Pelicans Notes: Williamson, Gentry, Favors, Ball

The Pelicans were a huge disappointment during the restart and it raises some long-term questions about the roster, according to William Guillory of The Athletic.

Zion Williamson didn’t show improvement in his ball-handling or defense despite the hiatus to work on those aspects of his game, and his weight and lack of conditioning were also issues. The staff was cautious regarding the rookie’s minutes and even sat him out for a game during a back-to-back.

The offseason could be complicated by decisions regarding the futures of Brandon Ingram, Jrue Holiday, Lonzo Ball and Derrick Favors with the franchise, Guillory adds.

We have more on the Pelicans:

  • The team’s poor finish has put Alvin Gentry firmly on the hot seat but he’d like to think the front office has faith in him, Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated tweets. Regarding the decision whether to retain him, Gentry replied: “That’s not in my job description. If it was, I wouldn’t fire myself.”
  • Favors said on Monday that he’d like to re-sign with the team, Guillory tweets. The 29-year-old big man heads into unrestricted free agency after averaging 9.0 PPG and 9.8 RPG this season. “Hopefully, they’ll have me back,” he said.
  • Ball was disappointed with his performance in Orlando but he’s generally pleased with how his first year in New Orleans unfolded, Mannix writes. “Overall, I think it was a positive experience,” Ball said. “I’m definitely looking forward to next year. I don’t think the whole season should be put on the bubble. Look at the whole year. We made a lot of growth … I’m proud of that.”
  • As we noted earlier, Williamson, Holiday and Ingram will sit out on Tuesday in what amounts to a meaningless game against Sacramento.
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40 thoughts on “Pelicans Notes: Williamson, Gentry, Favors, Ball


    Lonzo ball.. while superstars(Devon Booker) are willing there team into playoff contention, lonzo is happy with the growth the team made…. lonzo has yet to elevate his team into over .500.. he’s more focused on rapping and playing video games than becoming an elite nba player.. it’s really sad.. lamelo will be the same way.. no work ethic, no playoffs..these guys are happier getting nba checks then being superstars.. great job Lavar.. you raised them entitled


        Hobbies fine.. not to the detriment of your career.. when do you see lonzo working on his game? He doesn’t.. He doesn’t put in the work.. he could care less.. he likes the check though.. he’s spoiled lazy

          • GABEPERKINS1

            His stats are always the same 3 years in.. 11 pts, 6 rebs, 7 asts.. his 3pt % went from 33 to 37% and his freethrows went from 41% to 55%.. you’d like to see a little bigger jump in year 3.. He’s too busy rapping to work on his game

            • I give no fox

              So, based on your stats, he went from below average 3pt shooter to league average in 3 years (12% improvement), he saw a 34% improvement on free throws…seems like his game is improving. What do you expect in 3 years playing against elite players? Should he all of a sudden shoot like curry? Get some realistic expectations. I’m a Sixers fan, and if Ben Simmons showed that kind of improvement in shooting 3s, I would be ecstatic. Instead you try to take this guy out saying he has no work ethic. Based on what? You know this guys routine? Same lillard puts out rap albums and is one of the best players in the league. Maybe ball isn’t an elite superstar, but he still is a valuable player

              • GABEPERKINS1

                Look at ingram stats from year 1-year 3.. went from 9 pts to 16 pts to 18 pts.. fg% 40-47-49%.. balls stats pts have stayed same.. 3pt% went from below avg to league avg.. assists have stayed the same.. free throw pct well below what a guard should be shooting..but I’m sure he’ll want that max… all the elite or even good players see improvements every year.. ingram isn’t a superstar but he puts in the work and his stats reflect that.

              • GABEPERKINS1

                Simmons does other things besides shoot 3’s. High fg%, high rebounds and high assists. He does everything else to help his team win.

    • Simmons>Russ

      I agree with what your saying about Lonzo needing to improve quicker. But comparing to Booker isn’t a great idea. This is the first season in which Booker and the Suns have won more than 30 games together…
      this is Balls worse season in terms of wins and the pelicans have won 30 games …
      But I understand your point. Booker has worked really hard and now look at him trying to carry them to the playoffs. Ball entered the league extremely talent and hasn’t improved much at all


        Why isn’t he? What makes a superstar? His peers recognize him as a star.. He’s the franchise player for the suns.. he’s an all star.. dropped 70 when he was 20.. kid is only 23 years old..he’s putting that team on his back in the bubble..

      • KnickerbockerAl

        This Lavar Ball talking here. The biggest Lamelo poster on the internet. Ok Lavar you trying to get Lonzo to NYC.
        Lonzo is the real deal. This is his first yr starting. And Holiday is the lead guard. Do you even watch him play lol. Much better than his brother.

    • jump shot

      How about Lonzo just isn’t that good? If his last name was Smith and his dad wasn’t Lavar, there wouldn’t even be a thread here about him. People have these crazy expectations of him because of his hype machine dad, and people are drinking the same kool-aid about young Melo. Again, give the dad credit for fooling everyone – even the “experts” – and making his sons very wealthy young men because of it.


