Pistons Notes: Wood, VanVleet, Rose, Casey

The Pistons‘ offseason decisions will be heavily influenced by what happens with the NBA’s salary cap, writes James L. Edwards III of The Athletic. Originally projected at $116MM, there have been rumors that the cap for next season could remain at $109MM. That would limit the flexibility for Detroit, which has just four players under contract beyond this year.

That number will likely grow when Tony Snell exercises his $12.178MM player option, Edwards notes, and second-year guards Bruce Brown and Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk are expected to be brought back for $1.6MM each, along with Khyri Thomas. That would leave the Pistons with a seven-man roster at roughly $76MM, giving the team nearly $30MM in cap room.

The top priority will be re-signing Christian Wood, who blossomed as a star after the trade of Andre Drummond. If a depressed market allows Detroit to keep Wood at a reasonable price — Edwards estimates around $12MM per year — the team could have enough left to make a serious run at Toronto guard Fred VanVleet. The downside, Edwards points out, is that the Pistons would have to fill out the roster with just a $4.8MM mid-level exception and minimum contracts.

There’s more from Detroit:

  • Derrick Rose is likely to be moved sometime before next year’s trade deadline, Edwards adds in a mailbag column. It depends on Rose maintaining his health and high level of play after he turns 32 in October, but Edwards notes that the veteran guard is only under contract for one more year and Detroit doesn’t look like a playoff contender next season.
  • There’s little chance the Pistons would consider an early termination of coach Dwane Casey, even though the organization is in a far different position than when he was hired two years ago, observes Omari Sankofa II of The Detroit Free Press. Casey seems to have accepted the challenge of a rebuild, just as he did in Toronto. He was also involved in the interview process that led to the hiring of new general manager Troy Weaver. “Dwane Casey is the rock of the organization,” senior advisor Arn Tellem said in a recent radio interview. “We were lucky to get him a couple of years ago when we went through this search. He’s a true leader of this organization.” 
  • Weaver penned a message to Pistons fans on the team’s website, discussing his decision to leave Oklahoma City and his long relationship with Tellem while acknowledging, “We have work to do to make the roster better.”
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13 thoughts on “Pistons Notes: Wood, VanVleet, Rose, Casey

  1. mlbnyyfan

    Rose should of been traded to the Lakers before the deadline. He’s definitely needed now. Not sure what assets Lakers even have left. I’m sure Detroit wanted Kuzma.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Rose and Griffin should be moved. They need to go full rebuild mode. 12 mill ain’t gonna do it for Wood. I’m sure Knicks will offer 15 mill. It’s what Portis got, and he’s gone. Pistons would be wise to sign n trade with Knicks. All you read is they want him here next yr. Why would they even bring up VanVleet. He’s not worth the money for Pistons. Plus they can get PG of future in draft. Killian Hayes would be a nice pick.

    • CallerBernard

      What is a full rebuild? Like who Atlanta Sac Town. The Knicks? Nah im good i don’t think they won 60 games between em, or are you implying that we would do a better job building a team from the draft something that if successful takes 4/5 years. Rebuilds don’t win, they excite they amuse but don’t win.

      Memphis now, they have a superstar in Morant and that’s about it. They have Jjjr he’s Ok they have Brooks he’s ok they have Valicunis he’s ok their under 500 and 8th in the conference prabably for the next 4 yrs. They have to beat Lakrs Clips Houston Denver Portland and OKC. Those teams older and more talented. Don’t see a winning window. I don’t want this scenario for us. Win as much as you can as soon as you can.

      • wagner13

        There’s no reason to criticize the Grizzlies. What do you want us to do? It’s not exactly easy to coax high-end free agents to Tennessee. It’s the product of being in a small market, not for lack of effort

    • Sillivan

      According to yahoo, NBC and Hollingo, salary cap and luxury tax line stays the same next year.

      The contract offer sheet would be a little less.

  3. Sillivan

    Let’s view in this way
    Wood true value is 2 years 30 million
    Market value is 4 years 80 million

    To me, market value is overpaid value

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Four years ago the Rockets gave Ryan Anderson a 4-year/$80M deal, of course they weren’t the only team to overpay for someone that summer. Luckily they were able to get rid of him two years later.

  4. Sillivan

    Knicks would like to interview all top 8 unrestricted free agents

    All FAs players want to interview Knicks too

    True value dies
    Market value survived

  5. Sillivan

    VanVleet true value 4 years 70 million
    Market value 4 years 100 million

    Pistons projected rotations
    Griffin Wood Okongwu
    Kennard VanVleet

    Playoffs team

  6. x%sure

    Of course the Pistons keep Rose, or try to. Nobody wants a team that’s all kids. If it happens anyway, they will go look for several vets. Players raised without vets around will never get it right mentally.

    The FO there has positioned Rose to set the tone… why this cannot be figured out by local journalists is beyond me. They probably just don’t like him because he is a bit of a perpetual mess and is hard to interview. So— don’t be friends with him and presto!— problem solved. Thing is Rose makes great warrior-like effort, does not claim to be what he’s not, and does not require much salary or a playoff chance to make that effort. It is a good example to start a teenager on.

    Don’t confuse Rose with a overpaid easygoing past-his-prime vet like possibly, Drummond, who they dumped. Dumping Rose would save little and then they will have find a new Rose. Nobody does an actual full rebuild— that’s just an reactionary concept.

    Now there is a new GM in Weaver, but the old one is still there. Weaver is said to want to see character, which the Detroit writer referred to as makeup. He also said “Weaver is someone who walks to the beat of his drum (sic), meaning that building a specific culture and identity will be important to his foundation in Detroit. Rose fits all that.

    • CallerBernard

      Someone mentioned Josh Jackson i like that pickup he’s learning how to be consistent. If it were me id draft Orturo from Minnesota and get Markus Howard from Marquette as an undrafted FA. 28ppgs is nothing to sneeze at both players add immediate impact without trying to do too much
      Recap that’s Josh Jackson, Orturo and Howard we already added a 7 footer in Weaver and have King Bone waiting in the wings. Run this team and see what happens and make incremental increases as needed. A lot of teams have players rotting on the bench that can contribute, lets seek that first

    • Roger23

      The Pistons have the absolute worst writers by far, especially that James Edwards III dude – who is just bizarre!

      A Western Conference GM confirmed that Rose takes teams to the next level (only superstars has that type of impact), yet James Edwards III has been lobbing for an undersized Small Forward (Bruce Brown) to be the starting Point Guard.

      Dwayne Casey took the advice of James Edwards III for forty losses – hence the Pistons losing record.

      Troy Weaver has made it clear that he knows how to properly utilize Rose and everything will flow through Rose & Blake next season.

      So with a high basketball IQ GM who is used to winning watching over Dwayne Casey, the Pistons should be a top five playoffs seed next season.

      The sky is the limit once playoffs Derrick Rose is in the playoffs properly utilized – once again.

    • x%sure

      To clarify, Edwards did not say “Rose fits all that”— I did, but lost a quote mark somehow after “Detroit”. The meaning doesn’t change much though.

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