Tom Thibodeau Notes: Butler, G League, Knicks

The Knicks officially named Tom Thibodeau the new head coach earlier this week, ending a long search for the next person to hopefully propel New York back into title contention. Thibodeau, a former assistant coach with the Knicks, brings a winning pedigree, evidenced by his strong run as Bulls head coach.

Now that the Knicks’ future is clearer, Thibodeau’s hiring has and will continue to draw analysis and reaction from around the league. Like every coach, Thibodeau has faced his share of criticism while at the head coaching helm with the Bulls and Timberwolves.

Below you can check out some more news and reaction on New York appointing Thibodeau as the one to lead the Knicks into the future.

  • Heat All-Star Jimmy Butler, who developed from a bench player into the NBA’s elite, is among those most familiar with Thibodeau. Butler, coached by Thibodeau in Chicago and Minnesota, believes his former coach will help the Knicks. “He’s going to do great. He’s going to turn those young guys into some real players; some superstars, some All-Stars,” Butler said to ESPN’s Nick Friedell (Twitter link). “I know he’s been itching for this. I know he’s been preparing for it. When you talk about Thibs and the big stage, I think they go hand in hand.”
  • One policy change under Thibodeau that could change is how the Knicks utilize the G League, Marc Berman of the New York Post writes. During his introductory press conference, Thibodeau said the team would like to have players who are not getting sufficient minutes with the Knicks see more floor time in Westchester with the G League squad. Berman notes that giving underutilized players significant G League minutes was a contentious issue between the former vice president of player development/G-League operations Craig Robinson and GM Scott Perry.
  • In an earlier post this week, we relayed some other tidbits on Thibodeau’s hiring, particularly hinting at him being open to changing his coaching style to give ample rest.
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7 thoughts on “Tom Thibodeau Notes: Butler, G League, Knicks

  1. Sillivan

    Knicks have the news every day
    Knicks are now making the biggest noises in the nba history
    Any of current Knicks have little chance to become top 20 players in the nba

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Always thought the G-league was a development L. I’m glad we finally got a coach who understands that. See most coaches, GMs are afraid to send top picks down. It’s like admitting their mistakes. Real basketball knowledge. Tells you 19, 20 yr olds are not ready. The way you learn best. Is by playing games. Not by sitting on planet Uranus. This is what NY does to you. This is why Thibs is a solid choice. He will fight for what he thinks is best for player and team. Cause after all. This player is part of the team. It’s a team game. Young talent needs to develop. Physically and mentally. Thibs made Butler who he is today. I pray we find a Butler.

  3. bravesfan88

    Thibs is going to bring with him exactly what this young team needs: leadership, direction, and discipline on and off the court.

    Thins has some really talented young players to help mold in RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson. Also, throw in some of their other younger players that have shown glimpses, but struggle with consistency in Ntil, Knox, Smith Jr., etc..Thibs should be absent help reach these guys as well..

    He will also have some veterans to help implement his system like Taj, and whichever other vets he chooses to bring in..

    Add in Randle, a lottery pick like a LaMelo, a player like Gallinari, and with some growth from within, and I think Thibs could have this Knicks team F8NALLY looking up!!

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