Kings’ Holmes Quarantining On Campus For Eight More Days

Kings center Richaun Holmes announced today on Twitter that he “briefly and accidentally crossed the NBA campus line” in order to pick up a food delivery following the initial quarantine period. As a result, Holmes is subject to a new 10-day quarantine period — he indicated in his statement that he has eight days left.

Holmes is the second player known to have violated the NBA’s campus protocols, joining Rockets forward Bruno Caboclo. Today’s report on Caboclo suggested that he left his room during the initial quarantine period, whereas it sounds like Holmes inadvertently left the campus. In each case, the player must quarantine for 10 more days before resuming basketball activities.

The Kings are scheduled to participate in their first inter-squad scrimmage on July 22 vs. the Heat. Holmes’ quarantine period will have just ended at that point, so he may not be ready to play right away. Presumably he’ll be good to go by the time Sacramento’s first seeding game takes place on July 31 vs. San Antonio.

While the Kings will be missing Holmes for the next eight days, they did get some good news on Sunday. Head coach Luke Walton told reporters – including Dave McMenamin of ESPN (Twitter link) – that Buddy Hield and Jabari Parker had reported to Walt Disney World and begun their quarantines. Both players previously tested positive for COVID-19 but were medically cleared to travel to Orlando.

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7 thoughts on “Kings’ Holmes Quarantining On Campus For Eight More Days

  1. Reflect

    You can’t inadvertently leave your room or your campus. Unless you’re sleepwalking or having a very wild seizure.

    • Jeff Zanghi

      I agree… these two “inadvertent” stories seem quite bizarre to me — like why/how did these two guys screw up so quickly!?! But also… if he literally just ‘inadvertently’ crossed a ‘line’ to pick-up a food delivery… does he really need to stay quarantined for 10-days!? wouldn’t a day or two and a negative test result be sufficient? Is the ’10-day quarantine’ for breaking the bubble actually about safety or is it more of a “punishment” and deterrent to motivate players to NOT break the bubble?

      Additionally… if these two guys really did ‘inadvertently’ break the bubble as the reporting suggests… why/how is it so easy to ‘accidentally’ leave the bubble-zone? Like if these two instances were truly ‘inadvertent’ then I would say the system has some flaws in that guys can somehow ‘accidentally’ wander off campus without realizing it until after the fact. Also… did the “tell on themselves” or were they somehow caught!? Haha sorry… I know that was just like 20-questions and of course — who knows the answers? But it’s just that the whole “inadvertent” breaking campus protocols thing seems a little fishy to me. But by the same token… Idk why the league would be ‘covering up for them/giving them a free pass’ if in fact they had blatantly broken protocol. Idk and who knows? Just a bizarre situation all around!

      • Otogar

        The bottom line is that if your strategy relies on players acting responsibly, then you’re screwed.

  2. xtraflamy

    Can’t the hotel concierge or the team get the players food? Order it in? Isn’t that a service for wealthy guests, available 24-7? Sounds suspicious, and more likely someone went out for some “companionship”.

    • x%sure

      That’s why there is the remedial quarantine.
      The reason ten days is required is because c19 can take that long to show itself. The test for it is not that great. It probably isn’t necessary, but it reassures folks.

      The danger of c19 is overrated, but the danger of an evolved version of c19 is great, since it uses its spikey shield to defeat antibodies, the best of the human body’s defenses. Probably we use our T-cells, “killer-Ts”, but those deaden the host body.

      I hope the federal is funding all curative possibilities for it and not just relying on salesmen pitching something that can be sold to chumps, like that which relies on antibodies. And chumps they are that rely on existing methods.

      Something that helps us survive our own cytokin storm (killer-Ts) probably will be the winner but it will take the federal and the soft medical industry some fails to figure that out… I have little confidence. I predict a reasonable fix about 2022 and the third version of this SARS c19. Immunity ha

      • x%sure

        Sorry, that should have gone after Otogar.
        About xtraflamy, since it’s large Holmes, it probably was food, and he probably wasn’t really allowed it, and he darn well knew where to track it down, inbounds or out!

  3. ThePeople'sElbow

    haven’t even started playing games and some idiot already broke quarantine. yeah, this is going to go great.

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