Malik Beasley Released From Jail Following Arrest

2:09pm: Beasley has been released from jail with no official charges pending, attorney Steve Haney told The Athletic’s Shams Charania (Twitter link).

12:00pm: Timberwolves guard Malik Beasley was arrested Saturday night on charges of marijuana possession and receiving and concealing stolen weapons, according to Shams Charania and Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic. He is being held without bail in the Hennepin County Jail until he sees a judge, which could take another 24 hours, according to The Athletic’s sources.

“At the time of the incident, multiple individuals were present at the residence,” said Beasley’s attorney, Steve Haney. “The allegations against Malik will be defended vigorously.”

Beasley will be a restricted free agent this offseason, and re-signing him is expected to be a priority for the Wolves. He was impressive in 14 games after being acquired in a four-team deal in February, averaging a career-best 20.7 PPG and shooting 42.6% on 3-pointers.

Beasley is attending a three-week mini-camp at the team’s practice facility. He took part in individual workouts during the first week, but not the five-on-five group sessions that followed.

The Timberwolves issued a brief statement on the arrest that read, “We are aware of the situation involving Malik Beasley and are in the process of gathering information at this time.”

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22 thoughts on “Malik Beasley Released From Jail Following Arrest

  1. The Howler

    According to ESPN, he also brandished a gun on somebody who called the police. They got a warrant to search his house. Sad story, if true, as he may be giving up the generational money that would have come his way. The whole guns = power/respect is tiresome and antiquated yet it still draws in generation after generation in the USA.

  2. x%sure

    Nuggets management has to feel good about that midseason trade, which got them a low first, Vonleh & Batesdiop for a low second, Beasley & Juancho. It did not look like good value and MIN was lauded for getting a quality shooter. But Denver got unity and defense and that showed in consecutive playoff comebacks despite early camp grumpiness and a divisive MPJr.

    • Say What Dawg?

      Minny got the best end of that deal. Denver will have difficulty coming up with quality value. Yes, Beasley and Juancho were not resigning and netting a first round pick is smart but those two cats were worth more.

  3. hiflew

    That bonehead just cost himself several million dollars. Guns and drugs are the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

    • jeb39999

      Let’s be honest though you legalize weed and nobody life is getting worse anymore because of it. Also it’s the alcohol that tells you it’s a good idea to pull your gun out, weed just tells you to finish those chips and call it a night.

      • hiflew

        As a former pothead, let me tell you the truth about marijuana. It’s not addictive, but it does something much worse. It causes you to waste the best years of your life. I started when I was 20 and the next thing I knew I was 27 and I had accomplished very little the prior seven years. I managed to get back on track and graduated college at 31, but I was 10 years behind and at 32 you don’t have the drive to keep up eager 22 year olds. Pot didn’t ruin my life financially or legally, but it definitely changed the course of events and made my life more difficult than it should have been.

        • Count that baby and a foul!

          Former pothead myself by forced circumstance not choice. I moved to a country where the penalty for it is too harsh to risk. And let me say when Iwas in US and regular user at times it can steal ambition but not wholely and I was able to accomplish life altering goals while frequently using!

          On the other hand being forced into sobriety reveals that it is highly overrated. I see no health difference, no life goal difference, and much more boring!!!!!! I say if someyhing makes a person happy and it doesn’t harm them or anyone else who is man to stand in the way of that!

  4. x%sure

    That last sentence unfortunately is pretty much just me among other evaluations of the Nuggets I have seen in the media. Understanding the their ways has not seemed to be a priority among observers, so there’s been no debate on their philosophy.

    But about Beasley… probably more about solipsism (self-obsession) than about being a bad man. But the jails are full of such esp if a gun is handy.

  5. El Don

    Good riddance Mr Beasley!!!
    I hope MIN don’t keep him… I mean can you be more of a d-head than that, all his life working for the big payday & throws all out for stupid guns & even stupider drugs!

    • jeb39999

      I say let’s withhold our judgement here a bit, to be honest he probably was less crazy than most people on a Saturday night but he pissed somebody off and they called the cops to get even.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Some people just never grow up. Story says there were narcotics at house. That ai t weed. Plus there was a stolen gun with other guns. If this is true. I would get rid of him right away. Minnesota has enough issues as a city. TWolves don’t need any legal messes. I guess they are drafting Edwards for sure now. Unbelievable

  7. Wade Herbers

    Stolen gun and drugs….
    Well , in this world we are living in now that’s nothing right?? I wonder if 33% would cover the % of players in the NBA who personally use pot or hang with people that do. I bet that % wouldn’t come close to covering the % of people they hang with using.

    What a monumental idiot. Big payday on the horizon and lets drugs/guns get in the way.

    • DeathbyDeathwest

      If you’re counting the people the players hang out with as part of the league usage rate, I’m willing to bet that it’s 95% or higher.

      • x%sure

        Cannabis used to wind down and probably reduces domestic crime at least, but probably harder stuff was at stake.

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