Altman Confirms Mutual Interest Between Thompson, Cavs

Tristan Thompson‘s days in Cleveland appeared numbered following the Cavaliers‘ acquisition of center Andre Drummond in February, but reports throughout the summer suggested that a new deal between the Cavs and Thompson is still possible, with Spencer Davies of citing a source this week who says there’s “a lot of mutual interest” between the two sides.

With free agency around the corner, Thompson isn’t participating in the Cavaliers’ in-market bubble mini-camp this week. However, general manager Koby Altman made it clear that’s not a sign that the big man won’t be back, confirming that a reunion remains in play, per Chris Fedor of

“I think it’s fair to say there’s mutual interest for sure,” Altman said. “He’s been with this franchise his entire career since we drafted him. He’s won a championship here. Obviously, he means a lot to the players on the team right now.”

Thompson’s veteran teammates in the frontcourt are among those who would like to see him back, as Fedor relays. Larry Nance Jr. said that re-signing Thompson would be his “top priority” this offseason, while Kevin Love said Thompson is “so valuable for this team and this organization.”

Still, according to Fedor, one source believes a new deal between the Cavaliers and Thompson is just a “50-50” proposition, since there are some obstacles that would complicate matters. Given Cleveland’s cap situation, re-signing the 29-year-old may limit the club’s ability to use its mid-level exception. And if the Cavs draft a big man with the No. 5 overall pick in November, the frontcourt might be too crowded to fit Thompson.

“It has to make sense,” Altman acknowledged. “There are some events coming up — the draft, free agency — where we have to see if it makes sense for him. He’s earned the right to be an unrestricted free agent and explore opportunities at this point in his career. So, we’ll see.”

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13 thoughts on “Altman Confirms Mutual Interest Between Thompson, Cavs

  1. hiflew

    I would really be interested in seeing how well Thompson can play in a different setting.

    The guy does have a ring and a long career, but he has always seemed like a disappointment. It’s kind of like what I was saying about Marvin Williams the other day. Thompson is cursed with his high draft position. If he was a high second round pick, his career would be looked at as really good. But as the #4 overall pick in a strong draft that was picked ahead of Kemba Walker, Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard. Tobias Harris, and Jimmy Butler, among others, it is really hard to see him as a big success.

    • specialfriedrice

      Great analogy…but using hindsight to critique the past is really not very productive…not everyone can be Michael or a Lebron my friend…teams are made up of players…role players like superstars play their role and have long careers…you don’t have a team without people filling all the roles…

      • Smartguy84

        Exactly bro TT isn’t a bust at all. Very goid athletic defender can switch & gaurd smaller GAURDS. Great footwork toughness great example for young rookies and 2nd year players. He brings it every night stays out of trouble. And hes always top 10 in offensive and defensive rebounds. It seems as if all you care about is guys who can score. But without getting rebounds you can’t score can’t even start a fast break. He was well worth the 4th pick you saw how valuable he was in the finals. And shot a high percentage from 3 so he’s still expanding his game also. Most importantly he can use both hands better than anyone in the league almost.

        • hiflew

          I never called him a bust. But he is not a superstar either. And what a lot of people forget is that there is a lot of gray area in between those two extremes. Tristan Thompson is not a bust by any means, but on the scale from bust to superstar, I’d probably put him about at the midpoint between the two. A lot of players would love to trade their careers for his. That being said, there are about the same number of players that wouldn’t make that trade.

          Another comparison I could make would be that of Sam Bowie. If you just looked at his career numbers, Sam Bowie had a very respectable NBA career. Not a great one, but not one to be embarrassed about either. But when you factor in that he was drafted before Jordan and Barkley, people start calling him a bust. Thompson is about the same on a smaller scale.

    • the dude

      God i would love to see a sillivan run NBA, every team would be so terrible.

  2. ThisGuy

    Sounds like the Cavs are doing TT a solid and providing some leverage before he hits FA.

    I’d be shocked if he doesn’t land w a contender for the MLE

      • Smartguy84

        Why wouldnt he stay do you realize with Drummond we were 4-4 and with BICKERSTAFF a couple games below .500. The cavs have something special bro he doesnt have to do it all he come off the bench and wreak havoc. Your big men are Larry Nance Drummond Kevin Love TT. Those 4 avg triple dubs bro and they gonna out rebound everyone most importantly depending on matchups you mix & match cuz they are compliment each other. Then you add 2 young GAURDS that are gonna progress as playmakers and get them the ball. Plus everyone don’t punk out and run from the grind like Bron & KD some guys are still actually loyal. That’s TT he fits right in here gritty poorest city in the country. Nothing is given everything is earned TT with his lunchpale mentality fits right in here. Plus the grass isnt always greener cuz a tram is so called contender. Hell if they werent tanking to get Belein fired they wouldve been in the bubble as a 7 or 8 seed.

        • jump shot

          Cavs sucked last season and will suck this season. And the league gifted them a championship in 2016.
          Thompson IS a solid role player tho.

    • x%sure

      Yes like hiflew I would like to see him do it as the new guy. Maybe he will find the correct hand to shoot with! It was fun watching Anderson Varajao on GSW even though it was a finals opponent.

      It would not help his rep to have the dumped look though.

  3. 123Redsox

    Draft a stretch 4. Trade Love for young assets and picks. Sign Dunn. Re-sign Thompson. Call it an off-season.

    Keeping Love makes no sense except for his leadership. Vet leadership can be found elsewhere. Love should go to a contender and the cavs can get some assets for when their next window of contention is. Dunn brings some youthful leadership and elite defense that would fit in GREAT next to both Sexton and Garland. Thompson stays as a backup for Drummond and vet leader.

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