New York Notes: Nets Guards, KD, DSJ, K. Payne

Both Tyler Johnson and Chris Chiozza will be free agents at the end of the 2019/20 season, as Johnson signed a one-year contract in June and Chiozza’s two-way deal is expiring as well. However, the two guards are making a strong case to be considered for next season’s Nets roster, as Tom Dowd of writes.

The Nets’ rotation has been in a state of flux this summer due to injuries, opt-outs, COVID-19 cases, and some lineup experimentation. However, Johnson and Chiozza have often shared the backcourt as part of the club’s second unit, and the pairing has worked. Entering today’s game, Chiozza is averaging 9.2 PPG and 5.0 APG in six games during the restart, while Johnson has contributed 11.0 PPG, 3.3 RPG, and 2.8 APG.

“I think it’s a great combination; two guards that can pass and shoot pretty well,” Chiozza said, per Dowd. “He’s a smart player so it’s easy to play with him. He knows how to move when I’ve got the ball and I feel like we get each other a lot if open shots.”

Meanwhile, veteran guard Jamal Crawford was supposed to be a backcourt contributor for the Nets this summer after signing as a substitute player, but has been limited to just six minutes due to a hamstring injury.

Despite not playing much, Crawford has provided great leadership for the Nets, including Caris LeVert, head coach Jacque Vaughn said this week (Twitter link via Brian Lewis of The New York Post). According to Vaughn, Crawford may not return before the seeding schedule ends, but the team remains confident he can contribute this summer.

Here’s more on the NBA’s two New York teams:

  • When the Nets clinched a playoff spot, it assured injured star Kevin Durant of a $1MM bonus, as Bobby Marks of ESPN notes (via Twitter). Because the bonus had been considered “likely” rather than “unlikely,” earning it this season won’t impact Durant’s cap hit for 2020/21.
  • Former lottery pick Dennis Smith Jr. finds himself at a crossroads as he enters a contract year under new Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau, writes Marc Berman of The New York Post. One scout who spoke to Berman is curious to see how the team handles Smith in ’20/21. “He’s certainly not a Thibs kind of player, but let’s see how committed they are to getting him right,” the scout said. “You don’t want to force it because they traded (Kristaps) Porzingis for him. Knowing when to cut bait is important. There may be too many things to fix with him.”
  • New Knicks assistant coach Kenny Payne is primarily known for three things, per Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News: recruiting, relationships, and developing frontcourt players. As Bondy writes, the Knicks will hope that Payne can assist in their efforts to attract stars to New York.
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19 thoughts on “New York Notes: Nets Guards, KD, DSJ, K. Payne

  1. Sillivan

    Whatever Knicks do is to attract stars to Knicks
    Free agent stars is the key to succeed

    Doubly overpaying crap vets is no longer the best idea

  2. Sillivan

    August 17 salary dump trade
    Randle Smith jr, Future First and cash to Suns for a 2nd round pick

    • How far in the future is that first? Because they’re still going to be bad the next few years unless they miraculously sign some top-tier free agents. If you lottery-protect that pick, the Suns may never receive it.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    To me DSJ is not NYC type guy. NY will never turn on you. If they see you working and trying all the time. Believe me we can see it. Plus the rumors. New coach from Kentucky. Has a history with Randle and Knox. I believe he is here to save them. Or help them so we can trade them. This is clearly a message to them. It’s now or never. Smith should be able to progress. Thibs can help him. But I believe he’s gone. We still have his qualifying yr in 2021-22. So we can keep him 2 yrs. He’s a better trade chip with a yr left. He’ll be gone trade deadline if not sooner. Knox I think they will go all out to help him become a player. He’ll turn 21 this yr. Nttilikina is also on last yr with qualifying yr. Just like Smith. Frank I think will benefit most from Thibs. He can become a very good defensive player. Plus he will learn to run team efficiently. Helping these 3 is key. Cause it helps team now plus it gives us trade chips. All three were lottery picks. So it’s time they start playing like it.

