Two NBA Players Tested Positive On Campus, Didn’t Clear Quarantine

Of the 322 NBA players who have been tested for the coronavirus since arriving in Orlando on July 7, two returned confirmed positive tests, the league and the NBPA announced today in a press release.

Those players were tested while self-isolating in their hotel rooms and never cleared quarantine, according to today’s announcement. They have since left the NBA’s Walt Disney World campus to isolate at home or in isolation housing. As a result, the hope is that the campus isn’t compromised and there won’t be any sort of outbreak.

According to the NBA and NBPA, 19 players have also tested positive in their home markets since July 1. Those players remain in their respective markets and didn’t travel to Orlando. They’re recovering, quarantining, and awaiting medical clearance before they get the go-ahead to travel to Disney.

While the identity of many of those affected players isn’t known, some have been reported or have announced their positive tests themselves. Rockets star Russell Westbrook became the latest to do so today, announcing on Twitter that he contracted the virus.

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6 thoughts on “Two NBA Players Tested Positive On Campus, Didn’t Clear Quarantine

    • Jeff Zanghi

      Yeah but then the players won’t stay put and they’ll break the bubble!! Haha Just kidding (as I assume — and hope — you are too) as I’m pretty sure there are no “groupies or hookers” present at the bubble lol. Seeing as it seems to be under pretty tight guidelines/restrictions I’m pretty sure no one but players and staff are there. I mean family members aren’t even allowed to join them until part way through the playoffs!

      • Cedric Lee

        well one already had to go back into quarantine for sneaking food in.

        IG model is claiming she already got invited by a NBA player.

        We’re only like 4 days in, I’m pretty sure this is going to fall apart pretty soon.

      • x%sure

        Everyone gets one guest. Probably they will be called a wife or fiance or trainer.

  1. dust44

    I mean that was the whole point of the initial quarantine to there hotel rooms. So to c them test positive while in quarantine means it’s what they were trying to protect against. Now, let’s c if anyone tests positive after the quarantine phase is over. And if so what the story is on how they contracted it. But Florida is a hot bed right now. So anything can happen I guess.

  2. Buckman

    Didnt take long. Next we will be hearing about players who have had covid and “recovered” but can’t quite get back to pre-infection fitness/performance levels. This will be the next discovery is the scale with which chronic/permanent damage has occurred.

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