Dennis Schroder, P.J. Tucker Fined For Game 5 Scuffle

Thunder guard Dennis Schroder and Rockets forward P.J. Tucker have each been fined $25,000 for their involvement in a scuffle that occurred on Saturday, the NBA announced in a press release.

The incident occurred with 6:51 remaining in the third quarter of Game 5, with both players being ejected following the altercation. Schroder was fined for making contact to Tucker’s groin area, while Tucker was fined for approaching Schroder, making contact with him, and escalating the situation, the league said.

“It’s never that,” Schroder said on whether his blow was intentional, as relayed by Erik Horne of The Athletic (Twitter link). “We’re competitors. We go out there and compete as hard as we can, but for me, my family didn’t raise me that way to hurt somebody intentionally.”

Tucker was asked on Sunday whether he believes the statement and whether Schroder reached out after the incident, to which he replied, “No and no,” Mark Berman of Fox 26 tweets.

The Rockets ultimately routed the Thunder 114-80, taking a 3-2 series lead. Tucker finished with five points and two steals in 21 minutes, while Schroder recorded 19 points in 20 minutes of work. The two teams will meet for Game 6 on Monday night.

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13 thoughts on “Dennis Schroder, P.J. Tucker Fined For Game 5 Scuffle

  1. Reflect

    Ejecting Schroder was really stupid and ruined the whole game. Schroder should have been a flagrant 1 only. If you set a screen you’re accepting the risk of a collision. That’s the whole concept of a screen.

    Tucker should have been a technical without an ejection.

    This is the playoffs. Let them play.

    • afsooner02

      While true, the rockets were blowing out the thunder in that third quarter and I’m not sure a comeback was possible. I’d rather they not eject the players, it didn’t change the outcome other than the amount.

      Glad they didn’t suspend them. These teams hate each other. It’s gonna get feisty. But that’s what makes it fun to watch as fans.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Seriously? Did you even watch the play? He clearly and intentionally punched Tucker in the groin with his forearm, giving him a flagrant-2 was a no-brainer. Obviously Tucker didn’t deserve to be ejected, but given the way this series has been called completely in OKC’s favor it wasn’t the least bit surprising.

      Chris Paul also deliberately punched a Rockets player in his groin in an earlier game and completely got away with it. They’re getting away with murder, but it is actually helping Houston by extending the series to help get Westbrook ready for the Lakers. So thank you to the refs.

      • x%sure

        How about the Rockets running Shroder through a double screen around the 3point line. That’s a screw-you play. It’s legal but expect some attitude from it. Shroder was in a natural position since the previous screen got him low. Actually he should have had that shoulder further out. I suspect he was headed where he went anyway but decided not to hold back.

        • x%sure

          By shoulder further out I mean past the screener to fight through it; the arm should have been farther along toward the ball. But he was beat so went ahead and made the contact to compensate. He got caught so no reason to complain.

          I think double screens anywhere should be illegal. Rip Hamilton used to run the baseline using it, darn Pistons. Also screeners should not be allowed to extend moving away from the basket. Players try to pop each other regardless.

        • jump shot

          Double screen or Staggered screen, Coach? I’m trying to learn some basketball amongst all these great hoop minds ;)

          • x%sure

            You are likely right, since ‘double screen’ should be reserved for two players side by side. Don’t see that often though.

      • hiflew

        Gee, your analysis almost makes it seem like you are biased in some way. Hard to believe.

      • Reflect

        Tucker wasn’t even there long enough for Schroder to come up with that idea.

  2. hiflew

    “Schroder was fined for making contact to Tucker’s groin”

    The 13 year old that controls my sense of humor occasionally just died laughing at that line.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    I saw Tucker step into Schroder. It’s a no call or offense. You have to have both feet planted before contact. Tucker stepped into him. Clearly. Schroder might have swung. But there was nothing there except intent. Tucker just took it even further.

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