Sixers Assured Of Receiving OKC’s 2020 First-Round Pick

The Thunder‘s last-minute win over the Heat on Wednesday assured that Oklahoma City will send its 2020 first-round pick to the Sixers, as Derek Bodner of The Athletic tweets.

That selection had been top-20 protected, and the Thunder had been hovering around the league’s 10th-best record since even before the season was suspended in March. Currently, Oklahoma City is tied with Houston at 44-27, meaning the pick projects to land at either No. 23 or 24, as our reverse standings show.

If OKC loses its final seeding game on Friday against the Clippers, the pick could end up as high as No. 21. However, it can’t get to No. 20, since the Heat and Pacers (both currently 44-28) will play each other on Friday, guaranteeing that at least one of those teams will finish with a worse record than the Thunder. As such, the top-20 protection won’t apply.

The pick will be an important asset this offseason for the 76ers, since they previously traded their own 2020 first-round pick to the Clippers (who flipped it to Brooklyn). If the Thunder’s first-rounder had landed in the top 20, Philadelphia would have instead received OKC’s 2022 and 2023 second-round picks.

The Sixers originally acquired the Thunder first-rounder in 2016 in exchange for Jerami Grant. Philadelphia sent it to Orlando during the 2017 draft to acquire Anzejs Pasecniks‘s rights, but later acquired it back in its 2019 Markelle Fultz trade with the Magic.

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13 thoughts on “Sixers Assured Of Receiving OKC’s 2020 First-Round Pick

  1. Banesays

    You mean CP3 went to a different team and has the same record as the almighty Rockets? Whaaaaaat?

  2. mikedickinson

    OKC being 44-27 may be the most under the radar / surprising thing this season. Donovan should be coach of the year and CP3 should have been considered in the MVP race.

    • mcmillankmm

      OKC did have a nice season, no arguments for Donovan for COY…CP3 for MVP is a joke though

      • Looks like he doesn’t imagine he should win, just be honored with a mention. Maybe the league should just mention 50 guys every year were under consideration. By default the best one or two players from every playoff team should be candidates. Then everyone who is top 3-5 of every major statistical category, if not already nominated from first criteria. Then the fans can vote for any remaining players to bring the total to 50 candidates.

    • On top of the nice season and a couple nice players they received from the Clippers, did they receive some great draft picks as well? Future looks bright in OKC.

      • 5 first round picks and two swap options from Clippers, another two first round picks and another two swaps from Rockets. Given how well they can draft, you need some serious eye protection to look at OKC’s future. It is way too bright.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    OKC drafted 3 MVPs and plenty of talent. Yet all are gone. And they never won. Their coach is not responsible for this yr. CP3 is. A real PG can do this fir a team. Yeah OKC future is bright if they draft right or trade right. But they’ve been here before.
    I’m rooting for them to beat Rockets. Not a Harden guy. Don’t believe in small ball (small results).

    • SheaGoodbye

      Part of the reason they never won was because of said coach. With a better HC for the playoffs, OKC might have a title under its belt by now.

      And it would be too perfect if you’re actually a Knicks fan and criticizing another franchise that has been relatively well run over the years.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Sixers with no pick. This helps them. A pick in 21-24 is a player that can help. Cause all the 19- 20 yr olds going on top of draft. There will be a rotation guy there for them. Wish them luck. Players projected there by different draft boards. Kyra Lewis, Carey Jr, Saddiq Bey, RJ Hampton, J McDaniels, Tyler Bay, Jalen Smith. All these players IMO are rotation guys at least. Sixers should concentrate on restructuring team next yr.

  5. afsooner02

    Weak draft this year anyways…..Thunder did well to pass it now while still making the playoffs.

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