Wizards Notes: Wall, Beal, Monumental Sports

Wizards point guard John Wall won’t return to the court this summer when the 2019/20 season resumes, but the teammates who got a look at the rehabbing star when he played five-on-five scrimmages this winter are enthusiastic about his progress, as Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington details.

Appearing on Chris Miller’s Wizards Talk podcast, Isaac Bonga suggested that fans and outside observers may be underestimating Wall’s potential impact once he’s ready to return in 2020/21.

“I think people don’t get how still crazy-good John is right now,” Bonga said. “People don’t get it. People don’t get it. Seeing John… with us and (with) G-League (players). It’s like, man, he cannot wait. He legit can’t wait to be back out there. That’s what he (was) showing every day out there. It’s crazy.”

During Wall’s lengthy absence, Bradley Beal has taken his game to a next level, increasing his scoring average to an impressive 30.5 PPG in 2019/20. Bonga told Miller that he’s excited to see the Wizards’ starting backcourt at full strength again next season: “Having those two back out there together again? It’s going to be a big problem.”

Here’s more on the Wizards:

  • A new round of Bradley Beal-related trade rumors surfaced this week, but they’re more of the same, according to Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington, who suggests that the Wizards can’t do much but continue to laugh them off. While Hughes acknowledges that the team’s – or Beal’s – stance could change at some point, he thinks the All-Star’s future probably “isn’t worth circling back to” until after next season.
  • Monumental Sports, the company that owns the Wizards, announced this week that employees earning more than $75K will have their pay checks reduced by 20% between July 12 and the end of the year. The decision doesn’t affect NBA players or contract employees, but figures to impact some people in the Wizards’ organization. Samantha Pell of The Washington Post has the story.
  • In case you missed it, we asked in a poll earlier this week whether the Wizards will steal the No. 8 seed from Orlando or Brooklyn this summer. The consensus? Probably not.
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20 thoughts on “Wizards Notes: Wall, Beal, Monumental Sports

  1. Sillivan

    Lakers fan trade idea
    Lakers get Beal
    Wizards get Kuzma KCP Green pick

    It makes no sense for Wizards

  2. x%sure

    Those heebie-jeebies can put up quite a fight, eh Wall.
    ‘Eh Wall’ sounds like AWOL, snickersnicker.

  3. Simmons>Russ

    Wall Beal and others have never done anything good together in the past. It’s not like next year is their year that roster still stinks.
    If they have another terrible (not playoff year) then I can see Beal wanting out and being involved in rumours again. He’s already come out and said he wants his team to play better especially in defence and feels they struggle in tight games.

    How about getting rid of John Walls terrible deal and trying to build around Beal and make him happy.

    I’d start by shopping John Wall to the Knicks. They have been after a all star level point guard for years and recently have been targeting CP3 who is on a huge deal and is much older than Wall.

    I’d offer John Wall and Rui Hachimura for Julius Randle, Taj Gibson, Mo Harkless, DSJ and 2 seconds.

    I’d also then swap the Wizard pick (9th), Davis Bertans and Thomas Bryant for GSWs pick (1st).
    Then draft James Wiseman.

    1. Ish Smith. Dennis Smith Jr
    2. Bradley Beal. Jerome Robinson
    3. Mo Harkless. Troy Brown Jr
    4. Juilius Randle. Moritz Wagner
    5. James Wiseman. Taj Gibson

    This may not be a playoff team but it’s an improvement from last season. Wiseman and Beal would be a great duo for the club, Randle helps score and rebound while Harkless and Smith are both decent defenders which Beal was after. Off the bench DSJ would have the chance to be a solid sixth man and with help from Beal could be solid. Gibson is a good vet leader to help Wiseman improve and learn. Wagner gives you some shooting and Brown and Robinson are both young improving players.
    If that team for whatever reason is terrible and doesn’t work Randle Harkless and Gibson’s deals all shortly expire and you could invest that money in FA building around Beal

    • x%sure

      The knicks may be willing to take on Wall if they get Rui and lose Randle. Interesting. If they keep Scott Perry, he may like it because the trade makes it look like he was always on a plan! Actually I liked those first three listed to the knicks, oh well.

      Bertans gets kind of gifted to GSW though

      • Simmons>Russ

        Would be gifted but he’s only on a 2 year deal meaning after the trade it’s really only a 1 year deal.
        Plus I think the idea of Wiseman and Beal would be worth it

    • El Don

      That deal is way too good for NYK & way too bad for WAS!!! I don’t get why people say Wall’s awful contract? I mean “Optimus Dime” is one of the best PG’s to grace the game in the last 40 years, so it’s only fair he gets paid, the injury doesn’t matter, was after he signed the well deserved contract. The guy has a career stat line of 19/4/9, absolutely stellar for a PG!

