Raptors’ Adrian Griffin Denies Domestic Abuse Allegations

Raptors assistant coach Adrian Griffin has vehemently denied allegations of domestic abuse made by his former wife Audrey Griffin on social media.

Audrey posted a message on Thursday morning accusing the Raptors assistant of a number of abuses, including choking her, throwing her into a wall, and dragging her out of the house in below-freezing weather. In her post, she claimed she had “receipts for everything.”

Griffin and the Raptors issued statements this afternoon in response to those accusations, as Blake Murphy of The Athletic relays (via Twitter).

“This morning, accusations were made against me on social media by my former wife that I vehemently deny,” Griffin said. “We are involved in a longstanding legal dispute over alimony and child support arrangements. I am disappointed to have to address false accusations in this way, and I apologize for any distraction this has potentially caused for our team at this important time.”

The Raptors indicated that they were “dismayed” by the allegations and immediately spoke to Griffin, who flatly denied them. “We will support the process as he and his former partner settle these matters,” the team said in its statement.

Griffin, who has interviewed for head coaching jobs in the past and was considered a potential Bulls candidate if they moved on from Jim Boylen, assumed temporary head coaching duties for the Raptors on Wednesday night, with Nick Nurse giving him an opportunity to take the reins. After leading the team to a 125-121 win over Philadelphia, Griffin said he “felt like Cinderella,” as Andrew Lopez of ESPN details.

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7 thoughts on “Raptors’ Adrian Griffin Denies Domestic Abuse Allegations

  1. mcdusty49

    Maybe it’s just me but these allegations tend to lose a little credibility right out of the gate when they come years after the fact and in the midst of a contentious custody battle

    • Also coming the morning after what is the proudest to date moment of his coaching career, basking in a lot of attention from media and appreciation from his players after a big win where he was given head coaching responsibilities as a generous gesture to his career aspirations.

      Why does this happen after how many weeks of ongoing legal contests over custody and alimony? To jab a pin in the inflating joy he was riding for one night. I would like to see how she goes about proving these allegations. She apparently claims to have evidence, so if she doesn’t I would like to see how this blows back on her. There is a lot of malicious intent here in the timing, and if it’s supported by nothing there ought to be a way to deal with that.

      • x%sure

        She jabbed a pin to jab a pin… there’s a tweet-link with more.
        He says: “longstanding legal dispute”
        She says: he did “not follow court order”

        • I’m sure there is a lot of pride battled back and forth here, a lot of digs just to annoy or infuriate the other party and battles over issues both big and small.

          I see in her recent twitter feed where she goes on bout narcissistic behaviour and also pedophiles. I can only assume she is posting this in anger about her ex, AG, and accusing him of being one and the other as she never names him. I’m not sure if this is a legal strategy where she posts on twitter implications against her ex without naming him directly in the more scandalous accusations.

          Her feed there is fairly innocuous and positive up until early June where he missed a support payment apparently in the midst of some COVID panic where she lives in NY and all hell breaks loose on tearing down her ex.

  2. x%sure

    From Huffpost:
    ” Audrey Griffin, MAEd is author of the forthcoming contemporary parenting book The Day I Took Off My Cape, (Authorhouse/Creative Mom Publishing) which hits bookstores in February 2010.

    “She is a writer and lifestyle parenting blogger of the popular parenting site “Removing the Cape” where she addresses issues concerning child rearing, marriage, parenting, sex and contemporary parenting as it relates to pop culture.

    “Mrs. Griffin is the former Vice President of ‘Behind the Bench: the National Basketball Wives Association,’ a mother of four and wife to Milwaukee Buck player turned NBA coach, Adrian Griffin.”

    Probably not the usual scandal. She may not be interested in money. Semifamous family, BB-wise:
    link to davesjoint.net

  3. El Don

    A man who doesn’t happily pay alimony for his kids loses all credibility with me. So he better proofs his right, as of now I think she comes as more credible, specially if she really has proof of the assaults she receive from him. Probably a good idea for TOR to send him home to try fix the mess he has created & not to affect more negatively the team & franchise.

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