        Lamelo will be a bust.. he’s been playing oversees against c competiton.. his Australian league, bogut won the mvp.. the same bogut that was a role player in nba.. doesn’t play d. Shooting pct isn’t great..Lithuania he barely got off the bench vs competition that equates to a rec league..

  2. Simmons>Russ

    Pelicans definitely have to make some big decisions this off season.
    Brandon Ingram needs a max deal but is he a good long term fit worth 30mil ?
    Lonzo Ball is ready for an early extension but what’s his worth? Plus if you don’t get him now and he has a great season like Ingram did you either have to max him or let him walk.
    Plus do you bring back Favours and for how much?
    Do you make a trade with either Ingram, Ball or Holiday?
    What about Zions lack of conditioning and health?
    Is Alvin Gentry possibly the issue? This year he had Ingram All Star, Holiday former all star and all defensive player, plus first overall pick Zion and former second overall pick Zion along with lottery pick Hayes and NAW.

    Very big decisions to make.
    I still think they are better off flipping Ingram Ball and extras for Booker. A real superstar to pair with Zion. Possibly getting in a new coach and then getting prices which fit Booker and Zion.


      Lakers were forced to dump ingram to get davis.. knowing he was up for a max.. lot easier to put up numbers on a bad team and be the #1 option.. lakers won that trade by a mile..who you rather have on a max? Ingram or AD

      • Simmons>Russ

        Ingram wasn’t a lock for the max back then at all. This year is what earnt him the deal

      • KnickerbockerAl

        How exactly do you come to that conclusion. Lakers got AD. And they are suppose to win in two yrs. Cause Bron only has maybe 2 more yrs. For that they gave up. 2019 pick that became Zion.. i
        In 2019-20 Zion 22.5 pts, Ingram 23.8 pts, Lonzo 11.8 pts.
        Lakers AD 26.1 pts, Yeah that looks the same. AD can also cover all three players. It’s on the Laker NBA page. Woo hoo

        Pelicans also got
        No. 4 pick in 2019 (Zion)
        Top-8 protected in 2021, becomes unprotected in ‘22
        Which means no pick for Lakers in 2021.
        Unprotected swap in ‘23 ! WHAT !
        Unprotected first in ‘24 No Laker pick 2025 ????
        Unprotected swap in ‘25 ! WHAT !

        So it’s 3 number 1 picks. First one was Zion. Second pick will be in 2021 cause it’s not top 8. Then in 2023 when Pelicans are in playoffs and #6 seed. The Lakers will be in lottery with No AD and No Bron. So this gives Oels another lottery pick. Then in 2024 when Lakers are in lottery again. Their pick will go to Pelicans. Then in 2025 when Lakers are still in
        Lottery. They will have to swap with Pelicans.
        Who besides Lavar on this board thinks this is hating on Lakers. I didn’t make the trade. Dude it was even with just with Zion, Ingram, Lonzo. But Pels can get another 3 lottery picks. In next 5 yrs. If Zion can eat right. Lonzo, Ingram, Zion are three all stars. All this so Bron can have a shot ???? well he’s shot the Lakers. Cause they have no cap to get help. And no picks to trade. If Kuzma don’t get better starting tmrw. They won’t win this or next yr. It was dumb to trade this to satisfy a 34 yr old legend. Just like winning 7 rings in Miami. He ain’t even going to finals with LA unless Kawhi invites him lol ….

    • Sillivan

      Part ways with coach
      Trade Ingram
      Trade Ball
      Trade Holiday
      Sign and trade Favors

  3. Gentry is not a good coach I’m sorry. For example, Playoffs on the line against wizards and he has Ingram on bench for crucial stretch in 2 q. Yeah they won but that’s terrible coaching and why they haven’t beaten any good teams in the bubble.

  4. Sillivan


    Ingram Holiday Favors for Steve Adams and Chris Paul
    Ball to 76ers for Richardson
    Sign Craig

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Why would the Pelicans give away Ingram and Holiday for two players with terrible contracts like CP3 and Stevens have? OKC is the team that always gives away great players in terrible trades, such as James Harden and Russell Westbrook, they don’t trade for them.


        Yeah.. bagging on thunder.. they gave up harden for nothing.. cheap owner.. but rockets have an owner that doesn’t want to spent into the tax.. you have 110 million tied up to Gordon, Covington, Westbrook, Westbrook.. rockets are screwed.. players like Westbrook don’t age well..

