Sixers Notes: Arena, Brown, Rucker, Embiid, Simmons

The Sixers are possibly looking at building a new basketball arena at Penn’s Landing, according to a report from The Philadelphia Inquirer. The Inquirer’s report also indicates that the team is lobbying local officials about a plan to have taxpayer support help finance the construction.

The Sixers currently play at the Wells Fargo Center, which is shared with the city’s NHL franchise — Philadelphia Flyers. However, they reportedly want to leave the Wells Fargo Center by 2031.

“The 76ers have long enjoyed a strong relationship with Comcast-Spectacor, but the organization is exploring all options for when its lease ends at Wells Fargo Center in 2031, including a potential arena development at Penn’s Landing,” a Sixers spokesperson said.

Here’s more on the Sixers:

  • Earlier this week, the Sixers fired Brett Brown as their head coach after seven years. The firing came off the heels of Philadelphia being swept in four games by the Celtics in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Nevertheless, Tom Haberstroh of NBC Sports opines that Brown was the wrong scapegoat for the Sixers’ lingering issues. He points out that the 59-year-old was the only stable force in an organization that had three different general managers and 102 different players on the roster during Brown’s tenure.
  • In addition to seeking a new head coach, the Sixers may be in the market for a new executive vice president of basketball operations. Alex Rucker, who currently holds that title, is not expected to be back with the team next season, according to Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Sixers general manager Elton Brand was asked on Tuesday about Rucker’s future. “I’m doing a thorough assessment of our front office,” he said. “I don’t want to pinpoint Alex as a scapegoat or anything like that. Our group has to get stronger, we know that. “So I’m taking time to assess where we are and how we get better. We failed, and we’re not happy about it, actually pissed about it.” Rucker was hired in 2016 from the Raptors to be Philadelphia’s analytics manager during the Bryan Colangelo regime. From there, he was promoted to senior VP of analytics and strategy in August 2018.
  • In his latest newsletter, Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote about the Sixers’ intentions to meet with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid to seek their opinions on what the team needs. “I’m going to talk with Jo and Ben about the game and how they see it and what’s going to help them and how to complement them,” Brand said earlier this week. “I’m not going to put the pressure of ‘You wanted this new coach’ or ‘You wanted that player’ on them, just have some clear, candid conversations with them, absolutely, as I think I should.”
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15 thoughts on “Sixers Notes: Arena, Brown, Rucker, Embiid, Simmons

  1. The Sixers are not getting local taxpayer monies to help build a new arena. Because there is none.

  2. Sillivan

    I don’t see any team is going to take Harris or Horford full salary
    Highly likely 76ers are going to pay at least 50 million tax to compete next year
    They are planning to hire a low cost head coach

    • Sillivan

      If Knicks Hawks Pistons don’t want Harris or Horford contract,then 76ers are likely to trade Simmons away

    • Sillivan

      Both teams say no
      76ers need to pay 20 million additional luxury tax
      Harris is 29,too old for Thunder to rebuild

    • Sillivan

      My best trade idea is
      Harris to Knicks for Kevin Knox and 2021 Mavs pick
      Then trade picks for Luke Kennard

      76ers Save total of 60 million dollars

  3. Reflect

    They haven’t even finished building a roster and now they want to build an arena?

  4. Black Ace57

    Building an arena at Penn’s Landing is really dumb. For people not familiar with Philadelphia I will explain. All four of the sports teams have stadiums right next to each other. It is a perfect setup where there is always a ton of parking where there are enough lots for all of them so that is a great benefit. You also have Xfinity Live which is this great giant sports bar complex which is right there. If you saw the area and been there you know what I’m trying to say. To start moving the teams to different areas and to have a separate basketball and hockey arena instead of just one while at the same time demanding tax payer money is stupid.

    • phillyballers

      They should be extending regional rail to the stadiums so people dont have to take the disgusting subway from CC. End of the line should be the stadiums from the burbs on a couple of the lines to reduce traffic. Penns Landing will be a shytshow. I get trying to revive a dead Old City and it does fix the regional rail access by ending at Market St. But getting out of there will be even worse than leaving the stadiums.

  5. x%sure

    Massive projects like the new Sixer arena sound like a waste of money. Between the article describing it and BlackAce57’s post, yeah. It’s even dumber than I thought!
    Penn Landing was supposed to be a public space of 8 acres between downtown and the river. And the proposed arena being a jobs program is not likely to improve what Philly has.

  6. phillyballers

    Ben and Jo’s opinion better be “3pt shooters” that’s the only thing they should target. Any signing or trade for a player that can’t shoot +38% is pointless. And a player that can’t create their own shot equallynl pointless. I think LaVine is the most gettable young player bc the Bulls are hot garbage and their young core doesn’t look like anything special. Horford’s contract won’t impede anything they would do. Harris and Horford don’t fit for Hawks or Knicks. Hawks just got Capella and the Knicks want star power. Buddy Hield is obviously everyone’s favorite trade target bc he doesnt gel w Walton. If they could do Kevin Love + Collin Sexton that would be a good get offensively. They gave up 4 picks for Harris and Shamet and then maxed him. EB probably wont throw in the towel for a negative return on him. Horford, Scott, JRich, and Smith are the contracts they’ll trade with their remaining picks.

  7. x%sure

    Love and Embiid together would work really well. Also Sexton would always be able to find a lane & finish. Cavs D is atrocious, needs help. These trades hurt Sixer depth though.

    Sexton for #26, ZSmith, {Thybulle or Milton}?
    Sexton & Love ($36.3) for #26 & Horford, Thybulle, Milton ($33.4)?
    Sexton & Osman ($13.7) for JRich, Thybulle, Milton ($15.2)?

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