Atlantic Notes: Hayward, Sixers, Nets, Leonard, VanVleet

The Celtics announced on Wednesday that forward Gordon Hayward is listed as doubtful for Thursday’s Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals, per Tim Bontemps of ESPN (Twitter link).

As Bontemps points out, this is the first time Hayward has been upgraded from “out” since he suffered a Grade 3 ankle sprain in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. The Celtics replaced Hayward in the starting lineup with Marcus Smart, who is averaging 15.3 PPG, 5.6 RPG, and 4.2 APG.

Here’s more from around the Atlantic Division:

  • After losing the development rights to Penn’s Landing to a rival bidder last week, the Sixers have signaled their dissatisfaction with playing at the Wells Fargo Center, writes Jacob Adelman of The Philadelphia Inquirer. The Sixers want their own arena for a variety of reasons, including the ability to gain schedule flexibility, which they currently do not have. Philadelphia’s lease at the Wells Fargo Center reportedly runs out in 2031. The Inquirer goes on to lists various locations within Philadelphia that the Sixers could use to build their new arena.
  • Long Island Nets guard Devin Cannady spoke with Alex Schiffer of The Athletic about working out with Nets superstars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in Los Angeles. The NBA G League guard recalled a game of 2-on-2 where he had trouble defending Irving. Durant stopped the game and instead gave tips Cannady to help him. “If I got the confidence from KD,” Cannady said to Schiffer. “Then I don’t need to hold back anymore at all.” The former Princeton standout also said that Durant looks good and healthy in the workouts.
  • One of the reasons why Kawhi Leonard wanted to go to the Clippers is because he felt the Raptors weren’t good enough to repeat, according to Josh Lewenberg of TSN (Twitter link). The Finals MVP reportedly said this last summer in his meeting with Toronto’s front office. Leonard ultimately ended up signing a three-year deal with Los Angeles and teaming up with Paul George. However, his old team didn’t experience a significant drop-off, finishing with the second-best record in the Eastern Conference and losing in Game 7 of the Eastern Semifinals.
  • With the Raptors’ season coming to an end last week, Blake Murphy of The Athletic explains what it would take to re-sign Fred VanVleet while also maintaining max cap space for the 2021 offseason. VanVleet is set to be an unrestricted free agent and is reportedly expected to receive interest from the Knicks, Pistons, and Suns. Murphy details various scenarios involving OG Anunoby‘s rookie-scale extension, which he is eligible for this offseason, the 2021 free-agent class, and Norman Powell‘s player option.
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39 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Hayward, Sixers, Nets, Leonard, VanVleet

  1. C-Daddy

    Raptors would have waltzed to a Finals appearance and likely another chip with Kawhi.

        • Chief Two Hands

          Green has been solid this season for the Lakers. To say he has been awful just shows that you do not know what you are talking about.

  2. Lakers1

    Instead of staying with a first class organization, kawhi goes to the team that has never won anything and will always be second fiddle in LA.. they are the only nba team where the local fans hoped they imploded.. lakers city for life

  3. rap4life

    So let me understand
    Leonard leaves Toronto with a championship to move home and play with a better contender, then goes to the bubble in Florida where they are bounced from the playoffs—again—by a Canadian boy no less.
    Now that’s hilarious

    • Curtisrowe

      I mean, the article said “one of the reasons”.

      Kawhi never wanted to play in Canada.

    • Don’t forget the phenom Canadian point guard the Clippers had to trade away to make Kawhi happy.

  4. Black Ace57

    Enough with this stuff about a new arena. The Sixers made a contractual agreement that they would play at Wells Fargo until 2031. There is no real reason both the Sixers and Flyers need separate arenas. Unless there is 100% private financing by the Sixers this will only be an unnecessary use of Philadelphia tax payer money. When Spectacor and Ed Snider owned this team they would never have done this nonsense.

    • Regi Green

      That agreement was made when Comcast owned the team.Harris might’ve bought the team knowing the agreement was in place,but it’s still a deal that Comcast made with Comcast.Idk too many people who would speak all that highly about Comcast’s billing system.

