Southeast Notes: Brown, Weltman, Hornets

Wizards point guard Troy Brown Jr. performed competently for Washington in a back-up role during 2019/20, but his long-term fit behind John Wall and Ish Smith remains in question, according to Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington.

“We think Troy can be a back-up point guard,” Wizards general manager Tommy Sheppard opined. “He’s going to need a lot more reps.”

The Wizards, with the No. 9 pick in the draft this season, have plenty of positions of need. If the team is convinced that Brown can develop into a reliable bench guard, Hughes writes, it can focus on other areas.

There’s more out of the Southeast Division:

  • In an extensive conversation with Josh Robbins of The Athletic, Magic president of basketball operations Jeff Weltman discussed possible contract extensions for injured forward Jonathan Isaac and intriguing guard Markelle Fultz, the first pick in the 2017 NBA draft. “These circumstances (with the pandemic) obviously make things more difficult (to plan) than in a typical summer,” Weltman said. “But we’ll have conversations with them at the appropriate time.”
  • The Hornets will have a uniquely fluid offseason, starting with a myriad of draft options with the No. 3 pick, writes Sam Vecenie of The Athletic. Guard LaMelo Ball, swingman Anthony Edwards, and center James Wiseman appear to be the consensus top three picks this year, though Vecenie notes that the Hornets might also want to consider trading the pick and a promising young Charlotte player to the Warriors or Timberwolves in order to move up in the draft.
  • As we previously relayed, after teams were allowed to add one person to their bubble limit on Saturday, the Heat brought assistant Octavio De La Grana to the NBA’s Disney World campus. Miami now has its complete coaching staff ahead of the Eastern Conference Finals.
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10 thoughts on “Southeast Notes: Brown, Weltman, Hornets

  1. hiflew

    Why in the world would the Hornets trade up in this draft? They need far more than one player to be a contending team, let alone having enough talent to give away “a promising young player” in order to make that move up. When you are dealing with a draft that has a consensus top three players and you are sitting on #3, that makes your pick VALUABLE. At least one of those three are guaranteed to available at your spot and several teams are likely to want that player. If played correctly, the Hornets could parlay this pick into a nice return. Or they could do what they usually do and turn a premier prospect into a disappointing pro.

    • x%sure

      One would have to be a rabid Hornet fan to appreciate the length of that article, but that proposed give-up is Cody Zeller to GSW and the #2 for the GSW TPE. If Wiseman is there and Edwards taken… it’s not a bad play for Hornets. They don’t need a PG (Ball). But they could probably also trade down to the Knicks for a future pick.
      GSW would get a hard-working big who would keep up with the pace, and set solid smart screens. Not glamorous but they already have stars. He’s not such a good rim defender.
      I would like to see Zeller move on. He’s getting compleated overlooked where he’s at especially with Kemba gone.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      I’m with you, Hiflew, in not understanding why they’d ever trade up in this draft. There is no generational talent, and all 3 of the top guys come with at least a few questions. It’d be a much smarter play to trade down in this draft, or trade out of it altogether and try to aquire an extra 1st next season.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Wiseman on Hornets changes everything. He’s worth it. If Warriors don’t take him. Someone will trade up to get him. Hornets would be wise not to draft based on hype. At three they should be able to get a solid pro. Okongwu, Toppin both sure thing at 4. Or even trade down is not a bad option.

  3. Sillivan

    Even Hornets 3rd pick want to trade up

    Why don’t Warriors trade up?

    It makes Knicks look bad

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Warriors hold the key. If they don’t want Wiseman. Then I believe they will trade down. TWolves should just be smart. Take Edwards. He’s a very good prospect. Plus he fits with DAngelo. To form a great young backcourt.

  4. Curtisrowe

    Haha…I wouldn’t exactly call Fultz “intriguing”. He is the opposite of that actually.

    • Magic 24/7

      Yes he is.

      This was essentially his rookie season and he was very solid on both ends. Well above my expectations of him before the season started.

      He already has a solid mid range game + is very good finisher…and is excellent in transition.

      His bbIQ, ability to dictate pace, read the floor and make the right play + composure in the teeth of the defense is impressive for a 22 year old PG.

      Recovering the pull up 3 he showed in Washington will dictate wether he evolves into an offensive stud PG. But watching his shot go from not being able to shoot free throws 2 days in a row in offseason – to where his perimeter game is now is absolutely promising…and “intriguing.”

  5. x%sure

    Not sure third string PG and second string SF is the best use of Troy Brown. Ish Smith and S.Napier have had some success at PG with PERs of 14, almost average. Preferably Brown gets moved. The zards may want to go with Isaac Bonga at the 3 for defense.

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