Clippers Close Facility Following Positive COVID-19 Test

The Clippers became the latest NBA team to close their practice facility following a positive COVID-19 test by a member of their traveling party, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Sources tell ESPN that the Clippers may be able to reopen their practice facility for workouts in the coming days. However, it won’t be long until the team travels to Orlando — that’s scheduled to happen on Wednesday, as Woj writes.

The Clippers are one of a handful of teams that have temporarily shut down their practice facilities. The Nuggets, Suns, Heat, and Nets are also known to have done so, though most have since reopened.

According to an NBA announcement on Thursday, 25 players and 10 team staffers have tested positive for the coronavirus since mandatory testing began last Tuesday, June 23. As such, it’s possible there were other clubs that temporarily closed their facilities to ensure their buildings were safe for players and coaches.

Only individual workouts are taking place at teams’ practice facilities — group workouts and scrimmages won’t begin until after the top 22 clubs have traveled to Walt Disney World and gone through a brief quarantine period.

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  1. 4thinfsgt

    Patrick Beverly and lebron thinks otherwise. They want to play? Let them play. If and when they spread the virus to their loved ones, it’s their fault.

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