  5. Black Ace57

    Ok, I just read through the article and 3 key points:

    1. The article quotes someone saying that where they are is a “remote, parking lot encircled corner of South Philly.” It is not remote at all and it is not a burden for fans to get there. You know why it is parking lot encircled? Because all the major 4 sports team stadiums and arenas are there! Right next to Citizen’s Bank Park and Lincoln Financial Field. They also say they want things like restaurants and stuff for fans to enjoy. Xfinity Live is right there and a great place for fans to enjoy. If it was about that more places like that or smaller could be built. Point 2 shows the true motive.

    2. The article then cites other cities where teams own arenas, but in the project also own surrounding hotels and bars and shopping. This is what the Sixers want. Their plan included a bunch of apartments, at least 1 hotel, and dining and shopping to make money. This is why it was $4 billion and why they want this. Scheduling games isn’t the important thing.

    3. These greedy people want Philly to pay over $900 million for this project that won’t even house the Flyers. This is crazy. This is right after they got $80 million for their practice facility from New Jersey! They are also trying to leverage moving over to South Jersey where they would take money from NJ instead!

    Enough of this nonsense and this ownership! Don’t find this!

    • I give no fox

      Umm, the stadiums are absolutely in a remote part of philly. They are closer to the airport than downtown. It is a burden to get there. Traffic is atrocious on game days and if it’s a two sport day, god help you. There is no reason to be in that area unless it is for a game. Warehouses and parking lots as far as the eye can see. And xfinity, come on man. That’s not a destination. It’s basically a frat party. The food is just overpriced, stadium grade junk. Now they are building a casino, really making that a fan friendly experience.

      I absolutely agree that the project should be self funded. But don’t pretend like that area is of any use outside of game days. I don’t see the problem with them moving once their lease is up and trying to build their vision, as long as it’s on their own dime.

      • Black Ace57

        But if it was about building that area up with more restaurants and stuff like that it wouldn’t be hard to do. Comcast is gonna have an Esports arena done in 2021 and there is no reason more shopping or dining couldn’t be added in the area. Sports have been located there forever. The Vet and Spectrum were both there. You can even go back to 1926 with JFK Stadium. Traffic isn’t great, but it’s Philadelphia and if you hear some of the horror stories about other cities with teams it is nothing.

        This comes down to really the fact that A. there is no reason the Sixers and Flyers should have separate arenas B. this is just Joshua Harris and company wanting more money C. this will lead to more milking of tax payer dollars.

        • I give no fox

          That area has literally zero appeal though. As you stated, sports have been there forever and no other businesses want a part of it. Why? Because it’s not in an area that is easily accessible. No one will want to travel there unless it’s for sports.

          I am not disagreeing with you on Harris wanting more money. 100% agree. But the sports complex won’t attract business outside of game days. No one is gonna want to pay for parking or for a $30 cab ride to go to hang out in that area.

          Honestly, if they self fund, who cares if they have a separate arena

        • I give no fox

          Also, I like how in your OP point 1 you say “It is not remote at all and is not a burden for fans to get there”, yet admit that traffic is a problem in your response. Which way is it?

          Anyway, my main point is this, if they self fund let them build an arena and develop the real estate however they want. From a business perspective it makes way more sense to develop you own land and have opportunities for hotels, shops, restaurants, and the like. Not to mention the added bonus of owning your own arena and being able to profit off of events held there.

          • Black Ace57

            I will admit my first point is probably my weakest point. Maybe it’s just me stuck in the mindset that sports have always been there and traffic will alway be bad and that may be wrong. I think the biggest thing though is clearly based on how they are acting they expect the city to pay for both a Sixers arena and a Flyers arena or they will get NJ to pay. The whole thing about the restaurants is a bit pointless because I’m just trying to say that the hotels and dining and shopping don’t really matter. They are claiming they are doing it “for the fans” when it’s really about them owning all of that to make a lot of money.

            • I give no fox

              Couldn’t agree more. But man, what could have been. The Sixers waterfront design mockups looked amazing. Would have been a pretty awesome setup. The winning bidders also have a great design. The philly waterfront will benefit regardless.