  5. Sillivan

    After signing Ingram 5 years 181 million

    Ingram and Pelicans 2 Future Firsts Wiggins 3 years 92 million contract

    Wiggins has only missed 1 game with Wolves in his career

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Lonzo will be what Magic said he will be. He has the best vision of any PG except CP3. This is his first yr starting. Why would NO be unhappy with anyone after. 1 yr. a #TrumpVirus yr at that. I’m sure you all work out with Lonzo so you know. Unbelievable. Why all the talk about Booker. You actually believe all rumors. Why would Suns ever move Booker. I mean he’s jus NOW becoming a top talent. Oh yeah let’s trade away 24 yr old NOW. Suns have a bright future. Ayton didn’t even play this yr. NO gas a bright future. If they get a personal cook for Zion. Zion is the one who can mess up NO. He will never last like this. He’s out of shape now. Why ?? If he can’t stay under 260 LBs. He will have a short career. His game is not built For a heavier guy. Ingram has just become an all star. So now we give up on him. This board sound like Laker fans. Who are hurt they didn’t show this for them. They are 21 and 23. Zion 20. Why would they change from that. Thus boards thinking. Is why Knicks have blown it for yrs. Always about changing for change. You build a team. Around players you believe in. It takes 3-4 yrs to see those players. This ain’t a model agency. Always looking for the next pretty face. This work lol. Down and dirty and stick your guns work. And just cause you want change. Does not mean other teams care about you. Yes you need talent. But you have to believe in rotation guys and 3-6 guys too. Sometimes you work backwards. The Suns are in a good place. Leave them alone. The Pels are still young so you can tweet here. It’s all Zion to me. Holiday us a huge chip. He would look great on Sixers. Even with Jazz.
    This is for Laker front runners ….
    They will not win this yr. Then next yr us Brons last real shot. With Warriors coming back also. He will Never win in LA. So you better hope Kuzma develops at least to a #3 player. AD may not stay past 3 yrs.


      Lonzo started year one with lakers..lakers traded d angelo russell to make room for ball.. lonzo will never be anything more than what he is.. he doesn’t work on his game.. you seem to think the warrior will be back.. one year older and without durant..Ad .. the laker hate is comical.. when lebron leaves, they’ll pick up another superstar to pair with AD. All these lakers haters saying lebron won’t win ring.. clippers are 3-3 in bubble, bucks are 2-4, lakers are 3-4.. the 3 favorites all struggling but only everyone says lakers won’t win.. lebron is like 2 superstars during playoffs

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Really …. look up stats before you post. Not hard
        He was 19 yrs old. He started 50 out of 82. He played only 52 gms. He avg 34.2 mins, 7.2 ast, 7 reb, 10.2 pts. What is wrong with that. Look up how many PGs today or players avg 7 reb n 7 ast n double figure pts. I guess you don’t know basketball is a 2way sport. Lonzo will be first team D. Bron is 37 yrs old. You think his supplements will work forever. This ain’t baseball and Clemens lol. Lakers best shot are these two yrs. Then why would anyone want to go there. To play with Kuz. You have no picks. Why would AD stay. He only has one more yr. You think Bron is only one that can go where he wants. Lakers are not only not winning with Bron. But they will lose LA to Clippers. So get your Kawhi jersey ready lol.

        • GABEPERKINS1

          Lonzo missed a lot of games due to Injury..50 were starts, 2 were coming back from injury and 30 were missed due to injury..I’m a Laker fan I watch the Lakers…. I can actually name a lot with those stats with Better shooting percentages.. brogden, Ben Simmons, trae young, Westbrook, Rubio.. we have no picks? We gave up 3.. last year was 1, the other two has protections and or pick swaps.. 2021 protected 8-30, they might not even convey.. lakers also have history of getting players late.. zubac, clarkson, kuzma, nance, Horton tucker, etc. so that theory is out. Lakers beat clippers last 2 time playing with pg and kawhi playing.. First 2 games They lost were tied going into 4th quarter. Lakers have 7 players with championship experience..(lebron, mcgee, cook, rondo, Danny green, jr Smith, even Dwight has been to finals.. clippers have 1(kawhi). Third, you do understand players do want to play for lakers..location, winning, and they take care of their players..

      • KnickerbockerAl

        So Lavar ….. why is it you love one son and not like the real Baller. Thibs will never take a one way player. Who has lost his shot at that. I would give up our pick for Lonzo. I wouldn’t take LaBust with our second 1st rd pick.

        • Again and again and again i agree with you knickerbokeral.lonzo much better player than lamelo.people only look at score.they dont look at how good is lonzo on defense.he isnt primary scoring on offense but he is a good playmaker.and his 3s isnt that bad anymore.he made 37% on 3s.i love if pells trade him to my bulls.

          • KnickerbockerAl

            He’s young. No one has patience anymore. It’s that fast food mentality. And it’s a 2way sport. He’s got a chance to be 1st team D player. How can you not like that. Right

            • Knicker : bcoz people only see on the scorer.people think defense isnt an important think.look at zach lavine.bulls fans love him except me.i never like him bcos he play no defense.he made 25+ score but allowing opponend made more score than hims.defense is important think.that why i like lonzo.and his offensive isnt bad too.he can pass.he is good playmaker.

  7. Sillivan

    Ingram 35 million a year
    Favors 10 million a year
    Ball extension 15 million a year
    Hart extension 10 million a year
    Total 70 million

    Pelicans won’t make playoffs next 5 years without good trade

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