And-Ones: Herro, Season Start, Coaching Carousel, Superstars

Heat guard Tyler Herro leads a group of nine players who raised their stock during the 2019/20 restart in Orlando, John Hollinger of The Athletic opines.

Herro, 20, averaged 16 points per game during the playoffs, shooting 43% from the field and 38% from downtown in 21 contests. He came off the bench in 16 of those outings, averaging 33.6 minutes per game.

In addition to Herro, Nuggets guard Jamal Murray, Nuggets wing Michael Porter Jr. and Clippers center Ivica Zubac also emerged during the restart, proving their worth in the postseason. While it’s still unclear when the 2020/21 season will begin, all of these players have unquestionably increased their stock entering next year.

Here are some other odds and ends from around the basketball world today:

  • A panel of ESPN writers debated the pros and cons of starting next season before or on Christmas Day. The NBA is examining a number of different options for next season, including starting it earlier than originally anticipated. The players’ union would ultimately have to agree to the league’s proposal to finalize details for the campaign.
  • Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated assesses the NBA coaching carousel of 2020, with several teams replacing their coaches throughout the offseason. Among the new head coaches for the 2020/21 season are Stan Van Gundy (Pelicans), Nate Bjorkgren (Pacers) and Tom Thibodeau (Knicks).
  • Seth Partnow of The Athletic rates the league’s best players this year, with LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo. Kawhi Leonard and James Harden leading the way in the first tier. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, both of whom nursed injuries during the 2019/20 season (Curry played just five games), are located in the next tier.
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10 thoughts on “And-Ones: Herro, Season Start, Coaching Carousel, Superstars

  1. x%sure

    Nine named in TA: Herro, Murray, Dort, Zubac, MPJ, TrentJ, KeldonJ, CamJ, TimotheLC.

    Hollinger did not seem to mind Porter’s defense. Credit to James Jones for taking a risk on Cam Johnson & winning. Ought not dither on moving Oubre as egos will clash 20/21.

    • El Don

      Why do you keep banging on with MPJ’s defense? He is a rookie, never came to the league as a great defender, but an unstoppable scorer & shooter… just give him time, defending wasn’t his job to do this year!

      • x%sure

        From NBC sports, on MPJ:
        “Lisa and I wanted our values to be imprinted on our [8] children rather than our culture’s values,” Michael Sr. said. “We just thought by home-schooling them until they’re a little bit older, personalities form. In our culture and our home, day in and day out, we could form some stuff that we hoped would stick once they went to school.”

        And so MPJ was intentionally raised at odds with society, thus less a fit for society’s games… albeit raised better and with smarter parents, but still. He plays in a kind of bubble, in a profession where he must keep others from achieving their goals, ironically called defending, which would be unChristian. He can be expected to be resistant to certain BB skills. He needs to be worse to be better, like Jimmy Butler. But at the risk of his soul? I think change will be a ways off and HC Malone will keep holding him back.

        Religion probably helps shooting though, gives one a steady base. MPJ can certainly shoot, and plays without doubts. Comically entertaining on D though. Instead of moving, prefers pointing out to vets what he thinks they should be doing. No he di’nt lol yes he did omg

          • x%sure

            He’s in a bubble of his own, keeping out the cold world? But the NBA is highly worldly? Comparison Dwight Howard, though he gets attached to a variety of issues.
            I was asked… I usually agree with cesc/El don.

            • El Don

              I usually agree with you too my friend!
              Just have a soft spot for MPJ… as you know!

            • bravesfan88

              Okay, I get what you’re saying..Sometimes that type of mentality can work in a player’s favor, but more often than not in tends to be detrimental to their growth overall.

  2. I wouldn’t make conclusions based solely on bubble performance. Short period, controlled setting, etc.

    But MPJ’s performance isn’t really surprising. He’s an elite shooter and a natural rebounder. The rest of his offensive package is OK at his natural spot, 4, but below par as 3. Defensively, he’s caught in between as well. He’s not a perimeter defender (probably never will be), and isn’t strong enough right now to guard his natural position. But the latter might change. Impressive thing is his lack of physicality doesn’t affect his rebounding, or at least didn’t in the bubble.

    • bravesfan88

      Right, I think he’s actually a bit like former early pick Michael Beasley. However, I think today’s MBA is another better suited for that kind of 3/4 tweener.

      Either way, the kid can score the ball, that much is obvious. He just seems like a naturally gifted shooter, he just needs to work on getting his own shot. Defensively, I think he can eventually evolve into a passable defender. I think he is actually in the perfect spot in Denver for him to flourish and grow, without a ton of pressure being put on him to succeed.

      Denver very well could be a juggernaut in the years to come if Porter Jr., Murray, and Bol all continue to develop and grow as players and teammates.

      They are stacked at the guard positions with Murray emerging into an all-star, Morris looks like a more than capable backup that is also growing and getting better and better. Then at the two position, while both could certainly afford to be more consistent, Barton and Harris are two extremely solid players, that any night could each give you 20 points and give you solid defense with it.

      At the forward positions they are loaded with depth and quality depth as well. Porter Jr., Grant, Milsap, and even 2nd to 3rd year guys like Craig and Dozier are all versatile and talented in their own rights. Grant, Porter Jr
      , and Milsap are excellent rebounders, and they are all capable of putting up 15-20+..

      Ohhh, and then at Center, all the Nuggets have is some bum named Jokic, who is then backed up by the super talented yet raw Bol Bol and then the steady backup in Plumlee..

      Also, let’s not forget they still have the rights to Cancar as well, who is talented in his own right out of Slovenia..

      Idk, who they’re all going to be able to keep, or who they might look to trade to upgrade a spot or two, but the Nuggets have an excellent mixture of growing talent, and if they co tinier to grow and grow TOGETHER, they could be SCARY GOOD!!

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    All 4 of those players did well. They all have a bright future. Murray probably took biggest steps. If Heat go for Beal. You can bet Herro will be part of package. I’m real curious to see how Heat handle their success. They have valuable FA, to them. And could just sign Gallinari and minimum player and ME.

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