NBA Still Considering How To Handle The Eight Teams Not In Orlando

Discussions are continuing on what to do with the eight teams not involved in the NBA’s restart in Orlando, according to K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports. NBA deputy commissioner Mark Tatum and NBPA executive director Michele Roberts addressed the topic during a conference call Friday, saying that any proposal must have the same strict health guidelines that are being used at Disney’s Wide World of Sports.

“We want the same (safety) standards to be met,” Tatum said. “There have been conversations that we’ve been having with the players association on how to do that and whether or not we can do that. We know it’s something that our teams would love to do, that some of the players would love to do. But, as Michele said, it has to be done in the right way. We’ll continue having those conversations with Michele and her team on what that looks like.”

The teams left out of Orlando — the Hawks, Hornets, Bulls, Cavaliers, Pistons, Warriors, Timberwolves and Knicks — are concerned about the competitive imbalance from having their players sidelined for so long. Assuming next season starts sometime in December, that will amount to a nine-month stretch without their players being involved in an NBA game.

The teams have discussed holding a mini-summer league, possibly in August, with a series of shared workouts followed by a few games. Considering the challenges of creating a bubble atmosphere in Orlando, it won’t be easy to find another site that could accommodate all eight teams while minimizing COVID-19 risks to make the setting safe for players and staff members.

“Candidly, while I appreciate that there will be a bit of a layoff, I think there are some things these teams can do to get the guys that are not playing some (benefit) by their not being involved in Orlando. But unless we could replicate in every way the protocol that’s been established for Orlando, I’d be — I’m being tame now — suspicious,” Roberts said. “I think there are conversations that could be had if there’s anything we can do with the other eight teams. I know there are some players, particularly young players, that seem concerned they’re not getting enough (opportunities). I think our teams are incredibly smart and creative and can come up with ways to get their guys engaged, if not now, before the season starts.

“But I am very concerned and frankly, my concern aside, our players, our teams are very concerned about any — in terms of play that doesn’t have the same guarantees of safety and health that we’ve provided for the teams in Orlando. So yeah, never say never, but there’s a standard. It’s a standard that’s got to be met, and if it’s not met, next question, as far as I’m concerned.”

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13 thoughts on “NBA Still Considering How To Handle The Eight Teams Not In Orlando

  1. x%sure

    Would have been easy to do first, which would inform the second camp rules, and with the winner qualifying for it and the playoffs. Coulda woulda shoulda
    Now it will be weird little thing
    A commish should be looking out for all members.

  2. harden-westbrook-mvps

    How are these 8 teams at a disadvantage? They will all be well-rested when the next season begins. It’s the playoff teams that will all be fatigued.

    • El Don

      Tired of what? Playing hoops? Come on dude! With 1-2 weeks of rest after the season they should be ready to go again as a matter of fact!

    • x%sure

      Maybe, but you get good at basketball by doing basketball. That’s what all teams wanted. The Knicks may have been an exception, with nobody wanting to see them even in NY, but the environment there carried too much weight in deciding to exclude the 8 teams. If the NBA held resumption to 16 it would be one thing, but they did not. The NBA sold out to TV ratings, showcasing non-playoff Zion, but only got three games on ABC in the seeding round.

  3. Strike Four

    These guys have been playing ball since they were like 5 years old, having a year off isn’t going to make them forget the game SMH

  4. bully6789

    Why don’t they have a tournament with those 8 teams to see who gets the 1st to 8 seed in the lottery

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      So the best team gets the #1 pick? That doesn’t seem fair, does it?

      • El Don

        It is fair if you reward achievement, but if you thrive in failure then you right, give the best pick to the worst team, keep rewarding them for badness & they will never be good!
        I think bully6789 has a great idea!

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Just get the season over with. Next yr can’t come soon enough. You guys do know. Half these teams are gone after 1st rd. That’s 3wks of playing. Then it will leave 8 teams. Next season if all goes well. Will start later. So teams should all be fine for next yr. We need to take this day by day. The way things are going now. It could get worse than before. Stay safe

  6. The only ones being hurt by the bottom 8 not playing are the fringe NBA players trying to get a roster spot for next year.

  7. martevious

    Good grief! Each team has enough players to field 3 five-man teams to play each other. They don’t any other team to be involved.

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