    • ‘NY will never turn on you’

      I’ve been a fan of NY sports for like 30 years and I can tell you with absolutely certainty that this is not true.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Read the post. Not if you work and give your all. Most intelligent fans in nation. As long as you work and try your best. Leave it on court. The will NEVER turn on you. We have made players just from working and hustling. Phil Jackson, Mike Rierdon, John Starks, Anthony Mason, Marcus Camby. There’s more. You thinking about knuckleheads who let their talent go. Marburg, list is too long here. You say 30 yrs. Either you didn’t read post right. Or you miss it all. Any sport in NY we will love you and got your back. As long as you here 100% for our team. You get my point now. DSJ is talented enough to be a starter. Yet he doesn’t even want to play. We don’t want that. Trier has attitude. He’s a guy that should of played.

  4. Sillivan

    Knicks fans are interested in Anthony Davis free agency
    Highly unlikely to happen IMO
    if happens Knicks will be better than current best team Lakers next 10 straight years

    Knicks sign Davis Harrell VanVleet, then
    Make good trades at the trade deadline

    • mlbnyyfan

      No way AD leaving LA for NY. I’m not getting my hopes up anymore until something HUGE happens for NYK. Crazy how NY Rangers win the lottery and Knicks continue to be unlucky.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        AD won’t leave LA in 2020, but he will likely sign a 1+1 deal so he can be a free agent in 2021. The short offseason will be hardest on LeBron and will likely cause his performance next season to drop dramatically. Then AD will wisely opt out and sign with a contender in 2021.

        • Noel1982

          I would just say with that, Lakers can open up max space in 2021 esp if they move on from lebron or he takes a lot less while accepting he’s a secondary star at that point ! If AD can get another star to Lakers he stays ( usually not hard for lakers ) if he can’t yes he’ll look for a contender but think more heat , raptors or mavs actual title contenders! Rj and Mitchell are a long way from attracting that kinda guy !

          • Noel1982

            If Lakers do like some hope or think and get beat by the blazers look for Davis to sign a Durant to warriors ( first contract) like with the heat ! You’ll probably also read that he and klutch pared ways but heat are the Lakers biggest threat to steal him period , fellow wildcat bam is there to play center a position defense hates and bam is a great facilitator! Heat should become big blazers fans

        • x%sure

          Thanks for rationality. (called so because I agree! LJ will likely look ahead to the playoffs. But we may have another two-three-month bubble ahead, in the spring).

  5. Sillivan

    If Lakers think they can’t win a champ
    they can trade Davis for Wiggins and 2 quality first round picks

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    AD will play another yr. player option yr. Then in 2021-22 Bron will be 39. He’s not staying. He’ll be a FA for 2021 and will go to contender. Lakers have only Kuzma, no picks. And will lose LA to Clippers.

    • Noel1982

      Even if he leaves he’s not going to go play with rj or Mitchell , those guys are totally suspect who nobody knows you can win with ! They are attracting nobody and Davis might leave bc Lebron will be 37 in the 2022 off season but it won’t be to the Knicks , maybe the bulls if they get their stuff together

      • KnickerbockerAl

        II don’t care where AD goes. He’s a great player. Just saying after two yrs Bron is older(sorry got dates wrong) he’ll be going on 38 in two yrs. Why would AD come back. Lakers don’t have picks even if Bron walks. Who is going to sign there. They rolled the dice for 2-3 yrs if Bron. Well it’s looking like coming up craps lol. Clippers are younger deeper. Denver is knocking on door. Warriors are back. If west can’t see that. They are blind. Teams in East are younger and deeper, hungrier. I’m saying after this yr. it will only get harder. And I’ll take Clippers all day. I don’t care where AD goes. Knicks are rebuilding. We won’t be ready for 2-4 yrs. Unless there is a major trade or moves. Im good with my team. Rebuilding is a fans dream. Get to see them grow from nothing.

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