Bucks Rumors: CP3, Giannis, Bledsoe, More

While a potential Bucks trade for Chris Paul has been the subject of much speculation since Milwaukee was eliminated from the postseason last week, it’s not a foregone conclusion that the club will pursue such a deal. According to Sam Amick and Eric Nehm of The Athletic, sources with knowledge of Bucks ownership’s thinking say it’s “highly unlikely” that the team will seriously go after the Thunder point guard.

As Amick and Nehm explain, the exorbitant cost of Paul’s contract ($41.4MM in 2020/21, with a $44.2MM player option for ’21/22) is one factor working against a trade. There also may be concerns about bringing a strong personality like CP3’s onto a roster that already has a superstar leader in Giannis Antetokounmpo, according to The Athletic’s duo. All indications are that Milwaukee would prefer to look elsewhere for upgrades, per Amick and Nehm.

Here’s more on the Bucks from The Athletic’s latest report:

  • The reported three-hour lunch meeting between Antetokounmpo and Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry last Friday also included Bucks senior VP Alex Lasry (Marc’s son), Giannis’ brother Thanasis Antetokounmpo, and their agent Alex Saratsis, league sources tell Amick and Nehm. According to The Athletic, all parties left that meeting “in good spirits and with a sense of synergy.”
  • While Antetokounmpo’s future remains unknown, a source with knowledge of the Bucks’ perspective tells Amick and Nehm that they’ve long had confidence that the reigning MVP will ultimately sign a super-max contract to stay with the franchise.
  • The Bucks were more concerned about their outside shooting issues in the playoffs than about the defense the Heat employed against Antetokounmpo, per The Athletic. That’s one reason why Eric Bledsoe – who has made just 22.9% of his three-pointers during the last two postseasons – could find himself on the trade block this offseason.
  • Head coach Mike Budenholzer had been prepared to significantly increase Antetokounmpo’s workload for Game 4 against Miami (and beyond) if he had stayed healthy, according to Amick and Nehm. Based on how the series played out, Budenholzer may be more open to a minutes bump for his stars earlier in next year’s postseason.
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22 thoughts on “Bucks Rumors: CP3, Giannis, Bledsoe, More

  1. Sillivan

    For free agency
    Heat and Knicks need to target other superstars such as Kawhi,Davis, George, ⋯

  2. fredziffel78

    I was dreaming of State Farm commercials with both Aaron Rodgers AND Chris Paul repping WI pro sports.

    • x%sure

      It would be hard to blame Aaron Rogers for a fire though. But he could pull out a fire hose from the title belt to put one out ;)

  3. harden-westbrook-mvps

    No one is going after Chris Paul unless they are receiving extra picks in the deal like OKC did. He overperformed and basically messed up everything there and got his coach fired. With a short off-season plus another year of wear and tear added to his hamstrings, the chances of him repeating his performance of 2020 and staying healthy in 2021 are extremely slim to none.

    • GoLandCrabs

      Your opinion on CP3 is so pathetic, biased and flat out wrong. The best the Rockets have looked in this run was with CP3 at guard. Funny how you are convinced they make the Finals if he doesn’t get hurt but now you look to bash him at every chance. CP3 is so much better for winning in the playoffs than Westbrick. He knows how to actually lead a team and knows what to do in crunch time. Westbrick turns into an erratic toxic player when the lights get brighter. The Rockets traded control of 4 picks to make that downgrade. Your analysis of him and OKC is even worse. He got his coach fired??? You are so clueless man. They over achieved so much that nothing short of making the Finals would have saved his job. CP3 was a fantasic trade for the Thunder who is a great mentor to Shai and regianed his value to become a trade chip. Time to take off the Rocket colored glasses and realize there is not a soul who would pick Westbrick over CP3.

      • bdpecore

        I agree Chris Paul’s game is better fit for the playoffs than Westbrook’s. He just cannot he relied upon to be the #1 option on a championship team since he’s getting older but his decision making, ball handling and ability to create opportunities for others are crucial when teams step up their D in the playoffs.

