Celtics Extend Brad Stevens

Celtics head coach Brad Stevens, currently in the midst of his seventh season with the club, isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The team has announced today that it has extended Stevens’s contract. The specifics of the new deal have not been divulged.

After leading Butler to two NCAA Finals games, Stevens was brought on board by Celtics president Danny Ainge to replace Doc Rivers in 2013, initially signing a six-year, $22MM deal. The team extended its head coach’s initial contract in 2016.

Stevens sports a 318-245 (.565) regular season record for Boston. He has led the club to six playoff appearances during his seven seasons, including two runs to the Eastern Conference Finals. This season’s team is locked into the third seed in the East with a 48-23 record. The club has one Orlando seeding game left ahead of the 2019/20 playoffs.

“Brad is one of the most intelligent and hard-working coaches in the game today,” Ainge raved. “We are honored to have him with us as we continue to pursue our next championship.”

Stevens is the second Eastern Conference head coach to receive a contract extension today, as the Pacers also reached a new deal with Nate McMillan.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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7 thoughts on “Celtics Extend Brad Stevens

  1. Sillivan

    I like head coach who signs at least 2 contracts with same team
    Spurs Heat Mavs
    Compare to current coach
    Cavs Knicks Rockets

  2. Reflect

    The only negative on his record is the kyrie Irving year where other players also took a step backwards. That probably wasn’t his fault but the best coaches don’t let that happen.

    And that’s really my only criticism. Other than that he’s done an excellent job. Especially this year where he dealt with a weird season, a whole new PG, and no Horford.

    • wagner13

      To be fair to Stevens, has Kyrie been happy with any coach? He forced his way out of Cleveland during Lue’s tenure and is at least partly to blame for Atkinson’s status of unemployment

  3. x%sure

    Interesting thing in Boston, fans are turning on Ainge more than Stevens. There’s no grievous errors by Ainge, and much cleverness, but Stevens has not broken through.

    This 7th year, only 1 title (division, 2017), numerous high picks, numerous situational centers.

    • Ialreadyhadsteveijustupdatedmypicbeenheresince08gimmemynameback

      And I’m the one leading the charge and have been, if anyone asks. Trading assets for Kyrie Irving and signing Gordon Hayward to try and become a championship contender was a grevious error. Irving skips first play offs, contributed to the mockery of last year’s early exit, ends up leaving (in the most embarrassing of ways) and you) and you have nothing to show for it. He did nothing.

      Hayward was a very questionable signing pre injury, weird positional fit, and it showed in year 2 of that deal. Injuries like that cant be avoided, but that doesn’t stop his value from taking a hit. Very bad signing, the fact he’s posting gaudy shooting numbers this year only makes up for his still awkward fit on a team with young guys who need reps.

      Kemba Walker has proved his worth somewhat,still didn’t like the signing don’t think his game will age well.

      Stevens been here 7 years? Well ainge has been here like 20yrs, and what’s he got to show for decades if work

  4. driftcat28

    One of the best coaches in the league, thankful he’s in Boston and staying for a (hopefully) long long time

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