Eastern Notes: Wizards, Nunn, Warren, Micic

Wizards point guard John Wall expects to have a different role in the team’s offense once he rejoins Washington, per Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington. Wall has missed the entire 2019/20 season due to a ruptured Achilles tendon.

“My game is going to be totally different than what it was before because now with the way [Bradley Beal] can handle the ball,” Wall said of his Wizards teammate. “I can be off the ball a little bit and score from the wing and score in transition by running the wing.”

There’s more out of the Eastern Conference:

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10 thoughts on “Eastern Notes: Wizards, Nunn, Warren, Micic

  1. #1BrandonIngramFan

    Cool, cool. Wait…….

    John Wall *can’t* shoot.


    30% last played season from 3PT.

  2. x%sure

    Interesting by the Ringer’s Tjarks, saying that TJ Warren’s success at the 4 (where he played a lot for the Suns) may not only cause the trade of Turner or Sabonis, but spell the end for coach Mcmillan as well, for liking that slower 2-big attack. Weird rumor, explained.

    Warren is only 6-8, 220, but likes a fast swooshy 3-guard attack. He is a fast decider himself on offense, with a variety of weapons, but no delay like some other top scorers. He went to 40% on 3ptrs from 28%:

    “Much like that of Brandon Clarke, Warren’s touch on his floater was an indicator that he could become a better shooter in time. ”

    (Cavs were rumored to be able to get Warren with Bledsoe and a first for Irving. Actually he got inserted into a lot of trade talk before finally going for cash to sign Rubio)

  3. hiflew

    I still think Turner is going to Golden State for their first rounder. Other pieces likely added depending on where the pick falls.

  4. wagner13

    Trading Sabonis and would be a huge mistake. He’s a double-double machine with much more consistency than Turner. Myles should get traded to a small-ball team such as the Warriors or Celtics

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    I like both of them. But I’m definitely keeping Sabonis. He’s old school, love his gm. Warren is a great find. They should see this team in full and healthy next yr. If Warriors offer top pick for Turner. I do it. Wiseman in long run is better. This would be great for both teams.

    • hiflew

      Wiseman in the long run has the POTENTIAL to be better. Although even that can be argued. Turner is not just some scrub, he has All Star potential and has already proven to be a solid starter in the league. Wiseman’s ceiling could be higher, but his floor is a lot lower than Turner’s. There have been plenty of big time prospects that couldn’t last in the NBA. For a team like the Warriors whose team’s clock is ticking, a higher floor should be far preferable to a higher ceiling.

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