Latest On Klay Thompson’s ACL Recovery

The Warriors won’t play their next regular season game until December, but injured sharpshooter Klay Thompson continues to make major strides in his rehab from his ACL tear. According to Anthony Slater of The Athletic, Thompson recently received clearance to train without restrictions on his knee, and has been ramping up his workouts since then.

As Slater explains, Thompson has been running, jumping, dunking, and “doing just about everything you can do in an individual workout.” He has also been going through some 3-on-0 and 5-on-0 simulation drills at full speed.

However, given the current restrictions in place due to COVID-19, he won’t get a chance to participate in group workouts and scrimmages with teammates anytime soon, which will be a necessary step to make sure he’s game-ready.

According to Slater, the Warriors expect the NBA to allow the eight teams not involved in the Orlando restart to hold some form of offseason mini-camps in the coming months. If and when that happens, Thompson figures to fully participate — as will his veteran teammates who dealt with injuries of their own during the 2019/20 season.

“Oh yeah,” head coach Steve Kerr recently said when asked if Thompson, Stephen Curry, and Draymond Green would be required to take part in an offseason mini-camp. “100 percent. I would not consider this voluntary workouts. Obviously, these are really unique circumstances. But given that we would be staring at a nine-month break, to be perfectly honest, I’d be shocked if any one of those three guys said to me, ‘No, I don’t want the work.’ They all know they need the work. We need the work. So they’ll be there.”

Thompson has been sidelined since tearing his ACL in the final game of the 2019 NBA Finals, last June 13. He had long been ruled out for the 2019/20 season, with the expectation that he’d target training camp – or perhaps the 2020 Tokyo Olympics – for his return. With the Olympics and the start of next season both postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Thompson has a longer runway to get back to 100% before his next game.

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26 thoughts on “Latest On Klay Thompson’s ACL Recovery

  1. KnickerbockerAl

    Warriors are in good place. But it’s hard to pinpoint. Which way they will move. The draft, Wiggins, 18 mill trade exception. When draft is settled. We know when they pick, who they pick. It will tell a lot. How they approach the season. We know they will build team to compete for championship. We’ll have to wait till draft to see how. I think they trade pick.

    • They will not keep the pic. Whoever they choose it will be for another team in trade.

    • No thanks and I’m a warrior fan. I don’t trade Klay Thompson. And I’m hesitant to trade Draymond Green. You’ll have a tough time finding a better deal then this year’s number one, two number ones next year and Wiggins.

    • You keep this current core together and see if you can add a strong piece to make another run for two or three years. Wiggins might be that strong piece and just roll with it. He’s a very good ball player and has a lot of ability on the wing. He’s almost perfect for this team LOL

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      I fail to see how the Bucks can send out just $28M in salary and take back $58M plus whatever the #1 pick will make next season putting them about $30M over the luxury tax threshold.

      • Afk711

        He doesn’t understand the salary cap is a thing and the Warriors are in no position to trade for Giannis… or any other team beacuae MIL is not trading him.

        • Afk711…the Warriors are most certainly in a fantastic position to trade for Giannis. I would submit that they are in the best position of any team in the league to trade for Giannis. They can offer the most to the Bucks of any team. That’s a fact. And that’s with all the matching salary stuff necessary.

          Wiggins plus next year’s Minnesota top 5 the Warriors next year top 25 and the Warriors guy whoever they pick this year top 5 gets it done.

          • El Don

            Gary, that is one of the poorest offers ever made for the best player in the league, right? I mean that is even much less than the LAL gave the NOP for AD, to take this one MIL will have to be very desperate & no one else interested in Giannis, can’t see it happening.
            In reality I will give it a 99.99% that Giannis stays in MIL but if he leaves, just can’t see him going to GSW.

            • Yes but who can offer more? And the guys that New Orleans got for Anthony Davis were high pics but sort of Scrubs. Ball is a so-so point guard, Josh Hart is pretty good but he was the 30th pick in the draft. Brandon Ingram is a star in the making and what else did they get? Very low first round picks from the Lakers that’ll land somewhere 25 to 30.

              Compare that to the Warriors offer for Giannis. Possibly the number one pick this year, possibly a top 5 pick next year from Minnesota, plus first round pick from the Warriors next year 19- 25 or so. And then scoring machine Andrew Wiggins. Maybe you tweaked it and sweeten it a little bit by adding a better player from the Warriors or two or two lesser players from Milwaukee?

              So I guess I’m Dreaming? I don’t know I think the Warriors will get it done because Giannis is on his way out.

              • Howie415

                Giannis has not indicated he wants to leave Milwaukee. Why would you trade for a half season of a guy? The Warriors are on the verge of a rebuild. Giving up those 3 1st would be foolish.

                • Howie I don’t think they’re ready to rebuild yet. Their core is 30 years old. I think they have another two-three year run. This is a team that won three championships and been to the finals five straight years. There’s no rebuild here… it’s a do-over, let’s run it back and add a piece or two.

      • They most certainly WILL trade Giannis if he does not sign the extension at the end of this 2020 season. They won’t let him walk away for nothing when they can get four for one from the Warriors.

        • x%sure

          GSW would have to change their offense. Of course they didn’t mind having Durant very much, but the change would be greater since Giannis does not blend as well.

          • The only person changing their role would be Draymond Green. Giannis would become the green-like point guard as the big man who initiates the offense. No problem there.

        • Howie415

          Why would the Warriors give up 2 high 1st round picks when they are on the verge of a rebuild?

          • They would do it for one name. Giannis, and he’s only 25 or 26 years old. I would give up everything outside of the core 3 for him.

            • El Don

              If I was MIL I wouldn’t even take the core 3 for Giannis that’s for sure, I would want more than that!

              • You’re right because Giannis is a generational player. But the Bucks won’t have a choice. It’ll be the best offer they have on the table and you either watch him walk out the door for nothing or you take the best offer you can get.

                Andrew Wiggins plus 3 first-round picks? Come on that’s a great deal for a team with zero leverage. Zero. Plus two of the pics will be hi. This year top five and next year’s wolves pick top 10.

                • x%sure

                  That’s a possible situation, but Giannis makes everyone else a stand-and-react player on offense. that’s not how the guards have rolled. Of course they can change, and with age may not mind being less crucial. But the Bucks setup has been built around Giannis and have key players wrapped up.

                  They have two years to break through. I do not think no resumtion title plus no extension equals no chance for Milwaukee; they would have another year, possibly with a higher base salary to offer. November may not be a good time for Giannis to sign anything. depends.

                  • Yes it’s a wait-and-see. And the Warriors wouldn’t be standing around they would do Giannis in the Draymond Green role as I said above everybody’s moving motion offense. Giannis would definitely buy into that.

                • Howie415

                  Giannis has given no indication that he wants to leave Milwaukee. Any trade partner has to be able sign Giannis to a longterm contract. So, you are more than likely looking at a sign and trade for Giannis, next summer. So, one of the Dubs trade chips will be gone. I don’t seem them giving up their high draft pick in 2021. They are starting to rebuild.

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