Mavs Notes: Doncic, Porzingis, Future, Barea

The Mavericks were eliminated from the postseason on Sunday, but Luka Doncic acquitted himself well in his first playoff experience, averaging 31.0 PPG, 9.8 RPG, and 8.7 APG on 50.0% shooting in six games vs. Dallas. As ESPN’s Tim MacMahon writes, Doncic is the reason why both the Mavs and rival teams are high on Dallas’ long-term outlook.

“He’s a guy that I predict is going to win multiple MVPs,” one Eastern Conference scout said of Doncic. “I could not be higher on a guy in the league. If you start that ‘Who would you take to build a team’ conversation, there’s not another guy that I would take over Luka.”

Although there’s no doubt that Doncic is capable of being the best player on a championship-contending team, there’s no consensus yet on whether Kristaps Porzingis can be a reliable No. 2, MacMahon writes. One Western executive expressed optimism on Porzingis, but cautioned that it’s too early to pass judgment, given the big man’s injuries.

“There’s some optimism there. Give the Mavs credit,” a Western scout told MacMahon. “They went and got a 1 and potentially a 2. Doncic is definitely a 1. I’m not all-in on Porzingis as a 2, but he’s a really good 3 in the worst case. Now it’s just about filling in the pieces around them.”

While the Mavs are well positioned to eventually add another impact player, sources tell MacMahon that they aren’t likely to make significant roster changes right away, especially if Tim Hardaway Jr. opts in for $19MM, as expected. According to MacMahon, people within the organization have pushed for Dallas to focus this offseason on acquiring veterans who have “reputations for toughness” and can be signed to short-term contracts.

Here’s more on the Mavs:

  • While the Mavericks will probably be conservative this fall, their salary cap situation sets them up well to go hunting for a star player during the 2021 offseason, ESPN’s Bobby Marks writes in his Insider-only preview of Dallas’ upcoming decisions. Marks also explores how Dallas should use its draft picks – including the No. 31 selection – and the best way to utilize the mid-level exception.
  • In the wake of the Mavericks’ Sunday loss to the Clippers, team owner Mark Cuban and former star Dirk Nowitzki were among those who tweeted optimistic messages about the franchise’s future. This is just the beginning,” Cuban said.
  • J.J. Barea will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason and acknowledged in a conversation with Fernando Ribas Reyes of Puerto Rican outlet El Nuevo Dia that he was a little frustrated by his lack of playing time this summer (he was a DNP-CD in five seeding games and five more playoff games). Barea said it would be “difficult” to leave Dallas, but suggested that the Mavs might only want him back as a coach, meaning he might have to look elsewhere if he wants to continue playing (hat tip to Sportando).
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29 thoughts on “Mavs Notes: Doncic, Porzingis, Future, Barea

    • His stats won’t be that high next year in the regular season. Playoff numbers always increase with the stars. But in the regular season you’re not going to play him all those minutes to achieve those kind of stats. It’s all about rest in today’s NBA.

    • El Don

      Luka already was a top 3 player in the RS this year, so not biggie for him to be next year, hopefully he can even be the MVP!!!

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        They only made LeBron an MVP finalist this year because he lead the league in assists and they knew it would be the last year that he will still be good enough to deserve being mentioned in the top 3. Next year it will be Giannis and Harden for the third year in a row but Doncic will be there instead of LeBron (and will win it because they’re tired of giving it to Harden or Giannis every year).

        • x%sure

          No, “they” did not know or care about that and would not have switched if they did. “They” vote largely their interpretations of Valuable. It is stupid to think otherwise. But some people don’t like LJ personally and/or politically.

  1. The Human Rain Delay

    They wanted Danny Green for a while –

    I wonder if a Green/Hardway swap wouldnt favor both teams next year- Lakes could throw in Rondo (who would probably retire) to make the money almost identical for the cap-

    He’d fit the mental toughness aspect Dallas wants and maybe Hardaway was being slighted in that manner as well –

      • The Human Rain Delay

        No cash though, theyd have to deal Hardaway somehow-

        After next year though they got that 3rd person money when Hardaways 19 mill is off the books

  2. afsooner02

    Gotta get the kid some help. KP isn’t that. Love to see Blake Griffin go there if he heals.

        • Otogar

          Why should the Mavs trade Porzingis for a similarly injury-prone, much older and slightly more expensive player? Actually it does not make any sense. At this point in their careers, a healthy Porzingis gives you much more than a healthy Griffin, and the Mavs shouldn’t give up on him just yet.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    No one is trading for KP now. He will have to play out that contract. He needs muscle and weight. If he wants to last. Hardaway has had a good yr for Mavs. I’m sure they don’t mind bringing him back for a yr. Mavs don’t really have a lot of maneuvering next yr. And no picks next two yrs. Trade deadline they might be able to do something.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      He turned 25 last month, so there are plenty of older players out there with far worse contracts than Kristaps. For example: Al Horford, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin just to name a few. Dallas is far better off with KP than any of those guys.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        What do any of those guys. Have to do with Dallas. Makes absolutely no sense. No is trading for KP. Cause his contract and injury history. Nobody is taking that chance till they see him play consistently. Hence play out contract. Mavs wanted him. This is where they are.
        CP33333333333333 . I mean you gotta love it. when Harden n Chris are standing next to each other. Counting the clock down. Personally, this is what I think. Harden never liked fact Chris got paid. Therefore ran him out. I like Westbrook. Always have. Harden is not a winner. Rockets to please him. Will never be able to build team around him. Cause they have no options really. The only move they have. Is moving Westbrook now. While he is still big. And redo team somewhat. DAntoni is gone. So it’s like starting all over again with aging stars. No real options. Paul n Capela were the best chance they had. At least 3 yr shot with them. Had best record. And really challenged Warriors. Gave that up for Harden. Oh well. Lest see who shows up now

        • andremets

          My knicks would be more than happy to send 2 #1 picks and take on all of KP’s salary to have him back under new management. We could even take Hardaway off your hands and give you guys with team options that can be bought out immediately.

    • wagner13

      I think so. He seems to thrive in Dallas’ offense and Carlisle appreciates his presence. He could replace an aging JJ Barea as a useful bench contributor

      • jump shot

        He shot the 3ball well this season (career high %) and in the bubble as well. He’s got a pretty good shooting coach ;)

  4. ppyxmb

    KP >>> Blake
    Burke for 8/2 via the biannual
    Ibaka gets the full midlevel
    Hardaway opts in for 20/21 season and gets extended until 2025 on 60/4
    then you have a good squad for next season and can create a max slot in 2021

    • wagner13

      Agreed. If Dallas could sign a veteran big like Gasol or Ibaka, they’d have a strong interior defense that would combine with their historically efficient offense. I could see the Mavericks rising to an elite level next season if all goes well. It all hinges upon Porzingis’ health

  5. Perry W

    softies like KP have no business in professional athletics.
    luka will probably languish on a mediocre team for the next while.

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