Vince Carter: Nets’ Third Star Can Be DeAndre Jordan

The Nets will enter the 2020/21 season with increased expectations as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are expected to return healthy, led by new head coach Steve Nash.

There has been plenty of speculation about the possibility of the Nets bolstering their already formidable (when healthy) lineup with another All-Star caliber player. After a strong showing in the Orlando campus, Caris LeVert made his case to take on the role of consistent third scoring option.

Former Nets All-Star Vince Carter sees things differently, suggesting that Brooklyn’s other high-profile free agent signing from the summer of 2019 can be that third impact player, Kristian Winfield of the New York Daily News writes.

“You’ve gotta be careful. It’s a slippery slope when you’re putting guys together,” Carter said. “I feel like you could have a third star in somebody like DeAndre Jordan who can shine. He’s not somebody who’s gonna get a lot of touches, but what does he do? He puts a lot of pressure on the defense going to the rim.”

Brooklyn inked Jordan to a four-year, $40MM pact, but the former All-Star only started six games as promising youngster Jarrett Allen got the nod. Jordan has historically been a rebounding machine and an intimidating presence under the rim as a defender. However, at 32 years old, it’s fair to wonder if he can play up to the same level as his days with the Clippers.

Carter feels that Jordan’s mere presence opens up looks for the Nets’ best non-Durant options and that not having a third ball-dominant scorer would work better for Brooklyn.

“I just feel like you have to find the right pieces if you’re gonna go get a third scorer,” Carter said. “If you’re gonna go get three guys who really demand the ball, that gets tough after a while. One if not two guys of your big three tend to become unhappy sometimes. If they buy into that, then it’s a possibility. If they don’t, then a big three doesn’t work.

“I feel like a guy like DeAndre Jordan, somebody like that putting pressure on the rim,” Carter continued. “It’s not enough basketballs out there if you put three big names out there on the floor, so it takes a lot to think about.”

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22 thoughts on “Vince Carter: Nets’ Third Star Can Be DeAndre Jordan

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Wasn’t DeAndre Jordan the “third star” with CP3 and Blake Griffin in LA? They made it all the way to the 2nd round, so surely the Nets can go further than that since they have Kyrie and KD at 32 who just came off a major injury. Right?

      • arc89

        This is not 2012. the NBA is so fast once you get over 30 the word all star fades. Being 32 he is a passable center but no super star. There are younger players in the NBA that will be by him quickly.

        • x%sure

          Not for centers. Smaller players who rely on speed for their game which is not Jordan.

          • arc89

            A young center will be around him in a instant. Ever notice the older a point guard is the harder it is for them to guard the young kids coming up.

            • x%sure

              Yes I noticed that with PGs but extending that to centers does not hold up. There is less room to run around close to the basket.

  1. Sillivan

    Trade Prince LaVert Allen for a third star
    Too much talents on bench now

  2. Otogar

    Nowadays DeAndre Jordan is a shadow of himself, and he only cares about the stat line. He wouldn’t start in any serious team.

  3. Nets should see the team they have before making a major trade, particularly one for some notional third star, whatever that means. Even if they know what it means, how do they know that they’re a third star away from a being a true contender?

  4. Treveon Graham

    Vince, you’re my guy, a great mentor in the short time we played together, but no.

    • Dodgethis

      Why is the guy who always get proposed as filler along draft pick trades in 2k on this site?

      • x%sure

        Better reason than than the guy who fixates on his boogeyman.
        Lebron is winning Oh no!

  5. imindless

    Gonna be interested to see nets flop with 2 head cases in kd and kyrie. As soon as someone says kyrie is carrying kd or vice Versa the locker room will shift. Steve Nash was a great player but players like Kobe and Dwight didn’t listen to him on the court what makes him think kyrie and kd will?

    • El Don

      Kobe & DH12 weren’t smart enough to listen to him… maybe KD & Kyrie will be, go figure!

  6. x%sure

    Carter was responding to the clain by Kevin Garnett the the Nets needed to trade for another allstar to have a big 3. He wasn’t saying the idea is good. By nominating the center who doesn’t have the ball much, he was essentially shooting it down.

    IMO it’s just something players say to shift blame, to reduce stress on them to be dominant. *Don’t look at me, I’m only one of two max players… owner “should of” gotten another*

    Grammar policing myself… “should of” is never correct but I hear or read it a lot.

    • hopper15

      BTW I know Vince said this but Paul Pierce is usually doing the crazy hot takes over at espn.

  7. Jdog70

    If they trade Levert and Jarrett Allen, the Nets could end up regretting it big-time. KD is a great player, but next season he will be 32 and coming off an Achilles injury. Irving is 28 and injury prone. Jordan is 32.

      • Jdog70

        Sorry, but the Nets would have to give up a lot more than Levert and Allen to get either of those guys.

  8. bknowledge

    The Nets don’t have a center that can shoot 3’s and enable them to play a “small” lineup. They have 2 traditional centers and zero stretch 4’s or 5’s. I don’t think any NBA team has made the Finals recently with that roster construction.

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