Marcus Morris, Luka Doncic Receive Fines

Clippers forward Marcus Morris and Mavericks guard Luka Doncic have both been fined for incidents in Sunday’s Game 6 of their playoff series, the league announced.

Morris was fined $35K for “recklesssly striking” Doncic on a Flagrant 2 foul in the first quarter, resulting in Morris’ ejection (Twitter link). Morris’ history played a role in the amount of the fine, according to the statement, which notes that he has been “disciplined on several prior occasions for physical altercations on the court.”

Doncic received a $15K fine for “throwing the ball off the legs of a game official,” the league tweeted. It happened midway through the third quarter, and Doncic was assessed a technical foul.

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13 thoughts on “Marcus Morris, Luka Doncic Receive Fines

  1. B-Minus21

    Lol “Throwing” the ball at the legs of an official. What a joke. Players toss the ball towards the officials all the time. This dude just wants attention. Go rewatch it, there is absolutely nothing worth getting a tech, much less fining.

  2. Meadowlark

    “Toss the ball toward an official “ is in no way the same thing as throwing the ball at an official. Having said that, Doncic didn’t throw the ball at the official.

    • mlbnyyfan

      Morris is not a dirty player. Dallas wishes they had a player like Morris. They need some toughness on that team.

  3. ppyxmb

    The NBA is a joke.
    The risk of Luka‘s action? A mild stain on the officials pants. 15k fine.
    The risk of Morris’ action? Paraglegia. 35k fine.

  4. x%sure

    Much of the Clipper team is some kind of dirty starting with HC Rivers. But the league felt the need to appear unbiased by drumming something up on their opponent (target) in the same announcement.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Mavs are soft , stop crying. Doncic initiated the contact. He plays physical. But don’t like it when you get physical with him. Stay out the middle. If you don’t want to get hit. Playoffs no one should muscle you in the middle. Looks at the tape. He threw the ball at ref. Stop making excuses for him. He flops like all euros do. He’s talented enough to earn the respect. It’s a physical gm in the playoffs. Mavs wanted to make statement. Then someone should have went to Morris.

    • Count that baby and a foul!

      They will end up broke and on the street if that is the case. No one would ref.

  6. El Don

    Clips are the dirtiest team in the league, one can only hope they lose soon & we don’t have to see them anymore! Good riddance dirt bags!

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