Heat Notes: Adebayo, Riley, Heat Culture

The Heat aren’t saying how much Bam Adebayo‘s aching left wrist and forearm are affecting him, but he turned in a sub-par performance Friday night as the Celtics stayed alive in the Eastern Conference Finals, writes Manny Navarro of The Athletic. Afterward, the All-Star center told reporters he accepts responsibility for Miami’s failure to close out the series.

“I’ll put that game on me,” he said. “It’s not my teammates’ fault. It’s not my coaches’ fault. It’s me. I missed too many shots I should have made. … I wasn’t being the defensive anchor I should’ve been. I don’t think I was communicating fast enough. I feel like I was a step behind today. I wasn’t a difference-maker today. I didn’t get us into fast enough triggers. That’s on me.”

Adebayo posted 13 points, eight rebounds and eight assists, but allowed 1.65 points per possession as the screen defender on direct pick-and-roll plays, which is well above his average. Adebayo’s teammates stuck up for him afterward, and Navarro notes that poor 3-point shooting had a lot to do with the loss.

“That’s not on Bam. He should not say that,” responded Goran Dragic. “We know it’s not like that. It’s not on nobody. It’s on us together as a team. We should do a better job as a team. Everybody looked terrible in the third quarter. We didn’t defend. We didn’t do our job.”

There’s more Heat news to pass along:

  • Kentucky’s John Calipari, who coached Adebayo in college, tells Marc Stein of The New York Times that the 23-year-old has been able to create his own position in the NBA. “He’s a point-center. Tell me the last one,” Calipari said. “And I mean truly a point-center. Not a big guy who can pass. He can bounce it and get by you. He can make bang-bang plays like a point guard. He can do Eurosteps. And he’s still going to rebound and block shots.”
  • As the Heat near the one-year anniversary of the start of training camp, Ira Winderman of The Sun-Sentinel looks back at comments from team president Pat Riley to see how they panned out. Of particular interest are his predictions for Tyler Herro and Kendrick Nunn and his excitement over acquiring Jimmy Butler“The fact that Jimmy Butler wanted to come and play in Miami, that was enough for me,” Riley said last September. “We’re going to find out how he meshes with our team. We’ll see what his impact on winning is. That’s what I’m encouraged about. I embrace all the qualities he has.”
  • Nick Friedell of ESPN asked several players to explain the “Heat culture” philosophy that defines the organization. “You had to go through something in life that put a chip on your shoulder,” said veteran forward Udonis Haslem. “And that’s built grit inside you that you’re willing to go through extreme circumstances to get where you’re trying to go.”
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11 thoughts on “Heat Notes: Adebayo, Riley, Heat Culture

  1. Sillivan

    Kentucky has only 6 players left in the bubble
    Davis and Rondo
    Bam and Herro

  2. El Don

    Heat culture is just a slogan, an empty motto. What does it mean? What is it? Just something people likes to say.

      • El Don

        There is another idiotic concept for you! What are empty stats? Such thing doesn’t exist… unless we only count the useless stats of players in games that their team wins, obviously not if their team loses… I mean what would be the point of watchin’ hoops at all!

    • Mjm117

      Heat culture has been on display all season and even more so in the playoffs. Have you not been paying attention? If you have, no one can help you.

      • El Don

        You just repeating an empty slogan! Can you actually define the concept in specific terms & what makes it different that other teams? Didn’t think so!
        Another one for you #TogetherStronger… what a lot of meaningless trash!

        • KnickerbockerAl

          Heat are going to Finals all others are not.
          That good enough ….
          Must it always be negative. It’s a game we all love.
          Why couldn’t Sixers see this in Jimmy.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      The Heat look as good as anyone left in the playoffs right now.

  3. x%sure

    The Heat & Bam missed numerous bunnies, but JVG & MJ & Breen were baldly rooting for the Celtics, so they took no notice. I thought they were favoring the underdog, like happens a lot, but when the Celtics took over, they did not shift to the Heat. It’s like they’re broke and need the series to go long to pay debts.

    They put the mic on HC Stevens and he sounds like a desperate child. I could say that’s an impression caused by editing, but apparently it is intended to compliment him. He is not smart but is said to be brilliant by dumb observers who credit him too much for his looks. BS reminds me of academy-educated Jurgen Klinsmann, the HC and destructor of USA soccer. He is in Doc Rivers’ category of goading ‘spark’.

    The TV team should get real. They need a comeback. How about explaining yourselves by revealing “Heat Culture”!

    Haslem is associating “Heat Culture” with using negative emotions as fuel. His time is over & has been, so he must have plenty of culture! If that’s what it is.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Heat are a perfect example of believing and playing as a team. They have enough tested talent. And young guys who are not only growing up. But also flourishing in this system. Heat have drafted and found undrafted talent better than anyone in NBA. That comes from Riley. He wasn’t a great player. Had to fight for everything to stay in NBA. It’s why he loves Jimmy. 30th player drafted. And got better every yr. If Wiggins had half Jimmys Mojo. He would be the next Kobe right now. Think how his work ethic and desire to win. Clashed with Minny and Philly. And both of them have regressed miserably without him. The only true stars are two way players who play to WIN.

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