      • Simmons>Russ

        He’s got 79mil from the last two years and not even played once. He’s going to get 40+mil a year and the Wizards with him and Beal won’t ever do anything.
        His deal is terrible, even if he returns and is an all star it’s a terrible deal. For 40mil I’m expecting LeBron Kawhi Durant Curry Giannas level player is ability.

        As for one of the best in the last 40 years that’s a joke. I could name 20 PGs better easily

        • Appalachian_Outlaw

          I think you’re wrong about Wall. Let’s just pretend for a minute you’re right though, you just made a case for why the Knicks wouldn’t have any interest in that deal.

          I believe Wall is a talented guy, and you don’t trade him because of that.

          You believe he isn’t, and under that scenario you probably can’t trade him.

          We see him differntly, but the end result is the same, I think- you likely don’t/can’t trade Wall

          • Simmons>Russ

            I didn’t say he isn’t talented. He’s a good PG and someone who can run an offence giving you 16 and 9 a night easy.
            But he isn’t worth 40 mil a year, we know what him and Beal can do and it’s isn’t much and he’s coming off a big injury so I think the Wizards should get rid of him.

            From the Knicks perspective I’d definitely rather have Wall over CP3 mainly due to age.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Wall and Beal were a part of a few playoff teams together, while Beal was still coming into his own. That’s not nothing. Their struggles lately have been in part due to Wall’s health, but also because the Wizards have been missing that talented front court player, like when they had Gortat.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Wall was in his prime and had a young Beal, and multiple other solid players.
        I’m talking Kelly Oubre, Markieff Morris, Marcin Gortat, Jared Dudley, Nene, Paul Peirce, Otto Porter, Bogdanovic, Jabari Parker and Trevor Ariza.

        All they ever achieved was the playoff a handful of times and never made it to the ECF.
        They were always decent during the regular season and usually good in the first round then against a tough team in the second round they would lose.

        Yes IF Wall am come back strong and with Beal now in his prime they could be different. But Wal coming back strong is a huge IF. They also don’t have a good squad of players around Wall and Beal. Lastly the East has gotten all stronger since the Wizards last made the playoffs. Next years there’s the Heat Celtics Sixers Bucks Pacers Nets and Raptors which make up the best 7. Wizards even if thy make the playoffs again next year which is a huge ask likely get the 7th or 8th seed and have to play the bucks or someone in the first round and get swept.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Rui is a future star. He ain’t going anyplace. Why do people always use Knicks. There is not a day goes by. With some team dumping a player on Knicks. Knicks are rebuilding. As long as Dolan stays away. Nothing is going to happen. Only thing makes sense for Knicks is young star talent, like Beal. Why would he want to go to Knicks. Knicks aren’t ready to make major move yet. Next yr maybe. Wall is interesting. It’s Beals team now. I never believed in having your best two players in backcourt. Best case scenario is. Center, Forward, Guard. But as Warriors have shown us. Team chemistry is very big. Oldest thing in the books. Teams win most of the time. Best player can only do so much. Best case for Wizards would be moving Wall. Not many contending teams need a PG or can afford him. Still he looks ready to play. Wizards have a solid draft coming. They would be wise to take a PG.

    • Simmons>Russ

      It’s not dumping and it’s not always use the Knicks. It’s a fact they want CP3 even tho he’s over 34 and collecting 30+mil a year.
      Wall and Rui would be much better returns than CP3 and a first.

      Then for the Knicks moving forward you’d have a top pick in the draft to go along with Wall Barrett Rui Hachimura, Mitch Robinson and Kevin Knox. That’s a solid young core and Wall being a star able to help the young guys

      • El Don

        Rui is a star, you can’t trade him unless is for a huge package from NYK & that is not counting all the assets to go for Optimus Dime, that trade couldn’t work for WAS!!!

        • Simmons>Russ

          Wall ain’t worth anything cause of his deal and injury. As for Rui, it’s either him for a player and this years 9th pick in the draft and I’d rather keep the pick.
          I don’t rate Rui that highly I think he’s alright but he’s definitely not a star

  5. Skip, Tampa

    Actually really like that Wall, Rui to Knicks trade with a slight twist.
    Wall, Rui, 2020 #9
    Randle, Porter, Knox, DSJ and 2020 #25
    Wizards can throw in 2 minimum contracts and do the deal on June 22nd for a playoff run.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Nah I don’t think the Wizards give up the 9th pick for more Knicks scrubs.
      Getting Wall and Rui is a great return for largely expiring deals and unwanted players

  6. Sillivan

    I heard this
    Knicks don’t have enough assets to get Giannis
    Knicks have assets to get Chris Paul John Wall Blake Griffin Kevin Love

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