              • x%sure

                That is very hopeful, expecting no cost overruns, and developers not planning on getting their hands on public money.

                What is this thing with restaurants close to the stadium?— Do people say, Lets go eat at that place next to the stadium?— or Lets go get it at those shops by the stadium? You expect extra markups there even from franchises. People who already plan to be at the stadium will optimally make postgame plans for elsewhere, unless drunk, so there goes classiness.

                How about spending money money to make existing facilities more accessible?

                Okay back to the Philedelphians who know the turf. lol

  6. realistnotsucker

    They might as well become the New Jersey Sixers if they move to dirty Camden

  7. Reflect

    So if the Raptors weren’t good enough to win a second title then how did they win a title the first time? What absurd logic. I thought Kawhi was supposed to be smart.

    • Chief Two Hands

      I kind of get a Karl from Sling Blade vibe from him. “Some folks call it a basketball. I call it a kaiserball, mmhmm.”

  8. Simmons>Russ

    Four crazy Sixers trades:

    1. John Wall, Davis Bertans (sign and trade) and a first round pick for Ben Simmons and Al Horford

    2. Joel Embiid, Josh Richardson and Mike Scott for Victor Oladipo, Myles Turner, Doug McDermott and 2 first round picks.

    3. Joel Embiid, Jason Richardson and Mike Scott for Devin Booker, Kelly Oubre Jr and 2 first round picks.

    4. Joel Embiid, Jason Richardson and Mike Scott for CJ McCollum, Jusuf Nurkic, Trevor Ariza, Nassir Little and 2 first round picks.


    1. Crazy deal,

    • Simmons>Russ

      First deal Sixers maybe have more faith in Wall with Embiid and would rather get Bertans and a first for Horford.

      Second deal, Pacers need to make big moves. Embiid gives them a new star pair him with Sabonis TJ Warren Brogdon and JRich. Sixers get Simmons another co-star in Oladipo, a young shooting centre in turner and a sniper for the bench in McDermott.

      Third deal, Ben and Devin make one of the leagues best young duos and best backcourts. Passing and shooting plus Horford plays the 5 with Oubre and Harris lots of shooters for Ben. Suns get a new star in Embiid and can trade Ayton for something else who knows.

      Lastly, Blazers get a new young star. They give Lillard his best chance at winning by getting defenders but also prepare for life after Lillard. Sixers get shooters and depth. Ben McCollum nice playmaking shooting combo plus Ariza good vet and Nurkic underrated small ball big

      • Simmons>Russ

        Hahaha I called him Josh once and Jason every other time. Jason was one of my favourites

    • Suns are looking to build off their bubble success. Zero chance they trade their best player for a guy who’s the same position as their second best player

      • Simmons>Russ

        Not going to lie that was the probably the worst deal I thought. However I like all the other 3

  9. phillyballers

    FVV will just get matched. Are we assuming the Knicks will offer him the most coin? They aren’t getting Ball. They may get Toppin tho or trade that pick + other assets for someone like Harden, or trade nothing for Westbrick.

  10. hoosierhysteria

    Keep Embiid out of indy. He is never in shape, always hurt, and a prima donna….none of which fits hoosier style hoops.

  11. Lionel Muggeridge

    The Raptors have to decide between Lowry and Fred. Pick one, start Powell in place of the other and resign Ibaka. Serge deserves another contract there and is still amongst the best centers in the league for today’s game.

  12. Maybe focusing on pure basketball instead of being human billboards will make the difference between an overtime loss and a game time win!

  13. Dorothy_Mantooth

    The Horoford signing has killed the Sixers organization for the next 3 years. They have no cap space and don’t have the players to compete for a championship. Philly either needs to trade their stars or accept they are nothing more than a 5 or 6 seed for the next few years. A new arena makes no difference for this mediocre franchise.

    • phillyballers

      It’s a contract they can use in a trade. No one else was available and they needed to sign someone otherwise they’d never be able to make a move beyond Tobi, Ben, and JoJo. They can at least make a deal for a player making the upper 20s or lower 30s with picks included.

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