Kings Notes: Fox, Walton, Parker, Bagley

The long layoff hasn’t changed De’Aaron Fox‘s mind about wanting to sign a long-term contract with the Kings, reports James Ham of NBC Sports Bay Area. On a Zoom session with the media today, Fox confirmed he still hopes to work out a rookie scale extension once the offseason arrives.

“I see myself being here. I want to be here,” he said. “Obviously, you know we want to win and right now, I think last year, we put ourselves in a good position. This year, we’re sort of in the same position to still make the playoffs. So that’s what we all want and then continue to take the next step forward.”

In his third NBA season, Fox has developed into one of the league’s most exciting young point guards and the focus of his franchise. A league source tells Ham that some extension negotiations have already taken place, but they are on hold because of uncertainty over the salary cap. Fox is eligible for a new deal that could extend his current contract by up to five years.

There’s more from Sacramento:

  • Fox believes the Kings are being unfairly overlooked by the national media, Ham writes in a separate story. Sacramento is tied with the Pelicans and Trail Blazers in the Western Conference playoff race, but was ignored by ESPN and The Ringer in two widely reported incidents. “I think it’s disrespectful that we don’t even stand a chance, like we shouldn’t be there,” he said. “The slow start is what it is, but at the end of the day, I feel like we have just as much of a chance as these other teams.”
  • Coach Luke Walton told the media he has talked to Jabari Parker about a weekend incident in which he was filmed playing tennis in a Chicago park without a face mask, Ham adds in another piece. Parker was one of three Kings reported last week to have tested positive for COVID-19, but he said his in-house quarantine was complete and he was social distancing during the game. “I talked to Jabari about being out in public and kind of reminded him, one, that even though he’s been cleared to end his self-isolation, we still can’t have anyone who gets sick doing hard physical work until a later date when you’re cleared by doctors,” Walton said. Parker remains in Chicago, and Walton isn’t sure if he will fly to Sacramento for camp or wait to join the team in Orlando.
  • The training staff expects Marvin Bagley III to be ready when the season resumes, tweets Jason Jones of The Athletic. The second-year forward has played just 13 games this year because of a left foot sprain and a broken thumb.
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17 thoughts on “Kings Notes: Fox, Walton, Parker, Bagley

  1. KnickerbockerAl

    Fox is for real. Gotta sign him. Buddy is odd man out. Bogdanovic will be much cheaper. And better mix I think. There should be a market for Buddy.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      There would be a market out there for a 41% 3-point shooter, if they hadn’t already given him a $94M extension last October. Money well spent.

    • hiflew

      A bit too early for that comparison. Doncic is a great player, but equally comparing him with the best of all time after 1.5 years is just insane.

      Not to mention the fact that Sam Bowie is unfairly knocked for his career. He was a good/great center when he was healthy. He wasn’t a bad player at all. It’s not his fault who was drafted after him.

      • If Bowie is unfairly knocked for his injuries, doesn’t that make the comparison to Bagley more appropriate?

        Doncic averaged 29-9-9 this year at Age 21. Greater comparisons for others have been made with less body of work. Not insane at all to compare his ceiling to the greatest.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      That would make Trae Young the new Olajuwon in that scenario as well. But obviously it’s way too early to say he will ever be that great either.

      • smytds

        Of course Vlade screwed up the pick…but it is important to say that with Doncic at guard, idk if Fox and Heild develop like they have

        • I give no fox

          Would you rather have a developed fox/hield or the far superior player of doncic? Id take doncic to 100 times out of 100

      • Deandre Ayton is Olajuwon as the 1-1 center. Trae can be Barkley (also 1-5) or Stockton.

  2. JohnTheSportsFanatic

    And thats why the coronavirus is spreading,
    because of idiots like Jabari Parker.

    • x%sure

      Tennis should not require a face cover. Unless there’s more to the story.

      • JohnTheSportsFanatic

        I agree. What I am meaning to say is it would be fine if it was a person who was completely healthy, not if it was a person who just tested positive for the virus 1 week ago.

    • floridagators

      Where do you work Fantic? Let’s track all you moves. Eat a bag.

      • JohnTheSportsFanatic

        Nice spelling of fanatic and you shouldnt go out in public after he JUST tested positive for the virus

  3. Sillivan

    Kings need a star to get respect.

    Trade Idea

    Cavs get Hield, Barnes, Kings – (12th pick)
    Kings get Love and Cavs – (1 to 6th pick)

    Cavs draft Achiuwa
    Kings draft Edwards or Toppin

  4. Simmons>Russ

    Swap Buddy Heild for Gary Harris
    Swap Harrison Barnes for Al Horford

    1. Fox
    2. Harris
    3. Bogi
    4. Bagley
    5. Horford

    Biggest issue for the Kings is defence especially with bigs. Horford would be a huge addition to the defence. He would also be a huge addition to the locker room and would serve as a mentor to Bagley. Horford also wouldn’t clog the paint for Bagley to okay his physical style game which is good for the kings spacing.

    Harris for Heild gives the Kings a smaller contract and a better defender to put next to Fox. Harris is a bit of a jack of all trades SG who gives you about 17-4-4. He can shoot a little, defend a little and play make a little. I think he would fit Fox a lot better in the backcourt.

    Then draft either Aaron Nesmith or Devin Vassell.
    Both pure shooters who can play SG or SF.
    Then off the bench you have Corey Joseph leading the second unit, Bjilica providing spacing and Holmes who is a impact player plus your pure shooting draft pick.

  5. El Don

    Thank goodness Jabari wasn’t wearing a mask while playing tennis, many have died while exercising with a mask, not very smart. So give the credit to Jabari for doing the right thing for once!
    SAC has only a chance as much as Bagley plays healthy & well, he is the key. Fox has had a very average, below par season. Buddy has been his usual good, but he seems to be unwanted & the rest are just role players at best, so all falls into MBIII.

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