Pelicans Rumors: Gentry, Ingram, Ball, Zion

With the Pelicans‘ 2019/20 season set to come to an end following Thursday’s seeding game against the Magic, the next big question the team must answer revolves around Alvin Gentry‘s future. The veteran head coach has now made the postseason just once in five years since arriving in New Orleans.

While the Pelicans have had to deal with some injuries over the course of those five years, the team had loftier expectations, especially considering Anthony Davis was on the roster for those first four years. Additionally, New Orleans appeared to be in prime position to compete for the final playoff spot in the West this summer, but has played underwhelming basketball during the restart, losing five of its seven games, including two to Sacramento.

Within a discussion about the Pelicans’ offseason, Sam Amick of The Athletic says he’d be “very surprised” if Gentry is back for the 2020/21 season, suggesting there are strong signs that head of basketball operations David Griffin would like to make a change. In Amick’s view, Tyronn Lue and even Mike D’Antoni could be candidates worth keeping an eye on if New Orleans decides to move on from Gentry.

Still, Amick and fellow Athletic reporter David Aldridge caution that finances could play a part in the Pelicans’ decision. Gentry is owed more than $5MM for the 2020/21 season, the final year of his current deal. Team ownership may be reluctant to pay off that contract and pay a new head coach next season, given the financial impact the coronavirus pandemic has had.

Here’s more on Gentry and the Pelicans:

  • In an opinion column for, Scott Kushner makes the case for why the Pelicans should move on from Gentry, writing that the team’s “lethargic, uninspired” play during the restart served as “irrefutable evidence” that a new voice is needed.
  • Checking in on the Brandon Ingram situation in New Orleans, Shams Charania of The Athletic says that re-signing the young forward remains the plan for the Pelicans, who have remained in touch with agent Jeff Schwartz all season. Ingram is viewed as a likely maximum-salary player, Charania adds.
  • David Aldridge of The Athletic has heard from sources at the NBA’s campus in Orlando that they expect “significant roster adjustments” for the Pelicans this offseason. Aldridge also hears that Lonzo Ball “looked like he’d checked out” during the restart.
  • Asked today about his offseason plans, Zion Williamson said he intends to work on his game and to “get his body where it needs to be,” tweets Andrew Lopez of ESPN. Williamson didn’t offer additional specifics on where his body needs to be, indicating he needs to talk to the team about that.
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15 thoughts on “Pelicans Rumors: Gentry, Ingram, Ball, Zion

  1. nentwigs

    The Orlando Bubble site is getting pretty darn expensive for the Pelicans.
    The team is running up a large BILL !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. stevep-4

    I am pretty sure Chicago would take Ball off the Pelicans’ hands in return for Cristiano Felicio. Then they will see the true meaning of “checked out”.


    Ball checked out.. there’s a surprise.. he’s hyped like a superstar but plays like a role player.. was glad lakers got rid of him.. kid has no desire to be great.. ball kids have never had to work for anything. Always been handed everything.

    • afsooner02

      That father hyping them like they’re better than Jordan in his prime didn’t help either.

  4. GoLandCrabs

    They really fired Monty Williams for losing a playoff series to the Warriors. They have made little progress under Gentry and its beyond time for him to go.

    • wagner13

      Yeah, I was a little hesitant to fire him after the initial regular season given the Pelicans were rarely healthy. However, the lethargic nature of the team in the bubble wasn’t a good look and indicates the organization needs a fresh start to develop the youth

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    That’s not good news for Ball. Cause Zion out of shape too. Does not reflect well on Management. They would have no problem moving Ball. Biggest issue is Zions weight and coach. This is a very young team. They need real leadership. I’m surprised Holiday hasn’t stepped up. We’ll see, don’t believe the hype.

      • Jrue is a very good player.great of the best defender in the nba.if nola want to trade jrue and lonzo,i hope its to my bulls.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    He’s a vet all vets should be leaders. Part of job description. Vets get signed just to mentor and lead. I didn’t say he was a gd leader. Said surprised he is not stepping up. He is longest tenured Pelican. All should listen to him. It should be obvious. Not a player ??
    You just outed yourself.

  7. ppyxmb

    Mavs receive Jrue Holiday, trade Delon Wright to NOP.
    Warriors trade Wiggins to NOP
    Warriors receive Justin Jackson, Lee (Sign&Trade 6/1) and Darius Miller (non-guaranteed) to make the trade work. This way the clear themselves of Wiggins salary. Obviously they send their #1 pick to NOP, which is their prize for letting Jrue go (he probably won’t resign in 2022 anyways). Mavs have a deadly trio in Luka, Jrue and KP, resign Tim Hardaway for 60/4 and win it all in 2022.

    Who says no?

    • jump shot

      Mavs will be good but won’t win a championship their style of play. Will be fun to watch (Luka) but will never be the best team in the world playing that way.
      New Orleans will not be any good for the foreseeable future until there’s a massive overhaul there… several players and the coach. They’re not a hand-picked player away.
      All of the Ball boys are overrated and their dad, while obnoxious, did a great job of getting them paid via his smoke & mirrors… but good for him! Shame on so many “experts” for being so gullible.

    • x%sure

      Interesting, Wiggins makes up for NOLA letting go of Ingram not to mention Jrue. I doubt Griffin goes along though since Wiggins is not his guy.

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