine and White together and then try and figure Lauri out and what to do with Wendell. A higher draft pick would help like Ball Edwards or Wiseman.

      • Simmons>Russ

        So what the bulls keep bring in draft pick around 6-11. They aren’t a playoff team at all and then LaVine request a release cause he wants to win…
        Then your a even worse team.

        I’m saying Instead of doing that the best okay they have at getting good quick is through AD and he’s not joining a trash team. Rozier LaVine Allen and AD that’s a playoff team and something interesting

        • I dont think ad will coming home.he need a ring.so bulls can keep wcj.maybe bulls can make a trade with nola for jrue and bi.give them lavine,opj,markkanen.and maybe a pick.opj and markk have expiring contract.so next season nola have chance to sign gianis. Ball,lavine,gianis,zion,jaxon hayes..it will be a great team. Bulls draft haliburton.bulls team should be haliburton,jrue,ingram,thad young,wcj.coby is their 6th man.it will be a good defensive team.

        • tomjoadsghost

          No way. Rozier is getting paid. White is on Ellie contract. There is no value there for the Bulls. They don’t need to be “good “ next season. Not even GarPax would make that trade.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    What Bulls need most. Is a tue PG. Pass first run the team PG. I like their young talent. Markkanen is a nice young 4. He and LaVine May not mix though. Bulls should not pass on Halliburton or Hayes if there.

  6. Skip, Tampa

    Would love to see White and Markkanen on the Heat roster next year. If the Bulls are really ready to shop them.
    Bulls: Nunn, Olynik, 2020 1st round pick.
    Heat: White, Markkanen
    Looks good to me.

    • tomjoadsghost

      This would be a great trade… for the Heat. So the Bulls should trade 2 of their top 5 players for your trash? Come on.

    • x%sure

      The Bulls know best about Markkanon’s motivation. There is no way another FO can know more, so no reason to risk a trade. If the Bulls are offering, they know he’s on the way to Finland or wherever.

  7. Skip, Tampa

    You are talking Bull right ?
    Granted there is a new front office crew.
    Their first big player move will be interesting.
    Actually Nunn fits better next to LaVine than White does right now.

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