      • Reflect

        I wouldn’t say all that. Chris Paul is an okay player. Rockets were better with him because Westbrook is a trash player. But Rockets would have been better off with neither of them and someone else instead. Their offense doesn’t work when someone else is point guard and They don’t need one anyway. They just need other perimeter scorers to punish the Harden double team, and they need a much better bench so Harden isn’t exhausted all the time.

        Actually trying on defense would be nice too.

  4. x%sure

    Well if Bledsoe is overpaid, then they can stand having an overpaid PG, except a better one for the assignment. The reasoning there is unsound. The problem is that Middleton would have to go to match salaries not Bledsoe. Although the Middleton contract will have some of the same back-end problems later on.e

    I think Giannis will be wasting his years if he’s the only team leader.

    • bdpecore

      Bucks have enough players/salary it can send out to make a trade work. Bledsoe, B. Lopez, Hill, Ilyasova, R. Lopez, Wilson, Matthews, DiVicenzo gives them plenty of combinations to match salaries.

      • Lionel Muggeridge

        I love Brook as a player but the Bucks should consider trading him and starting Giannis at center with Middleton at the 4, Hill at point, Donte at the 2, and a free agent wing shooter at the 3.

      • x%sure

        We’re talking about Chris Paul here, $41.4 mil, so a trade match would have to amount to $33.1mil total, within 125%.
        Bledsoe $16.9 is preferred to switch, so $17.2 more is needed.

        Lopez 12.7, Hill 9.6, Illyasova 7.0, R.Lopez 5.0, Wilson 4.5, Mathews 2.7, Donte3.0.
        Sending Bledsoe+B.Lopez+one of the next three is not worth it, though OKC could send a couple more firsts. Giannis could be told, You’re a center now, but until he signs, he will be placated.
        Surely they could do better than rely on CP’s health.

    • hiflew

      Well since the owner’s son is Senior VP, maybe Giannis thinks that nepotism is the only language Lasry can understand.

    • Lionel Muggeridge

      Can’t believe he doesn’t get more time. He does more than Marvin Williams or Ersan did.

  5. Simmons>Russ

    Mike Conley, Ed Davis and a first round pick for Chris Paul.

    Jazz get another piece to help Donovan Mitchell and I think take them to another level. Paul works really well with big centres and him and Gobert would be solid together. Paul at point would improve the playmaking, shooting, leadership and defence on this team compared to Conley and I think off the court Donovan and Chris would be a great duo. Both are really outspoken players that speak out with BLM and like to have a say with the NBA players association.

    OKC might be like what do we get we don’t want Conley. But what they get back is 38mil cap space for next offseason in a free agency class that will have AD, Giannis, Oladipo, Drummond, JRich, Dinwiddie, Jonathan Issac, Lauri Markeneen, Zach Collins and many more key players. There is also player options for stars like Kawhi, PG13 and LeBron to opt out in.

    Not to mention Steven Adams big deal also expires that offseason which could mean another 25mil in cap space to spend too. But on top of all this cap space your clearing up for the rebuild you get another first round pick.

    It would be a huge win win for both teams.

  6. Count that baby and a foul!

    They have a better chance of trading 2 dead flies smashed, for a dollar. Than trading Bledsoe for a player or pick of value.

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    Bucks don’t have what Thunder want. A third team would have to get involved. I still would fire coach. And bring in DAntoni. Bucks offense was terrible in playoffs. Yeah I agree Bledsoe is difficult to move. Still say their best bet is J Holiday. He can manage n control a gm too. Brook, Hill, and #1 pick can do it.

    • Lionel Muggeridge

      Jrue is on a lot of teams shopping lists. He can do a bit of everything and is still fairly young.

  8. KezarMike

    Why would any sand team take on a guard who will turn 36 next season making over FORTY MILLION dollars next season and almost forty five the next after!!!!

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