Restart Notes: Malone, NBA Statement, James, Bubble Ball

Nuggets coach Michael Malone created a controversy on Friday when he criticized the NBA for not allowing coaches’ families to enter the Orlando campus. Malone said the league should be ashamed for the prohibition, according to The Denver Post’s Mike Singer.

“I miss my family, and I think I speak for me, I speak for my coaches and probably all the coaches down here,” Malone said. “Sixty days and not having access and not being granted the privilege to have my family come here, to me, is criminal in nature.”

Players were allowed to bring in a limited number of family members and guests after the opening round of the playoffs.

  • In response to Malone’s criticism, as Sam Amick from The Athletic relays (Twitter link), the NBA issued a statement that read in part: “We are hoping to add additional family members for other participants beginning with the Conference Finals.” Coaches Association president Rick Carlisle then issued a statement, relayed by ESPN’s Tim MacMahon (Twitter link), indicating that “NBCA discussions with the league office are ongoing. We will continue to work with the NBA as partners to evaluate the viability of coaches’ families coming to Orlando as more teams exit.”
  • LeBron James paid homage to Players Association president Chris Paul for his role in the restart and leadership in Orlando: “Obviously we’re here right now in this bubble and the restart of our season is a large part to him and to everyone that had anything to do with the PA,” James said. “But CP was very instrumental to this thing getting restarted. I commend him on that, his leadership, his candid words since he’s been here, both on and off the floor. Just another inspiring person, man. Not only from a basketball perspective.” (hat tip to The Orange County Register’s Kyle Goon)
  • Offensive efficiency has increased during the restart and The Athletic’s Seth Partnow explores the potential reasons for the upswing this summer.
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9 thoughts on “Restart Notes: Malone, NBA Statement, James, Bubble Ball

  1. x%sure

    IDK the rules in detail but that family rule is unfair. Families of workers should be able to Q-up and join. Surprised I didn’t hear complaints earlier. No wonder it was said that the Pacer coach was relieved to depart!

    Teams may be overreacting to the problems of authority-type coaches in the bubble because those participants have it the toughest in there… they have a broken support system.
    Steve Nash though could just hang with players and be fine, comparatively. Maybe Marks was anticipating another bubble next year.

  2. natsfan3437

    Glad he said something on behalf of the coaches. That is ridiculous. They are in there just like the players not being able to see your family is awful.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Boo hoo who cares. Family have arrived. What you want the whole clan there. This is work. Who else here can bring family and friends to work. Give it a break. No one cares we’re all stuck at home. If we still got one. Play shut up and get it over. Malone is going home soon. So why are YOU complaining.
    Giannis hurt they got no chance. Bucks been exposed. They just key on him. Coach doesn’t adjust. Wow I can’t believe they look this bad. Bucks coach is getting exposed. No one here has been in big series before. They lost 4-2 last yr in East finals. Giannis ain’t coming back for this. Not looking good.

  4. x%sure

    You’re not getting it. Now clap your hands to start the fresh entertainment.

    The league FO may not get it either. USAtoday:
    “”We are hoping to add additional family members for other participants beginning with the Conference Finals,” a league spokesman said.”

    Lovely, but “additional” members? There are none to begin with for coaches, while there are for players and I think there always has been one, who need not be married. Details.

    Spoelstra: “We’re not in the military. We don’t have a background in this… I miss my family dearly.”

    The league FO is claiming a space problem. Ha. It’s probably just a money matter.
    Another complication for making sure Zion gets qualified to the bubble for eveyone to see on one or two TV games. See get benched. Lillard of Portland made use of the invitation, then quickly got tired or injured or snuffed by the #1seed.
    There was only ever need for 16 teams.

    • Marvels MAGA Man

      Problem is. These coaches are what mid 40s, 50s, or older?

      For a virus that’s predominately killed people in that age range its probably in their best interest the wives and kids don’t come.

      Players and their wives. anywhere from 20-35, arent as susceptible.

      Still not fair players can have families but coaches can’t. Not really a good look for the league.

      But you’re in a bubble. In todays day and age FaceTime, google duo, Skype, all available to see and talk to your family daily. I get its “hard” not physically seeing them but not like they’re incapable of being in contact and have been cut off completely.

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